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 Lian Yuan

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Lian Yuan   2010-10-30, 3:56 am

Character Name: Lian Yuan

Race: Human

Alias: Dragonfly

Apparent Age: 19

Origin: Nerima

Height: 5'10

Weight: 111

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Purple hair and eyes.  For more see picture.

Known Relatives:

Weston Irving(Basically just a friend of the family that's been taking care of her, but she considers him almost like another father)

Religion: N/A

Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Choy Li Fut fighting style. Survival skills. Ki Sense and Elemental Ki Control. High school level education. Skilled with staffs and short swords. Chinese language and script. English language and script.

Abilities: Trained  Ki-based super human strength, speed, endurance and durability. Her speed however is her greatest assist, having much higher speed then someone on average her age. See stats. She has a higher mental resistance due to training then a normal person.

Alignment: Good

Personality: A bit bubbly and happy at times, she's usually a bit on the care free side of things. If you get her mad, we'll, you'll know it. She likes a challenge and tends to have a very strong drive for the arts. Some may call her a battle freak, though that's only one aspect of her personality. However this doesn't mean she seeks confrontations, she knows the first rule is to try to peacefully defuse situations. But when it doesn't work, she doesn't mind as much.

Powers: ---

Restrictions: ---



Strength: 2

Speed: 7

Soul: 4

Ki: 3

Durability: 4

Stamina: 3

Special Moves:

Since she has Elemental Ki control, she can charge her attack with the various basic elemental properties.

Palm Burst:

This isn't a projectile attack of any kind. Rather, it's simply channeling her ki through her palm to increase melee damage in a strike. In the right conditions along with her natural strength and momentum, it's been known to knock opponents away.

Iglis Canon: A straight forward blue beam that can potentially freeze enemies.

Surge Burst: By slamming her fist into the ground, she creates a large dome of energy(effects depend on the element she has charged for it) It can double as just a shield or 360 area of effect attack.

Lighting Palm: This is much like her 'Palm Burst' except this time its a powerful and was her first projectile attack, that and its electric ki attack. It's in the shape of an arrow and travels fast.

Elemental Ball: A ball of Elemental Ki in the shape of a ball, how much damage depends on how long she charges it.

Aura Defense: Her blue aura comes to life, giving her an moderate melee attack increase and defense.

Super Moves: N/A for now

Weapons and Precious Items: Basic items, a well made staff.

Phobias: Heights

Illnesses: N/A

Sexual Preferences: Straight

Occupation: College Student

Class: Supernal


Lian is lives in the "Nerima" district a place where many strange and crazy things are said to happen on a daily basis. One of those rumors are about 'super human' martial artist. We'll, Lian is, or was one of them but she loved it their because it was in her element.

Unfortunately she was forced to move when things got more hectic finacially where they moved to New York. It was there when things got...interesting. For lack of a better word.

Status: Alive

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Re: Lian Yuan   2010-10-30, 3:57 am

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Lian Yuan
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