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 Best Present Ever

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PostSubject: Best Present Ever   2011-12-23, 2:34 pm

Naruto Uzumaki cursed as he slipped on the patch of ice but managed to catch himself before he fell off the roof. He had been three miles outside of the village on his way back from his latest mission when the mother of all snowstorms hit.

It started out as sleet and evolved into fat thick flakes. The wind whipped and visibility was down to a foot or two in front of him.

He had checked in at the gate and told the pair of guards he would check in with the Hokage tomorrow and made his way home.

Cursing again as he slipped he jumped to the streets and continued towards his apartment. Thoughts of his mission were the last thing on his mind as he finally reached the apartment building and entered the stairwell, glad his apartment manager had put up wood barriers to block the snow. He made it to the third floor and saw that someone had decorated. There was a wreath on his door and lights around the window. Getting the hidden key he unlocked the door and after entering he kicked off his combat boots. He froze seeing his apartment.

His apartment had been cleaned and decorated.

'What the hell? Do I have the wrong apartment?' Naruto thought; as he was tempted to go back out the door and check. He spotted the pictures on the wall and knew it was his place.

Entering the living room he looked around, spotting stockings hanging along with various other decorations. Christmas lights hung around the room and a tree was decorated in the corner with wrapped gifts.

"What the hell?" he voiced as he spotted a new couch which had pillows decorated in red and green as well as afghans. He saw candles on a coffee table.

Sniffing he found freshly baked gingerbread man Christmas cookies on the table and a card.

Opening it he saw it was a Christmas card and it was unsigned but the message had him reaching for a cookie.


Merry Christmas.

I learned that you were heading back today and I finished decorating your apartment. I want you to know you aren't alone and I've loved you for a long time; it just wasn't a good time to show it. This Christmas I want to show you, and tell you these feelings that I've harbored for a long time.

The cookies should still be warm if I timed your arrival right. There's a special present waiting for you in your room.

With Love;

Your Secret Admirer

Naruto finished the first cookie and decided to see what the present was. Shrugging out of his wet jacket he headed for his room. The short hall had been decorated as well with garland, tinsel and lights.

He opened the door to his room and saw it had been decorated as well.

There were candles and gifts but what caught his eye was the bed. The bed was new and sported red silk sheets.

It was who was in the bed that had his eyebrows rise to his hairline. Lying propped on her elbows with tinsel covering her intimate parts, a red ribbon around her neck like a scarf and a Santa hat was a very naked and smiling Morgan.

Licking his suddenly dry lips and finding it hard as his mouth had gone dry, Naruto tried to speak but his throat refused to bring forth the words.

Morgan's red eyes sparkled with amusement as she gave him a rather seductive look, her lips forming into a light grin that promised trouble.

"Merry Christmas, Naruto." She practically purred and Naruto was wondering if he had slipped off the roof earlier and was lying in a snowdrift, his mind creating this fantasy because he knew he had created some in the past.

"N-Nee-chan?" he finally managed to utter and she chuckled. It was a warm chuckle and he was wondering how the tinsel was staying in place on her breasts.

"I didn't know if you would like your Christmas present this year." Morgan said as she looked at him.

Naruto remembered last year Morgan had gotten him new clothes. They had a burning ceremony and invited their friends, making it a party, where all of Naruto's jumpsuits were burned.

The now nineteen year old shook his head. "Any gift from you, Nee-chan, I treasure." He said and when he saw her smile, it lit up his world.

He found it hard to focus his eyes anywhere as there was so much nude flesh exposed, and the tinsel was wrapped just right over her intimate areas.

Forcing his gaze to meet hers he asked, "What…" here he licked his lips, "You…"

Morgan laughed lightly, and Naruto found his eyes following the tinsel covered breasts as they jumped with each laugh.

Morgan smiled and curled her finger in a come here gesture.

"I've waited long enough." Morgan said. "The Uchiha brat is in a heavily warded and guarded cell under the tower, Akatsuki has been destroyed, and Shion has her heir. Your vows are fulfilled, and you are more than old enough for the kind of relationship I've wanted with you.... and that you have never stopped professing to want with me as well."

All of Naruto's promises were finished and his last mission, he was returning from fulfilling his vow to Priestess Shion.

It had taken Morgan pounding a boulder to rubble for Tsunade to 'suggest' to her to tell Naruto how she really felt and move from being his best friend and 'sister' to his most precious person before someone else took that spot. He was not shy about his feelings for her, but he might one day get tired of waiting. It seemed like he had in the past.

"Morgan-chan." He said her name softly, not moving from the door to his bedroom.

