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 Ellie (Hjordis)

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PostSubject: Ellie (Hjordis)   2012-01-07, 3:28 am

Character Name: Hjordis
Date Of Birth: April 11
Alias: Ellie - on her legal documents
Apparent Age: Appears 24
Origin: A long ago forgotten country
Race: unicorn demigoddess
Height: Human form is 5'6. Unicorn form is 16 hands.
Weight: Don't ask her and she won't have to kill you.
Gender: Female.
Physical Description:

Known Relatives: Mother - Zosime, the Goddess in Exile. Half Sisters through Zosime- Saskia, Mele Aysu, Tace, The Oracle (or Horned One). Deceased son - Yngvi (slain at age 5)
Religion: ...She's a demigoddess and knows lots of other demi and full gods.
Skills: Raised to be a dragonslayer and general of armies against the dragon hoard - Swordsmanship, battle tactics, poison making, leadership, etc.

Now 'works' as a hunter of evil supernatural beings - detective skills, tracking, firearms, research, etc.
Abilities: Enhanced senses in her human form - hearing is the most pronounced.

Summons storms in either form, as her father was a storm unicorn. Her ability to summon storms is limited by the natural surroundings.

Empath. Ellie is slightly empathic, sensing the emotions of those around her. She can only do this in the same room she is in, unless someone is say in a murderous rage. She can't read minds and can become confused when there are too many people around.

Animal Speak. Another unicorn trait, Ellie can communicate with all forms of natural creature and is likely to be able to with creatures derived from natural creatures.
Alignment: Chaotic good. She kills things that prey on the weak, but is also known for her temper.
Personality: Ellie is very protective of children, nature, and the helpless. She also has a short temper and never forgets a slight. A wanderer by habit, she doesn't put down roots out of fear of losing those roots. She loves hair metal and classic muscle cars, along with partying whenever possible.

Healing. A power based from her unicorn ancestry. In her human form, her touch can heal minor wounds and burns. Her tears can heal moderate wounds and burns. In her unicorn form, the touch of her horn can mend broken limbs (so long as they've been set) and moderate internal bleeding/bruising or scarring. She can't heal completely lost appendages, however, or birth defects.

Token. She can create a token using the woven hair of her mane or tail. This token can be used to locate an individual and know when they are in danger/hurt/dying/dead. Said token must be both given and accepted as a gift or it is rendered useless. It can also only be used by the intended recipient, and must be worn by said recipient. This can also be blocked by high level magical wards.

Summon Sword/Armor. She can summon her sword, Frigghild, at any time as long as her hand is free to hold it. She can also summon her armor onto her.

Green Life. She can create simple plantlife (harmless plants) on a whim. More energy is consumed to create thorn barriers or poisonous plants. Large plantlife, such as an ancient oak, can only be created when she has excess energy from either the height of her cycle, the presence of a unicorn herd or her sisters, or someone is gifting energy to her. She can't however create a forest. An acre of flowers or a single ancient oak would be her limits.

Lightning Ball. Ellie can create balls of electrical/lightning energy and place them like traps, or summon a wind and guide them. She can create them from the size of ping pong balls to beach balls. The larger the lightning ball, the more energy required to create it.
Restrictions: See above.

Strength: Human form can lift 500lbs. While a normal horse can carry 20% of its bodyweight without becoming stressed, she can carry 40% without becoming stressed. The unicorn form can also break steel with a kick. Her horn can spear through dragon hide like a hot knife through butter.

Speed: Ellie, "You ever heard of that horse Secretariat, kid?" Kid, "Yeah?" "He's a friggin' slug."
Depends on her motivation, and whether she has to carry a rider safely, but in unicorn form on a level surface she can break the sound barrier.

Agility: Good question.

Magic: She has some, again, explained above in its manifestations.

Psychic: Minor empathy only, see above.

Durability: Heck if I know.

Natural ability: Oi, redundancy.
Weapons and Precious Items: Frigghild "beloved battle" her sword (in pic). A Token, worn about her neck and made from the mane of her son.
Phobias: Losing what little ties she has.
Illnesses: none
Sexual Preferences: Straight.
Occupation: Hunter - kills supernatural baddies.
History: Hjordis "sword goddess" is the daughter of Zosime, the Exile Goddess. Zosime's master's kingdom had come under attack from dragons and so upon winning Zosime by killing her former master, had her breed with a unicorn battle stallion (they can shapeshift you sickos). Unicorns are natural enemies of dragons and he had Hjordis raised to become a dragonslayer and general of his armies. She was popular with the common folk and considered a hero. She had a lover and bore him a son, Yngvi. Yngvi was 5 years old when killed by the opposing army. Since then, she has hated dragons with all her being.

Her half-sisters rarely invoke the right of blood from her (ask for her aid) because she was so well known as a slayer of dragons that dragon kind would have a good chance of putting their missions in jeopardy.

Eventually she dropped the name Hjordis and now goes by Ellie. She met a werewolf/djinn named Estrielle who taught her to be a Hunter.
Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Ellie (Hjordis)   2012-01-07, 3:34 am

Approved, looks fine. Just a small note, there's the normal bio and the one with stats(which you just used) If you use the one with stats(I.E. Strength, durability) and the like, there's an actual numerical value to it. Like strength: 1. Durability: 5 and so on.

Information about it can be found here .

..Or of course you could just ask for it to be explained too after lol.
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Ellie (Hjordis)
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