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 A Devil On My Shoulder, A Angel On My Side

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PostSubject: A Devil On My Shoulder, A Angel On My Side   2012-05-18, 1:41 am

Donella sighed internally. She didn't want to do this but she had little choice in the matter of coming to the Demon Realm. Hannah had insisted she needed some time to relax and adjust to how things were done outside of Gemma. She was a bit..weary of things but she would try. If nothing else for Hannah's sake, she cared too much about the older woman and owed her too much not to do even that.

Peggy had gotten a new body, this one different then before. Donella had slowly, and carefully sculpted clay together along with her magic for the next one. Now Peggy resembled a angel of some kind, blond hair and black/purple wings. Anyone who could sense energy would be able to tell she wasn't of any angelic race, her energy was subdued and barely able to be felt. What was more telling was her scent, it smelt of clean clay and earth.

Rischtaroch was said to be the place Hannah was born and had came from originally. She lived in the earth realm mainly for now, but she owned a home that had been in her family for a while. Since she had nothing left of them, Hannah intended to keep the place up and running. It paid off in the end, in this case.

"Donella, please don't wander off too deeply into the urban areas for now. All right?" The Nosferatu asked the younger woman as they walked through the city.

"I don't intend to." Donella didn't intend to do much of anything. She was uncomfortable around here. The people here...they showed too much trust into each other. Didn't they worry about what they might do? Back at home, people did put on a nice facade but that's really all it was. People could 'seem' civil but it was only until you got in the way or you no longer amused them. It depended on the individual Unseelie really and what their current mood was.

Peggy on the other hand was the opposite of Donella. Where the other woman looked uncomfortable and guarded, like a snake about to spring at any given moment, Peggy was relaxed. More then that, she seemed to have a almost child-like interest in some of the things she saw. Going up to store windows and inquiring about various things they came across including souvenir stands.

The lasted thing that caught her eye, a man doing a panting of some kind. Peggy couldn't help herself and decided she wanted to see, Donella sighed and Hannah was amused.

"..Excuse me, but..what are you doing?"

The old man who was doing a few sketches blinked at the question, looking at Peggy but smiled a bit. "Just making money from a hobby. Are you interested in having your likeness put into paper?"

"Likeness onto paper?" Peggy seemed confused. "I don't understand. Please repeat the question."

"He means, if you'd like a picture done." Hannah supplied gently. "Don't they have things like that back at your home?"

"If they do, I don't remember these things. I mostly stayed at little master's side. My kind weren't allowed to buy things or wander on their own." Peggy said, turning back to the man. "Then yes, I would like that please."

At hearing that, the old man seemed a bit bothered but smiled a bit. "Normally I charge but just this once I'll do a sample for you."

It took about fifteen minutes, but the man had finished a nice sketch of Peggy, who happily took the picture. "There you go. On the house young lady."

"Thank you." Peggy took the picture happily. Peggy couldn't bring herself to be annoyed, she had never seen Peggy so...relaxed and carefree. It was a huge contrast to how she behaved back in Gemma cities.

On their way back to Hannah's place, another woman bumped into Peggy. "Be careful where you're going.." She trailed off, something seeming to click, and her face curled into disgust. "Never mind. You're one of those." She pushed past to leave.

Naturally, Donella couldn't keep quite. "Listen you ha-" She stopped by Hannah. "What are you doing? I was going to show that shrew her proper place."

"It's that reason why I stopped you." Hannah said then sighed. "This isn't Gemma, you can't handle things as you would there."

Donella grunted. "I won't bend for anyone if I can help it." The hag was lucky Hannah was here.

Peggy didn't say anything, reaching to pick up her drawing which had fell when she got ran into by the other woman.

"Peggy, are you all right?"

"I'm fine." Peggy said, seeming to shrug it off. At least it would look that way to the unperceptive. "I'm used to that, but I didn't expect to run into it here and so soon. Maybe there's more of my kind that left Gemma.."

Hannah couldn't deny that might have been the case. "Anyway, lets continue. The current ruler of this place is Ahirman, you'll hear of them soon enough."
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A Devil On My Shoulder, A Angel On My Side
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