"I want more, Naruto. I want to wake up next to you after a night of love making, just to do it again. I want to kiss you whenever I feel like it and you to kiss me whenever you feel like it. I want to be yours and you to be mine. I even want to be the mother of your children." During this Morgan had maneuvered to kneel on her knees, the tinsel staying in place.

"I thought I lost that chance twice now. First to Hinata three years ago, when she confessed her feelings, and then when you went to complete that vow to Shion." Here Morgan actually looked down, the unfamiliar feeling of uncertainty washing over her, when a gentle touch to her chin had her looking up to the warmest blue eyes in the world.

"Hinata and I dated for three weeks." Naruto said. "We didn't work and it nearly destroyed our friendship. When I was the best man at her and Shino's wedding this summer I was happy for them." He said as he cupped her chin in his hand, his thumb slowly rubbing her cheek. It was strange, the rare times that he was the one comforting her. It was a complete reversal of the norm.

"And Shion needs an heir. She chose me and I will have no influence on the child she carries. It wasn't about love... according to her, she just admired who I am as a person, and that my qualities were 'fitting for a ruler'. It was a mission. And once it was confirmed she conceived I hurried back to Konoha. The reason was that while I was her I was thinking of you. The same reason Hinata and I didn't work out and I was going to suffer in silence. I was going to stand aside and watch as you fell in love and…"

Naruto's speech was cut off as Morgan's lips claimed his. They continued to kiss even as Morgan, with a handful of his shirt, dragged him down to the bed and straddled him.

Air forced them apart and as they gasped for air, their foreheads resting against each other, their eyes met and they chuckled.

"So much wasted time." Naruto muttered.

"Mostly my own stupidity." Morgan said with a hint of regret.

"You weren't alone there Nee-chan." He said and his hands were resting on her thigh. Morgan didn't comment on him calling her 'Nee-chan' again. She knew it was just his way, it was habit. It was a way for him to show his affection.

"I do have one question though." He said changing the subject.

"Just one?" Morgan asked.

"To start with." Naruto answered and then grinned. "I don't see any tape, how the hell is this tinsel staying in place?"

They both laughed and Morgan got a certain look before she whispered, "If you're a good boy, I'll show you."

"But Nee-chan, I want to be naughty." He mock pouted as she leaned in close.

"So do I." She said in a husky voice and kissed him again.


"Ino this is stupid!" Kiba yelled at his girlfriend of nearly two years.

"I am not stupid!" Ino yelled back.

"I didn't say you were stupid. I said this is stupid! Coming out in this weather."

Ino looked at her boyfriend and narrowed her eyes. "Our friend just came back from a long term mission where he had to sleep with a woman."

Kiba snorted and muttered, "Yeah, poor Naruto having to have sex with a smokin' hot priestess."

"What was that?" Ino yelled turning away from the wind.

"I said lets hurry up before Naruto finds us in the spring with the thaw." Kiba put his arm around Ino and dragged her thru the gathering snow and into the shelter of the stairwell of Naruto's apartment.

"Man, Akamaru had the right idea." Kiba said shaking the snow from his head, the ice crystals falling. His faithful companion had camped out in front of the fireplace and refused to budge.

"I hope he's got some towels." Ino said as she brushed ice and snow from her waist length blond hair.

"Heh, he's been gone for six months, I bet he doesn't even have food." Kiba said as he hoisted the pack from his shoulder.

Ino shrugged as they walked the stairs and reaching the floor Ino stopped.

"Kiba, are you sure Naruto reported to the gate an hour ago?"

"Yeah. Sanji and Uso said he was looking like a snowman, but it was him. Why?" Kiba said.

"Because someone's decorated." Ino said.

"Meh. It was probably the landlord. Either that or Hinata escaped from Shino again. You know how she gets. If I hadn't called Shino she was going to put antlers and sleigh bells on all of the dogs. And you saw how nuts she went decorating her and Shino's place. I think I heard the generator scream with the amount of lights she had up. If the Hokage hadn't said she could only have the lights on for so many hours it would look like daylight over there." Kiba said gesturing with his head towards where the newlyweds complex was located.

Shaking show from herself Ino knocked and waited. With a huff she found the hidden key and let herself in.

"Naruto!" she called out, shedding her shoes and jacket. "Put the groceries in the kitchen. He probably fell asleep in the tub again." Ino said and stopped as she looked around the decorated apartment.

"Whoa. Looks like Hinata really did hit here." Kiba said.

Ino's brow furrowed. "Put the groceries away." She ordered and headed for the bathroom, but found it dark. She went towards the bedroom and she stopped outside the door hearing moans and the sound of a bed hitting the wall.

