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PostSubject: Blade   2011-11-15, 11:07 pm

Character Name: Blade
Alias: Blade
Apparent Age: Early to mid twenties.
Origin: Able City
Race: Reploid Second Generation
Height: 5'8”
Weight: 198lbs (237 with sword and 373 in armor)
Gender: Female
Physical Description:
Known Relatives: Roll Casket (Mother) Alive, Mega Man (Adopted Father) Alive, Saber (Brother) Alive
Religion: The Light Continuum
Skills: Advanced combat tactics, Basic skills, Computer skills, Piloting skills, Survival skills, Master of Kali Knife Fighting, Expert in the Kunai, Master of The Chain Sword, Domestic skills. Trained in tactical espionage, Master of Krav Maga
Abilities: She has enhanced physical (Her physical Stats are that ofx5 peak human physical capability) and mental capabilities. Multi spectrum sight and reinforced armor. Dash unit with air dash capability, EES (Emergency Escape System) This is his Teleportation system. As long as she's been somewhere she can teleport there.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Blade is a friendly sort with a quick whit and a sharp tongue. She can also be very sarcastic. She has a very girly side but tries to hide it. She rarely gets angry believing it to be a waste of energy. On the flip side of the coin Blade sometimes falls into depression because of what happened in the Phantom Zone.
Powers: N/A
Restrictions: N/A
Weapons and Precious Items: Broken Heart (Chain Sword)

Phobias: Coimetrophobia
Illnesses: Blade suffers from nightmares
Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual
Occupation: Second in command of the S.T.A.R.S. Unit. Leader of Bravo Team
History: Blade was the first of the second generation reploids. She was created to bridge the gap between humans and reploids. She is more human that the first gen reploids with reduced weight, a more human appearance and sexual organs. It is unknown to any one but her if she can reproduce. The designs were stolen by the Maverick called Lord Phantom.

She was the dutiful daughter stayed in school and trained with her brother. When she became of age (mentally and physically) she entered the Maverick Hunter Corps. Years passed and she rose in rank. She was chosen by her brother to lead the Bravo team of his S.T.A.R.S. Unit. It was there she proved that she was worthy of being his second in command. Sometime later in a confrontation with the legendary Maverick Lord Phantom Blade was captured. For what seemed like years she was tormented mostly mentally. Lord Phantom said that he wanted to test the limits of the new reploids. Then just like that he released her. However she was trapped in the Phantom Zone. An endless graveyard filled with darkness.... and the creatures that moved in it.

As she made her way through the massive graveyard creatures of nightmarish design reached out and clawed at her. She fought for as long as she could, until finally she fell. In an instant she was cover in what looked like zombies. Reanimated reploids and humans. Victims of Lord Phantom. They tore at her, pulling off parts of her armor and in some areas exposing her skin. Her skin was tougher than a normal human however she could still feel the pain of the bites. The came the Knight. Clad all in black armor on a mount that looked like it was spat out of hell itself. It tried to clear out the clattering zombies. It destroyed about half of them in a few seconds. As the Knight began to fight the other half something came up out of the ground and grabbed her ankle. She screamed and was dragged into the earth.

Darkness... Everywhere she looked was darkness. When Blade looked around she saw nothing. Even with her enhanced sight she saw nothing. She felt nothing. Only the ground under feet. On hands and knees she crawled searching for something, anything. For what seemed like an eternity she crawled In the darkness. Then a brilliant white light shown on her and a shadowed form walked towards her. “Blade” Came a faint voice. “Blaaaaade” the word dragged out. She recognized the voice. It was her brother. He reached for her and took her outstretched hand. She called his name as he took her in and embrace. For a moment she felt safe. Then she noticed that his grip was too tight. She looked to her brother and the sightless white eyes “looked” back at her. His mouth opened much larger than it should and came towards her as the lights faded. She screamed into the darkness.

Some time later she awoke in Maverick Hunter Head Quarters. Her brother sat at her side. Not a phantom the real Saber. He looked at her and smiled. She lunged at him with a hug.

It took some time for her to recover from the ordeal and soon she was ready to rejoin the S.T.A.R.S. She was informed that she had been gone for 6 months. Now an old enemy had reared his ugly head. Jeremiah had come across some new technology that allowed him to travel back in time. Saber followed him. Her brother without a thought for himself vanished from her life to save the world.

It wasn't long after that Blade gathered a team and followed him.
Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Blade   2011-11-15, 11:48 pm

Nothing wrong here, Approved.
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