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 Fragile Dreams

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PostSubject: Fragile Dreams   2012-05-31, 9:18 am

It had been years since the last building was built, so very long since the world had ended this way, since the world had been in such pain and since so many of the creatures in this world had died. It had changed so very much now. The crumbling buildings were the shelter for those lost souls that remained scattered over decaying, dying world around them all. But strangely this new world was so eerily beautiful.

Hey, must everything in this world change?
Tell me, is there nothing left in this heart to express?
In the depth of night, morning awaits, and the day repeats.

Leotie searched through the buildings her search was not over, she had seen someone only a few days ago and she was determined to find them no matter what, walking through the city with nothing but an old note book, a weak flash light and an old broom for defence she trudged on through the hauntingly stunning world to find them. She wished so dearly for some sort of company just someone to talk to. There were days when the silence would get to her and she wished for a friend.

Hey, even if one day our promise will be forgotten
Oh, how I wish for this song to reach you
From the end, to a new beginning, these tears greet the day.

She heard voices, they were here, the haunting ghosts of the dead that could grab the living, but these ones were worse… they were so much worse. She held her breath and watched… that person was taken there into that strange building before she heard a blood curdling scream making tears drop from her eyes. She couldn’t understand why at all, suddenly she was spotted, jerking she ran from there as quickly as she could. Her lungs gasping for air as she hurried over the fallen beams and shattered glass as well as the pieces of building scattered across the floor…She soon crashed into something… or someone…looking up she froze briefly not expecting anyone to be here at all. She heard the voices and grabbed their hand dragging the poor person with her from those ghosts.

Far away, Far away, the shadows of days past yearn for light
Far away, Far away, I hold onto that delicate shimmer
The ever-shifting, ever-changing, light and shadow,
Just what awaits us... beyond them?

They were all over the place, the spirits of the dead having changed forms into monsters thanks to that experiment, they would attack anyone or anything sometimes even each other as they screamed to be released from this unholy bind that kept them here. Leotie stopped once they were safe and looked up to them not expecting anyone to be there at all, suddenly a thought crossed her mind. What if they are one of them? she lifted a hand and touched their cheek checking for warmth or anything that would tell her that they weren't a ghost. "Name?" she asked

(Basically the other character is the one she has ran into, however, he is the person that is the key to their machine to attempt the experiment that wiped out most of the worlds creatures in the first place. Feel free to play any humanoid type creature and PM me if you want anymore details.)
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Fragile Dreams
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