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 Maria Rosecourt

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PostSubject: Maria Rosecourt   2011-11-02, 4:09 am

Character Name: Maria Rosecourt
Alias: N/A
Apparent Age: 28
Origin: Earth Realm, London
Race: Dark Shroud Vampire
Height: 5'9
Weight: 121
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Known Relatives:

Miku Ando Rosecourt-Adopted Daughter

Haku Ando Rosecourt-Adopted Daughter

Luka Ando Rosecourt-Adopted Daughter

Ameena Rosecourt-Daughter, deceased.

Trevor Rosecourt-Husband, deceased
Religion: Agnostic
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Mixed martial arts. College level education. Vampiric energy control. Singing skills. Buisiness management skills.
Enhanced senses, night vision. Can sense Youkai(supernatural energy mostly)
Alignment: Good
Personality: Maria is easy going, but she likes to give people close to her a hard time at times. She's usually pretty light-hearted but knows when to get serious. There's some wisdom to go with her years. She Can be a bit pushy at times, but usually when she's doing it, its to help them.
Powers: Super human physical stats and healing.
For stats, see stats. Her healing depends on the severity of the wound, with cuts taking seconds and bones at least a hour or so. Water is painful to her and drains on her energy.

Strength: 10

Speed: 18

Agility: 10

Stamina: 9

Durability: 10

ability: 38
Special Techniques:

Shield Aura: By concentrating the energy around her, she can use the vampiric energy to 'shield' her from blows. It's not a full shield but rather dampens the effects of blows so they don't do as much damage.

Empower: Can empower her physical attacks with her own energy.

Super Techniques:

Twisting Force: This is her strongest technique. She creates a force of energy that's almost like a mini hurricane of sorts. It tears the target and area around it. It's done by circling the target counter clock wise at a high speed. This drains a large amount of her energy
Super Forms: N/A
Class: Supernal
Weapons and Precious Items: Basic items
Phobias: Something happening to Miku or other loved ones.
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Manager for the Ando sisters.

Maria came from a well to do clan of vampires, but as a whole she was never terribly close to much of her family. When she got old enough, she decided to venture out on her own to find her own path. Eventually, she fell in love and started her own family. The happiness however didn't last as some unknown hunters not from this world attacked them. Maria was left the only survivor, though she might as well of been dead inside.

After that she wandered around, spending a long time in the Demon Realm. There she met and became good friends with Seigan, one of the demons on the council. Slowly over time she recovered a bit more from what she was.

Some time later in the Earth Realm, she met Miku and her sisters and became attached to Miku and the others. She mostly works as the Ando sisters manager/finacial management while they go on tour.
Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Maria Rosecourt   2011-11-02, 4:18 am

"Maria! You're here!"

"Ah...nn, welcome.."

"Now just need to get 'Avi' to give us our damn profiles. Anyway, approved!"

"There is no such thing as 'Coincidence'. Only 'Inevitability'." ~ Yuuko Ichihara

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Maria Rosecourt
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