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 Princess Zelda AKA Sheik

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PostSubject: Princess Zelda AKA Sheik   2011-12-07, 3:05 am

Character Name: Princess Zelda of Hyrule. AKA Sheik
Alias: Zel
Apparent Age: Early twenties
Origin: Hyrule City
Race: Hylan
Height: 5'5" (5'11" as Sheik)
Weight: 127 lbs (147 lbs as Sheik)
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Princess Mode

As Sheik

Known Relatives: King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule (Father) Alive, Mother (unknown) Father never talks about her.
Religion: The Three Golden Goddesses
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills, Computer skills, Hylan Ninjitsu Master, Master in the Hylan dual blades, Collage level education, Political management, Survival skills, Expert Horse woman, Highly skilled in Tactical Espionage. Weapons Expert (Including firearms and energy weapons)
Abilities: Zelda is a natural born leader.
Alignment: Lawful Good before the occupation of King Dragmire, Neutral Good as leader of the resistance.
Personality: Zelda has two faces. The prim and porpper princess she shows to the highborn society of Hyrule and the Gerudo lords and ladies. This face is alive with laughter proper edicate. Then there's her actual face. The grim resistance fighter hell bent on taking back her country from the clutches of the Evil Gerudo King. This face is wrought with hidden guilt. She's reserved and quiet. Wise beyond her years and all but fearless.
Powers: N/A
Restrictions: N/A
Weapons and Precious Items:

Bio Boost armor (Sheik armor) This armor enhances her physical capabilities just above the normal physical limit. It is comprised of a special polymer alloy that mimics leather and suppresses sound. It also hides her femininity. This armor is also equipped with Optic Camouflage. When active the Armor's Power Supply lasts for 5 hours, 2.5 hours when the Camouflage is active as well.

Family sword (No special powers)

Lire (Musical instrument)


Hylan Double Swords (Look like Wakazashi)

Also she has the triforce of Wisdom. The Triforce of Wisdom embodies the essence of the Goddess of Wisdom, Nayru, the author of law. It imparts divine wisdom upon its holder, and grants the holder untold mystical abilities, including the ability to heal others and, presumably, the ability to communicate telepathically. The Triforce of Wisdom leads its holder to make the right decisions, making them wiser than any mortal. The essence of Nayru grants Zelda, the Triforce of Wisdom's bearer, a myriad of mystical abilities as well as divine wisdom.
Phobias: The Dark Realm
Illnesses: None
Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual
Occupation: Former Princess of Hyrule and Leader of the Special Hyrule Espionage Infiltration Kadra or Sheik for short. Currently the leader of the Sheikah Resistance Fighters
History: Princess has been through many different forms and had many different adventures. In this incarnation she's the sage and protector of Hyrule. She only has a limited number of friends and tries to keep it that way. Born to the technologically advance city of Hyrule Princess Zelda trained to be the next ruler. However this came to a tragic end when Ganondorf Dragmire King of the Gerudo Empire invaded and occupied her beloved home land. At first his intentions were unknown. However it was soon revealed that the evil king sought out the power of the Triforce.

She holds the Triforce of Wisdom, King Dragmire wields the Triforce of Power. Her friend Link hold the Triforce of Courage however his location is unknown.

The public believes their Princess died with her father the King and now she fights with her resistance to bring peace back to her land.
Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Princess Zelda AKA Sheik   2011-12-07, 4:12 am

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Princess Zelda AKA Sheik
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