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 Natomi Mugen

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Natomi Mugen   2011-12-19, 2:19 am

Character Name: Natomi Mugen
Alias: ---
Apparent Age: 18
Origin: Japan, unknown Mountain village.
Race: Wildfire Demon
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Picture One

Picture Two
Known Relatives:

Akemi Mugen-Adopted mother
Religion: Buddhist
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Mugen styled Ninjutsu. Survival skills, hunting skills. Knowledge of the supernatural world. Melee weapon skills, stealth skills. Some diplomatic skills. Japanese Language(Writing/speaking) English(writing/speaking)
Fire Proof. She is fire proof to(normal) levels of fire. Hotter then normal fire will by pass this. In addition, it does not cancel out the physical force behind it. If for example it was a fire ball.
Alignment: Good
Personality: Natomi is actually a rather peaceful person despite her training and background and would avoid conflict if she could. Usually she tries to avoid them or talk her way out of it. However, she can fierce in battle when the need arises or even a bit cold for what has to be done.

Though for the most part, she's an compassionate person. Some times the habit of thinking with her heart first gets her into trouble.
Powers: Super Human physical stats. Fire manipulation.
For stats, see stats. She can channel and create only her own fire(make it different shapes,
make a burst attack etc) She can also use it to fly(think human Torch)

Strength: 14

Speed: 27

Agility: 8

Stamina: 11

Durability: 17

Soul: 12

Natural ability: 28
Special Techniques:

Ether Burst: An fire attack that's an AOE(Area of effect) burst of fire from her person. The range depends on how much damage she puts into it.

Inflame: The name is somewhat self-explanatory, she can empower her attacks with fire to do more damage then normal.

Fire Aura: As the title says, she creates a fire-like aura around her
person as she goes to attack, increasing her overall melee damage. In a
way, this can be considered a upgrade from Inflame, though there may be
situations where Inflame is better suited. It changes color in her super
form when activated.

Fire Melee: Creates melee based weapons made of fire.

Flash Fire: Teleports in a flash of fire. Cooldown of twenty seconds in short distances, long distances take a minute.

Fire Shield:
Creates a dome-like fire shield around her person to ward off damage, cannot attack while its active.
Super Techniques:

Dancing Dragon Flame:
This technique creates a dragon made of flame, in a
Chinese styled in looks. It will crash into the target with devastating
force to the opponent and potentially the area. It can be used to track
to the opponent(to a limited extend) but will poof out on its own if it
gets too far of distance hitting nothing. Because the technique is
draining, and potentially very 'friendly-fire' prone due to area of
effect, its not used as much.
Super Forms: Just her natural super form
Class: Supernal
Weapons and Precious Items: Just a well made sword.
Phobias: Dying alone
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Bisexual
Occupation: Runaway/Student

Natomi doesn't remember her biological parents, but she was adopted and raised into the Mugen clan. The Mugen clan is a secret clan of ninja that specialize with dealing with various supernatural/superhuman threats. They even have specialized training that allows humans to become much stronger then what they normally are. The exact method this is done is a closely guarded secret.

During her time there, while Natomi was friendly there were some who were jealous of the girl. Mainly because they felt she was getting 'too much attention' by some of the people they had an interest in. However, Natomi's mother who had become barren now had an heir. After her biological daughter and son passed away, one of the members of the clan, Kenji thought she'd be out of the way and he'd be the next in line for the leadership role once the current head elder passed.

Natomi presented a problem with her adoption, and for a time Kenji pondered how to best deal with the situation so he and his daughter could take the reigns. Eventually it came to him and during an elaborate plan, he framed Natomi for the murder of one of the members of the clan, a rival of Kenji's.

Not having any place to go and having some of her former friends turn on her, Natomi had to leave. She only escaped because those still loyal to her stalled for as long as they could to buy her time. Currently, as a supposed 'traitor' she's being hunted. Natomi is seeking a way to clear her name and clean up the mess that Kenji made one way or the other.
Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Natomi Mugen   2011-12-19, 2:39 am


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Natomi Mugen
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