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PostSubject: Desperado   2011-11-20, 9:54 pm

Character Name: Desperado
Alias: The Reckoning
Apparent Age: Mid to late twenties
Origin: Unknown
Race: Reploid First Generation
Height: 6'1”
Weight: 422 lbs
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Updated Pic Soon to come.

Known Relatives: Unknown
Religion: Catholic
Skills: Gun Kata Master, Basic skills, Domestic skills, Survival Skills, Sniper training, Computer skills, Wild West Gun Trick Expert, Quick Draw Master, Master Marksman.
Abilities: Desperado is an expert at trajectory and finding angles. He uses this talent to place ricochets and his his targets. He has enhanced physical (His physical Stats are that ofx5 peak human physical capability) and mental capabilities. Multi spectrum sight and reinforced armor. Dash unit.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Personality: Desperado is a cowboy through and through. From his wide brimmed hat to his duster to his accent. He's polite and courteous. Even when he's in a gun fight he almost always has a smile. While seemingly good natured he hides elements of his past with a vigor. Only Saber had seen his cold bloodlessness in action. He's often seen lost in thought.
Powers: N/A
Restrictions: N/A
Weapons and Precious Items: Cerberus and Chimera (His Pistols)
Phobias: Losing Control
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual
Occupation: S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team Sharpshooter.
History: 100 Years ago in Death Valley

A figure stands at the end of the road. His Had poised at his side. Duster billowing in the wind. On the other end of the dirt road a Law Enforcement Reploid is poised for the duel. A moment passes and their eyes lock. The law man's eyes though he hid it well were terrified. The other figure, the reploid known as Reckoning his eyes were cold and steady. The eyes of a killer.

A tumbleweed rolls across the road. Another moment passes. The church bell tolls, once, twice and on the third bell both reploids move. The law man's hand reaches for his gun and at the same time so does Reckoning's. The outlaw reploid fires. A loud echoing sound that reverberates in the afternoon air. He spins his weapon back into his holster. The law man had barely cleared his weapon when he jerked. He fired once into the ground and dropped to his knees. He slumped to the floor dead.

Reckoning turned and started to walk away. A female reploid ran out to the dead sheriff and collapsed at his side sobbing. Another reploid, most likely a deputy came running out his gun drawn. His body too jerked and he fell to the ground dead. Reckoning's back was still turned but he held a gun in his left hand aimed under his right arm. Reckoning left the town never to return.

80 Years ago New Tombstone.

The Outlaw Reckoning entered town and went to the tavern. There he ordered an elecmag ale. The barkeeper slid him the drink and he sipped it. Following him were three other outlaw reploids. Reckoning glanced at them. They were from his gang. He walked over to them and sat down. “I thought I told yalls I'de handle this town. Hover Coach 'rives at noon.” He said and the others chuckled. “Yeah well da boss says differ't. You got us her so deal wit it.” one of them sneered. Reckoning shook his head but accepted it.

4 hours later the coach arrives and the 3 reploids get up and Reckoning follows. Soon they were shouting for the drivers to put their hands in the air. Reckoning trained one of his guns on the drivers. It was then he noticed they were human. He looked to the others. “Hey we gotta abort!” He shouted and they ignored him. He reached over and pulled one's shoulder. The outlaw shrugged him off. “Get offa me!” He shouted. In the confusion one of the drivers pulled a rifle out and aimed it at the outlaws. The lead thug shot him dead right there.

Reckoning pulled his other gun and aimed it at the reploids head. The other two aimed at Reckoning and a fire fight ensued. Reckoning was being attacked on both sides. The town Sheriff arrived and joined the fray with his deputies. Reckoning saw no other choice but to turn on his comrades. He shot the human killer in the head and one of the other two fired at him. He took one in the shoulder and used his other gun to kill the second reploid. By then the last reploid had taken out the other driver and 3 deputies. Reckoning was about to shoot the third reploid when he was shot from behind by the sheriff. He looked back and by then the third reploid had trained his weapon on Reckoning. The blast span Reckoning around and he fell. This gave the third reploid a clear shot at the sheriff. Reckoning raised his weapon and fired at the reploids weapon. The gun exploded and the reploid ran. So did Reckoning. He leaped on the coach and snapped it into movement.

Some miles outside of town Reckoning ditched the coach and went on foot. He was damaged bad. His left arm was useless and he was losing power. He wandered the desert. He didn't know how far he wandered before his power was so low he passed out.

