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 Bad Rad

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PostSubject: Bad Rad   2011-11-21, 2:03 am

Character Name: Badrig (Bad) Rad

Apparent Age: mid to late teens (19)

Gender: Male

Height: 6'

Weight: 202 lbs

Physical Description: Tightly muscled, well defined. Wears A black Base Ball cap with a metal plate on the front turned backwards, Black leather Jacket sleeves rolled up to elbows and a turned up collar, White T-shirt, Black leather belt and silver buckle Black and Midnight black custom fighting gauntlets, Black denim pants and black and grey sneakers. Hair is gloss black and ass length with 3 hair ties in it. Eyes hazel.

Alt fighting outfit

Known Relatives: Maddox (Mad) Rad Younger Brother
Race: Human

Religion: N/A

Skills: Basic skills, Melee weapons expert, Highly Advanced Mixed Martial Arts, Ki Manipulation, sense and knowledge,

Abilities: N/A

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Soft spoken. Has a hidden fury inside. Helpful, insightful. He has a good sense of humor and a horrible temper.
Powers: N/A

Restrictions: N/A

Weapons and Precious Items: None

Super Levels: N/A

Special Moves: Bad Rad has studies various martial arts and has based his Special attacks off of them.

Fire ball: With this move he throws a fire ball that slides along the ground doing moderate damage.

Rising Wind: This move has Bad flying through the air. His arms spread out the higher he goes and if he is close to his opponent it hits 3 times. Ki wind surrounds his arms inflicting moderate damage

Blazing Fist: this move propels Bad forward while a blazing aura surrounds his fist, flames trailing behind him. This move knocks his opponents back doing moderate damage.

Gust Buster: This move Bad grabs his opponent and an explosion of wind hit's them from what seems like the inside out doing moderate damage

Ki charge: Bad Rad charges his Ki to making himself slightly stronger and to fuel his Last Ditch Special move(s).

Raging Dragon: Bad raises his hands into the air and brings them down crossing them and from them erupts a spiral of wind and fire shaped like two dragons. This move spreads 10 feet from his body doing massive damage to the area and knocking down anyone near him.

Dragon Rush: This is a suped up version of his Blazing Fist where he's surrounded by the same two dragons as be for. Again this move does a mass amount of damage.
Phobias: N/A

Illnesses: N/A

Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual (straight)

Occupation: Street Fighter.

History: Bad grew up on the streets of Fury City with his brother Mad, he trained in Martial Arts since he was a small boy. He has perfected his own style of fighting. Using his KI to call upon the elements of Fire and Wind Bad seeks to test his art against the best. Bad and Mad set out on there journey. One day he came across a fighter. He was a skilled fighter indeed. Having been fought to a stalemate Bad seeks a rematch with this fighter. His name is Christian Holland

Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Bad Rad   2011-11-21, 2:16 am

Approved. Might wanna edit the moves a bit so they aren't as cramped together but other then that welcome aboard.
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Bad Rad
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