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 Jun Long

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PostSubject: Jun Long   2011-11-21, 3:01 am

Character Name: Jun Long

Apparent Age: Mid to late teens, (she's actual 19)

Gender: Female

Height: 5'3''

Weight: 112 lbs

Physical Description: She has many different outfits so her look varies. the things that are constant, Hair; metallic purple, Eyes Reddish purple, She's athletic and toned but with a slender and girlish look.

Known Relatives: Goken: Father (Deceased) Goki: Cousin, Ku-Giro: Cousin, Akuma: Uncle
Race: Human

Religion: Buddhist

Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills, Shotokahn Karate Master. Computer use, Collage level education. survival skills

Abilities: Jun is a natural born fighter, she has the ability to see in low lighted areas and has above average reflexes.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Jun is light harted and fun loving. Some would say innocent. She has a fiery side though so watch out. She's not quick to anger but when she is.... well just stay out of her way. She can be shy at times, but mostly she's pretty straight forward. She's very girly most of the time however she has her moments when the tom boy comes out.

Powers: In direct contrast to the Dark hado Jun Possesses the Pure Hado

Restrictions: She doesn't know what that power is or does only that she has it.

Weapons and Precious Items: Locket her father gave her

Super Levels: Shin Jun Long: this is a suped up version of Jun only problem is she doesn't know about it.

Special Moves: Her special moves are Ki based.

Ki Charge: Jun has the ability to charge her Ki energy

Tatsumakisenpukyaku (Huricane Kick) this move when executed correctly hits 3 times and does moderate damage.

Shoryuken (Rising Dragon Fist) This move is a rising punch that is delivered while rising into the air.. The Shoryuken does the most damage when still rising up.

Hadoken (Surge Fist) this is a fireball like move that travels in a straight line doing moderate damage

Air Hadoken: this move is relitivly weak but the move does force opponents back. It's is done the same way as the Hadoken only in the air

Teleport: She can teleport leaving behind an after image. She can be knocked out of this move only if your timing is right., This move is fast.

Shinku Hadoken: This is a more powerful version of the Hadoken Doing massive damage both to the surrounding area and the opponent.

Shin Shoryuken: By fousing on her mastery of the shoryuken Jun throws all her power and training into this Powerful move.

Shinku Tatsumakisenpukyaku : This move creates a tornado of power and energy striking the opponent many times.

Phobias: Akuma

Illnesses: None.

Sexual Preferences: Indifferent (for now)

Occupation: Collage Student, Voice over artist for Anime, Model for Sports Car and Motorcycle Magazines.

History: Trained since the age of three Jun has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge about the art of Shotokahn karate. When she was 14 her father fought with her uncle and the resulting battle left her an orphan. Since then she has wandered the earth in search for knowledge on how to defeat her uncle. When she turned 16 she went back to Japan to go to school. She graduated Class President and was accepted into Todai, Tokyo University. Where she studies Behavioral science with a minor in theater/drama.

Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Jun Long   2011-11-21, 3:15 am

Approved. One of my favorite chars of yours.
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Jun Long
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