Some time later he awoke in a room. Looking out the window he saw it was some kind of farm. A door opened up behind him and he turned reaching for his gun. It wasn't there. He looked at what came through. It was a young human girl maybe 14 or 15. She smiled at him. He looked at his arm and it was in a sling. Then back to her “What happened?” He asked. The girl only smiled. She set down the tray of food and reached up to her throat and tapped it. Her mouth open. She was mute. Reckoning nodded. “How did I-” She held up a hand and turned and walked out the door. A few minutes later an older man walked in.

He didn't say a word as he looked over Reckoning's wounds. “Looks like your auto repair system was damaged. I have most of the parts here but will have to order some things from town.” He said and leaned back in his chair. “My name's Jeb, Jeb Concord. This is my ranch. Melody found you in the river.” He said and wiped his hands. Reckoning wanted to get away he didn't like being here he was too vulnerable. He started to get up and Jeb pushed him back down. “You're not healed yet.” He said and nodded to Melody to fetch more parts.

When she was gone he looked at the reploid. “I saw what you tried to do for the hover coach driver and the sheriff. That was a good thing. Yeah that's right I know who you are and I don't believe you'll hurt me or my family.” He said and then placed a hand on the reploid's shoulder looking it over again. “Don't worry, I'm not gonna turn ya in.” He finished. Melody came back with some parts and tools.

75 years ago Concord Ranch.

Reckoning had just finished planting another fence post as Melody approached with a picnic basket. She had turned 19 a few weeks ago. She was a beautiful woman now. Reckoning wiped sweat from his forehead. He wasn't tired so he didn't know why he was sweating. He never could figure it out. Melody set the basket down and set it up. Reckoning walked over and sat down. The human girl fancied him he noticed. He liked her too. However it wasn't the same way she liked him. She knew this however it never seemed to slow her down. He smiled as she handed him a chicken salad sandwich.

She pulled out a data pad and typed something on it. He read it and nodded. “Yup, Ah'm gonna go round up the herd. Ah should be back in a few days.” He said. Melody pouted. Reckoning smiled. “Hey no worries if ya need me ah'm just a com away.” He chuckled and she smiled.

Later that afternoon Reckoning set out in the hover jeep. After finding the herd he set up camp that night. In the early morning hours he received a burst transmission. There was no one talking but he could hear gun fire. Reckoning left the herd and drove back to the ranch as fast as he could.

The gun fight was over when he got to the ranch. Jeb, Melody and a ranch hand were on their knees hands tied behind their backs. Reckoning drove the jeep into one of the reploids that had them at gun point and leaped from the vehicle tackling the other. He almost had the gun out of his hand when four more tackled him. They had him pinned to the ground. Reckoning recognized them. They were from his former gang. The New Cowboys. The leader, a reploid named Preacher walked up and smiled. “Saints be praised, Reckoning. How ya been son?” He asked rhetorically. He continued while Reckoning struggled. “Now, by my count you got two of mah men killt the las time we seen ya.” He raised a gun and shot the ranch hand in the chest.

Reckoning screamed in outrage. “Thas one.” Said the Preacher. “Now ah think ah'm gonna leave it up to you to decide who the next one should be. Is it gonna be yo mechanic?” He said and pressed the gun to Jeb's temple. “Or maybe.... yo little whore.” He said sneering at Melody. “So how 'bout it?” He asked with a malicious grin. Reckoning struggled again. “Ah'm gonna kill you, you sick FUCK!!” He shouted.

The Preacher shook his head. “Now now, theah boy, you gotta mind yo manners!!” He said and kicked Reckoning in the face. The blow almost took his head off. As his vision cleared he looked up to the Preacher. He walked over to Jeb lowering his weapon. The Preacher smiled as Reckoning struggled some more. “Our Father, who art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come.” Saber screamed again. This time in total rage. “Please boy ah'm sayin a prayer here. “ he said and turned back to Jeb. “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread.” Saber continued to scream as the Preacher pressed the weapon into Jeb's temple. “And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Reckoning struggled again and two more reploids came over to hold him down. “AND LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION!!!” The Preacher shouted. He looked to Reckoning. Their eyes locked. “But deliver us... from evil.” He said still looking at Reckoning. Like lightning he moved the gun and shot Melody in the chest. She didn't make a sound as she fell backwards. Reckoning howled in anguish and Jeb screamed. “Amen.” Finished the Preacher.

