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PostSubject: Kumiko   2012-05-30, 6:29 pm

**This character is strictly AU she is made STRICKLY for
Inuyasha role plays**

Character Name:
Kumiko Higurashi
Alias: Miko
Apparent Age: 17
Date Of Birth: July 19
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Race: Human (miko: priestess)
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 125lbs
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Black hair with
blond bangs, blue eyes. Tattoo on the top of the left breast, usually seen dressed in blue jeans and a low cut shirt that exposes her shoulders a bit as well. Wears a silver chain around her throat, that disappears beneath her shirt.
Known Relatives: Kagome Higurashi
(Grandmother/Deceased), Souta Higurashi (Great Uncle), Ruki Higurashi (Father),
Yuna Higurashi (Mother), Kohaku Higurashi (Twin Brother)
Religion: Shrine Priestess
Skills: Able to wield two swords, bow an arrows
Abilities: Like her grandmother she is a priestess with miko energy, the
ability to purify demonic/evil taint from something as well as put the energy
into objects to fight (only her swords and arrow heads)
Alignment: Good
Personality: Despite her looks Kumiko is
not completely the opposite of her grandmother who she resembles a lot, she is
blunt and speaks her mind. She chooses to fight than to wait to talk it out
unless the fight calls for speaking it out. She is helpful and chooses only to
make sure something can be done, she’s a fighter through and through
Powers: Power of miko energy
Restrictions: If using to much of it, it drains her immensely usually causing
her to pass out, till she is trained properly
Weapons and Precious Items: Twin swords,
Bow and Arrows. Grandmothers ring.
Phobias: being alone
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Males
Occupation: High school student/shrine
**This History is made for the role play that Kumiko was created for**

History: Kumiko
Higurashi is the granddaughter to Kagome Higurashi the renowned priestess that
put an end to the demon Naraku and destroyed the shikon no tama. Since her
birth she has been surrounded by the loving care of her family including her
twin brother Kohaku who was given the middle name Inuyasha for Kagome had
brought with her after returning from the feudal era the name meant strength
and loyalty. The only reason why Kagome is in the future in her present time,
is because the well had closed up one day when Kagome had returned home, since
then she had little choice but to move on. She never married but was able to
start a family and with the help of them kagome made her family shrine, thrive.

Kumiko takes after her grandmother in several ways, like her
she is a priestess and is able to use miko energy that she has been getting
some training for by other wielders of it for her grandmother knows little
herself. She has been trained since she was little but still has the life of a
normal child who lives in a shrine, her and her twin brother are close and some
wonder if he will ever have the same gifts as his twin sister. Course as time
went on Kagome did die at a very old age, and in her memory Kumiko went to the
well every day as she did till one day she fell down into only to come up on
the other side.

~~Role play starts there~~
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PostSubject: Re: Kumiko   2012-05-30, 6:31 pm


"There is no such thing as 'Coincidence'. Only 'Inevitability'." ~ Yuuko Ichihara

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