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 Life at Tokyo University

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PostSubject: Re: Life at Tokyo University   2018-06-21, 9:44 am

The young man nodded his head. "Yes. My name is Goki. I am her cousin." He paused for a few moments. Then he slowly nodded "Well... This is awkward." He set down his bag and slowly moved to a desk. He pointed to a picture of a young Jun. She must have been a bout five or six. She was piggybacking on a man in a black and grey Gi. He had long hair that was graying at the temples. In his arms was a baby. "This was taken shortly before her father was killed." He pointed to the people in the picture. "Jun, Her father Shen and myself." He looked back to the others. "I have... Been away for a while." He scratched his head. "I feel that I must apologize. I had not realized that she had company. I will find other accommodations." He picked up his bag and moved towards the door. "If you would, please have Jun call me." He reached in his pocket and pulled out something people haven't used in a long time. A Calling Card. Similar to a business card but for personal use. Setting it on the table he turned towards the door.

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PostSubject: Re: Life at Tokyo University   2018-06-25, 5:22 pm

That name clicked along with everything else he was shown. So this was the young man mentioned in passing by Jun earlier? Of course Cassie's reaction was also understandbale, she was skittish around new people but esepcially men; and it was easy to fill in the blanks as to why that was. None of it was good and part of him almost didn't wish to know.

"I will, as soon as she's out." Talbaza said taking the card. "Don't worry about my friend behind me she has her own..thing. It's not so much about you." Which was true, though he was glad Cassie was at least comfortable enough to hide behind them.

It was both warming in the sense she was being more comfortable, and saddening she felt that way in the first place.
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PostSubject: Re: Life at Tokyo University   2018-07-30, 4:54 pm

"Y-you don't have to leave..." Cassandra's voice was meek, barely audible at that distance. "She's your cousin, we're just guests... you can stay..." She was staying behind Talbaza, looking to the floor.

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PostSubject: Re: Life at Tokyo University   

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Life at Tokyo University
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