The black clad reploid walked over to Reckoning. With another viscous kick rendered Reckoning unconscious. When he awoke he found Jeb holding his family. It seems they shot his wife before Reckoning got there. He walked over to the rancher. Tears streamed down his face. He reached out to Jeb. “NO!” The man said. Reckoning took a step back. His head hung low.

Later that day two people stood over three graves on a hill. Reckoning looked to Jeb “You wanna say somthin?” He asked. Jeb shook his head. “I got nothin ta say ta someone who would let this happen.” Reckoning stiffened. Jeb looked at Reckoning and put a hand on his shoulder. “It ain't your fault son.” He said and started walking. “That's what's been botherin me.” He said not stopping. “The sheriff had you listed as dead. There's no way they knew you were here.” He finished. They got into the jeep and went back to the ranch.

Reckoning was packing his things when Jeb walked in. “Hey there, um... I-I found these in the attic. Wish you had them earlier. Maybe then....” He trailed off.
Reckoning nodded. “Maybe then...” He echoed. Reckoning took the his guns and felt the weight. He put the holsters on.
Jeb spoke again. “I was goin through Coda's stuff when I found a com unit. It's not keyed to you.” He held it out to Reckoning. “I was hoping you could tell me if it was a link to those New Cowboys or not. I mean I knew Coda didn't like ah 'n all but....” Again he trailed off.
Reckoning nodded and took the device. Then he nodded his head and handed it back. “Yeah it's theirs. He musta been after a reward or somethin.” He finished. Reckoning finished packing and looked to Jeb. Jeb looked back. His eyes told Reckoning he was defeated. He had nothing left.
Jeb smiled. It was hallow. “Well Reckonin'.” He started.
Reckoning held up a hand. “That's the name they gave me. I don wanit any more.” He said.
Jeb nodded. “How 'bout... Desperado?” He offered.
The reploid nodded and gave a half smile. “Thanks for everything Jeb. Yall take care ya hear?” he said and walked towards the door.

50 Years ago New Tombstone.

It had taken Desperado 25 years to locate the New Cowboys that were at the ranch all those years ago. They were in the corral. Desperado and a few other like minded reploids walked over. There was a female reploid clad in black, she called herself Shade. There was another male reploid named Snipe. A large reploid name Lug-nut. They walked over to the corral. The sign said Oswald Kemp. The O and K were so bold and pronounced that you hardly saw the rest of the name. The New Cowboys looked at the reploids and for a long while no one moved.

Glances were exchanged finally they recognized Desperado and he spoke. “You tell me where the Preacher is and y'all can go. Nice and peaceful like.” He said and one of them started to reach for his gun. “Ah, ah! I don want no blood shed. Jus tell me where he is!” He said. Again no one moved. Then Snipe winked at one of the New Cowboys. Shade looks to the Cowboy, “Ah SHIT!!” she protested. One of the Cowboys grew their guns.

Desperado drew both his guns and unleashed hell. Two Cowboys went through the barn with the force of the first shots. Lug-Nut fired off one shot with his shot cannon. One of the Cowboys torso vanished. He pumped it and fired again. Snipe caught one in the eye with his pistol and another one in the ear. Shade threw a vibro-knife at one and it sank deep into the cowboy's chest.

Just as suddenly as it began it was over. Only one survivor stood. He dropped the gun he was about to draw and Desperado stalked towards him. “You tell that blasphemous fuck I'm commin for 'em.” he leaned close. “And I'm bringin hell with me.” He whispered.

10 years ago Australia

Desperado and a reploid named Saber were sitting in a tavern. They were waiting on a com from X about the location of a local Maverick uprising.

Saber looked at Desperado, “So you wanna tell me your interest in this area? When we met on the transport you seemed pretty adamant about getting here. Especially with those guns.” He said and nodded at Desperado's weapons.

Desperado took a sip of his elecmag ale and shrugged. “Ah just heard a rumor is all.” was all he said.

Saber nodded, “I can respect that. Still, thanks for helping me on this. I'll make sure you get full pay for subcontracting.” He finished.

Desperado nodded. Saber's com beeped and he got up to find a quiet place to answer it. Desperado tipped his hat low and pulled out a stick of gum. He popped it in his mouth and then he heard someone talking in a low voice.

