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 Mystical Winds

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PostSubject: Mystical Winds   2012-03-13, 10:33 pm

((Requirements: One Person willing to play a shifter as in Wolf. Willing to deal with Romance.
Suspense and Mystery required. ))

Mystical Winds a small out in the middle of nowhere town, which is nestled around a beautiful forest known for how the tree’s stay in various colors all year round thus making it the title Mystical. The town has always been simple and out from the cities, the people
knowing almost everyone some dating back since when the town first began as
silver and gold miners, but the mines where now closed having been depleted and
it was to protect the natural landscape of the area.

Now something new has appeared in the small town, half the forest has gone under protection bought up by a man and his family to keep the forests as they are and bring back a creature that has not been seen in several decades; the wolf. That was 10 years ago and things have changed a bit, the family that had bought the forest seemed to have come in vast numbers of family friends as well that now helped bring the population

Course that is not all that came with them, their secrets had followed and now people are afraid to go into the woods.

The rain fell from the skies like it did the last time she had been here; 12 years ago. The town seemed to have remained the same surrounded by trees and still doing its thing while the world around it passed it by. Stepping out of the truck that had carried her from her last home to this one, the rain pelting her just like it did when she had left this place at
age 6. Letting her eyes scan the area she would roll her shoulder, she had gotten a tattoo the week before and it was still healing but it was in memory of her parents that died the month before.

Soon a door opened from the house that the truck was parked in and an old woman stepped out looking at them before coming down and going up to the girl, tears where in the women dark brown eyes and soon she hugged the girl.

"Grams it’s alright...." The girl stated and the women would look up at her. "I know dear, I know but I am truly glad to know that you are safe after what happened"

The girl would nod her head and looked at the man who brought her here, it was her Uncle her father's brother and she thanked him for bringing her here before heading inside as he unloaded the truck of the girls things.

"I gave you the upstairs loft" "Grams I could just have my old bedroom" "I wasn't using the loft for anything but storage it be good to have some life back up there" The old women grinned and then stepped into the kitchen where she had been preparing a hot meal.

"Once your done unpacking why don't you walk around town dear get a feel for the place again." The girl just nodded and started up the stairs looking around her bedroom it was a lot bigger than her old one and the one she had in the city her furniture from the city was already here but it barley took up any space. Setting her bags down she moved over to the bed and sat down looking out the window and just watching as the rain continued to fall.

"Home sweet home" She whispered to herself before laying down and closing her eyes. After several hours she would wake back up and yawn “when did I fall asleep?” she asked out loud and sighed softly as she slid off the bed and would then hear something, moving to the window she would pull the glass up listening “Wolves? When have there been wolves in this area?” “Came here about two years after you where last here” she turned and it was her uncle “Oh Hi Uncle Chris, what about them?” “They came here two years after you where last here” “I was six then” “Well a reserve opened up around then, to save the wild life in this area well they introduced wolves now they pretty much run the area” “So bottom line don’t go into the woods alone?” “Exactly” he said with a smile.

~~~~Next Day~~~~

The rain continued to fall even as the sun peeked through the clouds and the tree’s, but that did not stop Sara Brian’s from having to go to school. She sat in her Uncle’s car as he drove her down to the local and ONLY high school that this town has seen; when they got there, it was a decent size able to house the 600 students that filled the area. With the tourists that came to see the beauty of the forests things were able to stay well and afloat. Sara would look at her Uncle “Did you and Dad go here?” “Ya he was the big basketball player here, so don’t be shocked if some of the teacher’s are nice to you” “was he that much of a jock?” “No, your father was a charmer” he chuckled out and Sara would giggle as well her dad was that.

Her uncle would pull up in front of the school and she would open the door “Call me when your wanting to come home, but before dark” “Yes sir” she said with a smile. She slid
out the door and started up the stairs to the school, news traveled fast that a new kid was coming. She looked around and sighed “a new school…a new life” she told herself and headed into the school, other students walking in.

Shifting a bit she moved down towards the main office, she figured she wouldn’t have to do much on the first day then again some schools just loved to see a new wolf squirm. She could not help but chuckle at herself for that, after all she was almost as new as the wolves in the area. Sara shook he read and stepped into the office no one was inside but on the counter sat a note

Ms. Brian’s

to our school, I am sorry to not be able to meet you on your first day some
things came up. I do hope you enjoy your time here, I typed up your schedule so
please take today to get to know it your teachers are awaiting you. Welcome to MWH!

Mr. Ford

Sarah looked at the note then grabbed the paper beneath and read it over “alright…gym great” she stated and then left the office heading where it was clear the gym, she could already hear the cheering and smell the sweat coming from it. “Jock central” she whispered and pushed the large doors open and walked into the large gym where already a game of some sort was going on carried on by a group of guys with girls cheering on the side. Sara watched for a bit then moved over towards the bleachers and sat down, now all she could do was wait.
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Mystical Winds
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