She backed up and ran into Kiba.

"He's not sleeping." Ino said.

Kiba grinned. "Naruto, you hound!" Kiba called out only to get elbowed by his girlfriend.

There was silence and then the door cracked open and Naruto stuck his head out and the pair blinked seeing tinsel in his hair.

"Hey guys." Naruto greeted. "Could you come back tomorrow? Kind of having my Christmas present."

Ino tried to think of who could be in there, but Kiba was pulling her away before she could voice her thoughts.

"We'll do breakfast at Choji's." Kiba called over his shoulder. "Be there at ten."

Naruto agreed and before the door closed they heard the voice that had Ino's widen.

"Naruto, come back to bed, I'm getting cold." And then the door was closed and they heard a pair of chuckles and the bed hitting the wall.

"Morgan!" Ino said as her boyfriend shoved her out the door, the cold air hitting her the same time that the realization her friends were finally getting together.


Naruto grinned as Morgan snuggled into him, a surprising, though welcome, thing for her to do.

"You know Ino heard you, right?"

Morgan made a sound. "Its not like we haven't walked in on her and Kiba. At least we're in the bedroom."

Naruto wrapped his arm around her, the tinsel now decorating the headboard, the Santa hat on the nightstand. "Are you ready for them to know?"

Morgan looked at him and pushed up so she was over him. "It's not like I'll scream it from the top of the monument, but I have no reason nor desire to hide it. We are together now. That's what matters. I can, and will, hurt anyone who says otherwise."

The new couple fell asleep with visions of a future together danced in their heads.

One Year Later

"Get the door!" Morgan called from the kitchen.

Naruto did so, and opened it to see Ino and Kiba standing there along with Shino, Hinata, and their baby girl.

Naruto shook Kiba and Shino's hands and gave Ino and Hinata each a chaste kiss on the cheek, then took the baby.

"Merry Christmas." He said and then nuzzled the baby getting a cheerful laugh.

"Where's Cougar?" Ino asked. She'd taken to calling Morgan that ever since the relationship had started, though she meant it as an affectionate joke, which Morgan thankfully took it as. Ino had no desire to be on Morgan's bad side.

"Over here, Ino." Morgan said, sitting in the living room and cradling her newborn son.

Ino and Hinata went over to the new mother a cooed over the baby.

Morgan had moved in the day after Christmas, it hadn't been a long move since she'd been living next door, and three months later she was pregnant. They had a spring wedding and now their son, who had been born days ago, was home for his first Christmas.

"Tsunade will be joining us, as will Iruka, Anko, Kurenai, and Lil' Asuma." Naruto said as he and Shino did the juggling act of passing the baby, and then the whisker marked blond went to get drinks.

"Shikamaru's in Suna. Temari refuses to leave Gaara, his wife is really sick." Ino said.

"And Choji's running his family diner." Kiba said.

Hinata looked up from the dark haired baby boy. "Neji, TenTen and Lee are spending time with TenTen's dad since his health is failing. I think they took Gai with them."

There was a knock on the door and Naruto answered it, seeing Tsunade.

"Hey Baa-chan. Cutting it late." He joked.

"Teaching Kakashi to be Hokage would be easier if we both didn't hate paperwork." The older blond said and accepted the hug. "Now where's my grandson?"

Naruto gestured as he had to answer the door. Opening it he saw Anko, Kurenai and her son.

"Where's Iruka?" Naruto asked after kissing their cheeks and taking their coats.

"He had to check on the Uchiha. He'll be here after reporting to Kakashi." Anko said.

Lil' Asuma tugged on his pants leg and Naruto crouched before the four year old.

"Merry Christmas." Naruto said and got a hug. He looked at Kurenai who explained as the child clung to him.

"He's worried Santa won't be able to find him here."

Naruto grinned. "Don't worry Asuma. He'll find you, but you know he only comes after you're in bed."

The dark haired boy nodded and Naruto could see the boys father and grandfather in his face. "But that's hours away. And after you and your mom go home later and go to bed, Santa will appear and when you wake up he'll have left you gifts…you have been good, haven't you?"

At this the little boy nodded and looked at his mother for confirmation.

Kurenai's red eyes warmed. "He's been an angel."

"Well then, Santa will definitely be stopping by your house." Naruto let him go and watched the young boy run into the living room.

The night was spent with his family and friends. Naruto looked at his wife as they stood with their friends singing, and Naruto looked at the baby in his wife's arms and thought to himself,

'Best Present Ever!'


"There is no such thing as 'Coincidence'. Only 'Inevitability'." ~ Yuuko Ichihara

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Best Present Ever
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