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 False Savior | Real Behavior

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PostSubject: False Savior | Real Behavior    2012-01-07, 3:10 am

The small apartment Maxine Cross lived in was hardly anything remarkable. It had a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. No average person would see a reason to live there but it was cheap and affordable for Maxine. She bought it instantly with no regret. It became a sanctuary of sorts over the next couple months. A place she could hide away from the bustling city that dwelt outside. It was always quiet in her apartment.

Maxine laid in her bed that morning with no intentions of getting up. The soft pink fleece blanket was wrapped wildly around her petite frame. It was the only blanket she needed during the hot summer months here in Star City. Beneath that she only wore a silk button down shirt that reached her thighs. Golden amber eyes flickered toward the only window in the room, a small square just above her bed. The glass rattled as the underground subway train made it's usual pass through town. Streams of pure sunlight filtered through the lace curtain around the window, pouring gently onto Maxine's almost flawless skin.

"Just another day," Maxine thought happily.

The day before had been full of mayhem though. It had left Maxine stressed and upset. People came flying into the grocery store from all over Star City. They were crowding the bakery in the back of the store and throwing countless items on the counter to purchase. Not a single one went on their way without mentioning the mess the city was truly in.

"They say the end is coming in a few months." Said one old lady whose wig was losing its battle against gravity.

"The government will protect us but I'm still gunna be ready." One man stated as he cradled his one year old baby boy in his arms.

Those were only half of the customers. The rest were trying to leave without having paid for food or supplies. The manager wasn't too pleased with that and decided to close early. That left Maxine with a few extra hours of sleep at least.

The rest of the night thought she wondered. What would the end be like?

Never once did she imagine she would see it first hand.

For the second time the window rattled abruptly. Max rose slowly from her bed to press a hand against the chilled glass. It stopped under her touch but continued to shake when she removed her fingers. That was hardly normal. She crawled onto her hands and knees this time to get a view outside. The usual street with vendors selling hot dogs and hamburgers was no where in sight. Maxine coughed in alarm. Men dressed in thick black bullet proof vests were outside. Shop doors across street were broken into by the armed men but they didn't seem to be looting. Maxine tried to press her forehead against the window to better look when two of the armed men caught sight of her. With gloved fingers they pointed her out to their team. Her heart raced.

Several times Maxine had complained about the flimsy door to her apartment. If it didn't squeak it rattled, if it didn't rattle it was falling off its hinges. It was just as cheap as the apartment itself. But for once, Maxine prayed the door would be strong. Footsteps were thundering up the stairs. Even from her bedroom she could hear them.

Silence fell seconds before there was a crashing din just beyond her room. Men stormed the kitchen, smashing bowls of fruit and yelling commands to the others. Max ran for the door to her room and slammed it shut; all too late. A single man kicked open the door and sent Maxine tumbling back onto her bed. She held her arms up in defense as the man drew closer, reaching his hands out to snatch any part of her he could grab.

"Leave me alone!" Maxine screamed, the man twisting her arm as he wrestled her down. Tears poured from her eyes; none of the men seemed willing to tell her what exactly she had done.

It was a half hour later when Maxine saw the light of day again. They had thrown her into the back of a truck with a dozen others about her age. Some had black eyes while others sat rubbing tears from their faces. No one spoke. Maxine was the first to jump out when the men reopened the door but the surroundings caught her off guard. A large military base just west of Star City stood looming before her. Its walls were thick concrete and kept even more men with guns out of the heat of the morning sun. Despite the demands of the other victims, no one spoke to them. When someone would object or try to run, the men would simply fire at their kneecaps and drag them into the depths of the building.

Maxine couldn't figure out where they were in the building. Several stairs downstairs and an elevator ride seemed rather pointless. Eventually she along with countless others were thrown into a large gymnasium like room with only three dim lights on up above their heads. Not a person seemed dressed for the occasion, Maxine thought after catching stares. Voices echoed in the large room but they all seemed to be saying the same thing.

"Whats going on?"
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False Savior | Real Behavior
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