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 Soul Sunraven

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PostSubject: Soul Sunraven   2012-05-11, 6:27 am

Character Name: Sol Sunraven
Date Of Birth: Unknown some 36 years ago
Alias: none
Apparent Age: early to mid thirties
Origin: Dantooine
Race: Human
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 lbs
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
Known Relatives: None
Religion: The Jedi Code
Skills: Trained tactician, Expert Marksman, Military trained, Sniper certified, Jedi schooling, medicinal training, Lightsaber Master, Expert in Lightsaber construction and repair, Master at Lightsaber deflection, Expert in Hand to hand combat, Knowledge of the force, it's teachings and granted powers. (See list of granted powers he knows below)
Abilities: The ability to utilize the power of the Force.
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Personality: Even with his Jedi training, Sol has the mindset of a soldier. He tries not to get attached. Normally he keeps people at an arms length and hides his emotions. There's also a darkness in him that stems from the Clone Wars. That is something he buries very deep. For those he considers friends He will fight to protect them with his last breath.

Affect Mind, The ability affect the minds of others through the force.

Battlemind, The ability to amplify one's own combat abilities.

Enhance Ability, This enhances the physical capabilities of the user.

Force Stealth, The ability to hide ones force presence from another force user.

Force Push, A much simpler form of Move object. This is a simple wave of force energy forcing the target back.

Heal Self, is the ability used to heal wounds on ones self.

Move Object, The ability to move objects with greater control. The higher your rating the more and heavier objects you can move.

See Force is the ability to see another force aura and how strong one is in the force.
Affect Mind can only be successfully used on the Weak Minded,

Battlemind exhausts the user when it's worn off.

Enhance Ability can only be used on one physical ability at a time.

Force Stealth can be seen through by someone with Force See and a stronger connection to the force.

Force Push can be resisted by an equal or greater force.

Heal Self the user of this power cannot regenerate limbs or heal scaring.

Move Object is limited by the connection to the force. (See Natural ability)

See Force is limited to the users connection to the force as well as the targets strength in the force.
Strength: 11

Speed: 11

Agility: 11

Durability: 10

Stamina: 12

Natural ability: 25
Weapons and Precious Items: Lightsaber, Com-Link, Utility belt, rebreather, portable tool kit, graple-line,
Phobias: Nothing, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering...
Illnesses: None
Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual
Occupation: Wandering Jedi
History: Sol started out life on Dantooine as a simple farmers son. However he knew he was destined for something greater. He left his home planet when he was 14 and joined the Republic Navy. He specialized in security and surveillance. Not long after that he was discovered by Qui-Gon Jin and after some deliberation was inducted into the Jedi Academy on Courasant. There he trained and was very adept at using the force. His military training granted him the discipline to control his emotions. His Master Koda Aan was very proud of him. He completed his trials shortly before the Clone wars. Now a Jedi Knight Sol aided in the efforts of the Clone Wars. He grew close with one Jedi Knight named Aayla Secura. During the Jedi Purge he felt her demise through the force. This awakened a darkness inside of him. One that he keeps buried to this day. Having killed and escaped his would be killers Sol wanders the Galaxy hiding from the Galactic Empire and... Darth Vader. (It's not much but it's the best I can do right now.)
Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Soul Sunraven   2012-05-11, 12:02 pm

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Soul Sunraven
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