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 Lamington Baine

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PostSubject: Lamington Baine   2011-11-03, 1:17 am

Character Name: Lamington Baine
Alias: N/A
Apparent Age: 26
Origin: Celestia
Race: Angel. Seraph blood
Height: 6'3
Weight: 185
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Gray hair, blue eyes. For the rest see picture.

Known Relatives: All deceased.
Religion: N/A
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Hand to hand, melee weapons skills. Diplomatic skills. Being around for a real long time, he's picked bits and pieces of everything. Angelic energy manipulation. Some magic spells(see techniques)
Flight on wings, can hide them as well. Enhanced senses. Energy sensing(limit to a fifty meter radius, has to concentrate to extend further) Teleport(only to places he has already been too.)
Alignment: Good
Personality: Lamington is usually seen as serene and calm. It's rare that he's ever angry or flustered, but when it does happen you'll know it. Though some people underestimate him because of his good nature, underneath it lies a keen and cunning mind. He's what's known as a 'guile hero' or a 'Chess Master'.
Powers: Meta Human physical stats. Healing. Angelic energy.
For stats, see stats. He can heal serious wounds, as well as illness/curses. For the later, it depends on said illness. Some are beyond his ability to cure, same with curses and the strength of it.

All his angelic energy drains on him, and he's limited to balls or beams of energy. For the rest see special techniques.

Strength: 100

Speed: 70

Agility: 60

Stamina: 40

Durability: 70

Magic: 40

ability: 120
Special Techniques:

Most techniques are based off his angelic energy manipulation.

Barrier: He can form a barrier of angelic energy. Cannot attack while the barrier is up and can't hold it indefinitely as it drains on his energy.

Holy Lance: A lance made of angelic energy is formed, it can be used to slice through an opponent, or it will just explode.

Re-vigor: This is Lamington's 'buffer' spell. Basically, it increases his allies physical abilities for a short time.(10 to strength, durability, speed/reflexes) however, there's two drawbacks. For one, the more allies he uses this on, the weaker his energy becomes. It also takes at least a few minutes of casting time, meaning in a heated battle he'd have to take a back seat. It also cannot be used on Lamington himself.

Healing Circle: Lamington can create a circle. Who ever is inside the circle gets healed, including enemies so there's a risk involved. The circle can be a range of 30 feet or more. The larger the range, the longer the casting time.
Super Techniques:

Judgment: First a ball of energy will form over head, then it will split. From this split many powerful beams will be launched down. However, its a bit inaccurate but its good for wrecking a area or a excellent crowd control technique.

Armageddon: Some strange almost magic-like glyphs will form around him, before a large one appears in front of him. Thrusting his hand forward at the largest one, a single but powerful beam will either strike downward devastating the area, or it can be launched in other areas as well.
Super Forms: N/A
Class: Supernal
Weapons and Precious Items: None
Phobias: Being alone
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Seraph/Ambassador

Lamington is the youngest living Seraph(besides Yulina) as he was born instead of being created directly by Anya like many of the others were. Instead of Heaven, Lamington spends much of his time in Celestia, a place where many angels go for training. He enjoys his job and has become very attached to Krista Lavos, who he see's almost like a daughter.

When he's not at Celestia, he simply wanders. The Demon Realm and the Netherworld are one of his favorites--the later because he was friends with the now deceased Overlord Krichevkoy. The former because he has friends and likes the difference there. He has rather deep feelings for the current head of the Fox Demons, Akane. Though so far nothing has come from it just yet.
Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Lamington Baine   2011-11-03, 1:20 am

"Mm, bring it on, kit. Approved."

"There is no such thing as 'Coincidence'. Only 'Inevitability'." ~ Yuuko Ichihara

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Lamington Baine
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