A reploid dressed in a cow boy motif was leaning in to another one. “Oi, The boss said the drop off point as changed. It's now tha ranch.” He said another reploid nodded, “You sure the Preacher want's to have it taken to him? I mean what if the hunters follow the shipment?” He asked. The other reploid shook his head. “Ah don know mate. Maybe 'e wants to get the shit an get outta town. Oi just don like the ride out theah.” He shrugged again. “A three day ride north, that'll take us in the middle of the outback.” He finished.

Desperado got up and walked out of the tavern. He spotted Saber. As soon as Saber noticed Desperado he waved him over. “Hey we got a lead. 2 days south is their encampment. We leave in an hour.” He said and Desperado nodded.

The gun slinging reploid had no intention of following Saber because he knew the real location.

Three days later.

Desperado sat on a stone up a hill a ways from The Preacher's Ranch. The bastard has the nerve to make it look like their ranch. He thought. He checked his guns now named Cerberus and Chimera. The weapons were modified three barrel each barrel with it's own six shot chamber. They used a custom ammunition that was comprised of liquid hot plasma bolts with a high yield explosive. They could fire normal rounds but he wanted his hellfire bullets. 36 rounds of death. 37 Mavericks. Today was a good day.

Desperado charged off of the hill. He was death incarnate. 4 of the Mavericks went down in a spray of blood. Desperado said nothing as he took down 6 more making his way to the house. Blaster fire erupted around him. Blind vengeance fueled Desperado as more mavericks fell. 15... 20 His guns blazed as he took up a center stance. The surrounding Mavericks fell all around him. Desperado was a blur of motion mavericks were dropping like dolls with their strings cut. Click Desperado stopped. He stood and walked slowly to the house reloading his guns. “PRESCHER!!” He shouted, “It's time!!” He finished reloading and holstered his weapon.

The Preacher waked out of the house. “Well, well, well. If it isn't the Devil him self. Dead Reckoning.” He walked over and stood a hundred or so feet away. The Maverick looked around. “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For thou art with me oh Lord. Thy Rod and thy Staff they comfort me.” The preacher began.

Desperado shook his head. “Not this time.” He interrupted. They stared each other down for a long moment. The the Preacher reached for his weapon. With speeds above and beyond that of normal reploids the two drew their weapons and fired.

Desperado dropped his gun and fell to one knee. The Preacher laughed. “God has my right hand boy!!” He shouted, “I have been blessed with his righteousness!! He has my hand!!!” He shouted again.

Desperado looked up his arm bleeding. “Yeah, but the devil take your soul you fucking bastard.” He spat out.

The Preacher looked down and there was a single hole in the power control crystal on his chest. A normal blaster round wouldn't have made a dent. Cerberus used special ammunition. The Preacher dropped his gun and stumbled backwards. Desperado stood and walked over. “That was for me. This...” He reached up and clasped the Preacher's throat with both hands. “This is for Melody.” He whispered and squeezed. The Maverick's eyes went wide as he gasped and choked. He grabbed Desperado's duster pulled. It ripped and the Preachers eyes rolled up. Desperado let out a howl and pulled with all his strength.

Saber watched as the reploid called Desperado tore the Maverick's head off. He was there when the gun fighting started. He called out to Desperado so many times. However the reploid was so caught up in the rage of vengeance he didn't hear him. He had never in his life seen anything like what had just happened. Now there in the after math he watched Desperado sink to his knees. He faintly heard the sounds of crying.

Now Able City.

Desperado was spinning his weapons in the S.T.A.R.S. Office. Shade liked to watch him do it and he was happy to oblige. His commander Blade was just recently back from her capture in the Phantom Realm. She watched Desperado as well. “You ever drop one of those?” She asked.

He shook his head. “Not once in a long time.” He said.

Saber came in with a Maverick Hunter named Zero. “Okay listen up people, we got reports of the Maverick Mutilator is in the down town area. He's carving the place up. Surveillance says he's got some new weapons. Ger your gear ready we launch in fifteen minutes.” He said and then looked to Blade. “Get your team ready. You're gonna check out a disturbance at the abandoned labs. Stay frosty we heard rumors that Jeremiah may be in the area.” He finished. Desperado holstered his gun and smiled. “Whoo whee!! Let's mount up!” he called.

Status: Alive

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