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 Basic Plot Time Line Bullet Points.

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PostSubject: Basic Plot Time Line Bullet Points.   2010-10-25, 5:09 am

The Multi-Verse is a vast, practically limitless space. As such explaining and telling the history of each would take countless live spans. Instead, here is how this universe came to be and most of the history of the earth realm on what's different, since its the center of the storm. So to speak. The idea here is just to give very brief excerpts from important parts of history. However, more detailed accounts may come in later.

-The Goddess, Anya being completely alone set upon setting things into motion what would later be most life as we know it. It also marks the early stages of Heaven and the Underworld. However, Anya's life-span isn't Immortal in the traditional sense, as she has a long but finite life span before being reborn, forgetting some memories in the process. After creating the main realms and their connections(i.e. Earth Realm/Halzara) she purposely made herself weaker because she feared even she too may end up getting corrupted.

The other deities and angelic races come there after.

-It was then the Seraphim was formed, the first and strongest of angels. Eventually one of their strongest, Cain, turned on them and killed many of their number before being ran off and went into hiding.

-The various realms form, and the races emerge from each. On Earth, Primogen(AKA 'living' vampires) elves and dragons are the native races of earth. 'Undead' vampires were created by accident as a result of humans trying to copy the powers of Primogen with dark magic, and failing miserably.

In the earlier days, due to the nature of Earth being a gateway to other realms did lead to monsters and other things arriving infrequently. This is what lead to many of the 'stories' heard in present day; though many at least far as earth is concerned have been made extinct.

-The native dragon races come to power and rule the earth with a empire stretching the entire planet. The 'Maliath Empire' was the name, though history has given rise to a number of other names.

-Halzara, also known as the Demon Realm the various factions war with each other much like earth did in the past before stability comes. It's around that time the very first 'Demon King' is born. It's a primordial, demonic power that jumps to host to host as long as they at least have demonic ancestry after the previous one dies giving them incredible power; each one being notably more powerful then the last. Some say its the origin of demonic energy in Meus Carus itself.

Interesting to note, demons like most things native of Meus Carus aren't inherently evil.

The Demon Kings from past to present are as follows.

-Conflict between Halzara and the Earth Realm comes in the contact with Earth arises. These wars wear down the dragons who's numbers take heavier hits as times go on--this isn't help by attacks from other realms. This eventually causes a collapse in their empire.

-Gi, the Sixth Demon King orders a non interference policy of Earth Realm. This allows them to rebuild what had been lost during the wars. It's also around the time he makes plans for co-existence between the worlds.

-In Halzara, Lord Reifer, a dragon that lived in the realm is one of many who is responsible for helping racial relations by a great deal. He settled down with his wife, Iliaria and had three children one who is deceased and the other is unknown.

While having more then a rough start, things do improve and in present the two are allies.

-Various conflicts on and off go against some the Abyss; a outsider realm not native to Meus Carus. As such, for the most part, the things there are inherently evil such as the demons. They are one of the 'main' enemies to many of the realms here among others, including Halzara.

-Earth continues to progress both socially and technology wise. Around the early twentieth century, Nexus City is formed. It was said something needed to be done about about the various things that pop up in their home. Prior to Nexus City were the first crude 'Nexus Gates' that acted as anchors and blocks for dimensional travel which has been moved to a fine science in the present day.

Nexus City was also formed not only to monitor dimensional traffic a bit better, but a place for new immigrants and newcomers to be to make sure they weren't dangerous.

-Earth establishes a 'World President'. Seeing as how compared to other realms they were lacking in organization and the fact said places usually were more united it was something else to be done. With them, a council was also made to deal with matters concerning the entire realm. Since it would be impractical for a single person to run everything, they are more akin to a figure head with the other leaders as support.

-Chromes is made the highest native universal currency of Earth Realm. It's money, coins seemingly made of crystals that came in different colors(I.E. Red, Gold, Black, Silver)

-Alus, a high tech and alien civilization makes contact with earth, and by proxy their circle becoming allies. For the most part Alus has a standoffish approach but the two trade. Alus also deals with any 'space' threats Earth may have, since outside of super beings and the motley individual Earth has essentially nothing to deal with said threats.

Ironically, Earth has a much superior Dimensional Travel tech then Alus does; going as far as to teach Dimensional Theory in schools. This is really only because earth was forced to figure things out to fix their own problems.

Military wise, Earth used a combination of the races natural powers, technology and 'learned' energies such as Ki or magic.

-In the present time, the world has entered a stable period. Things aren't perfect, but at the least for the moment, peaceful. There are dark things still around and power hungry people looking for a chance to take hold of what they believe is theirs. In a universe where just about anything can happen, this
is where you help steer things. What will you leave behind?
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Basic Plot Time Line Bullet Points.
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