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PostSubject: Welcome Home   2012-07-07, 4:31 am

This is absurd.

Indeed, it would have been if she had not witnessed, not had been brought back from the peaceful bliss that was death. Kagura, the demon of the wind didn't have much memory of what happened after her body had ceased functioning. She remembered before, the pain that had been consuming her had been a fleeting dream.

And somehow she had been brought back from that brink.

Not just her, but her sister Kanna, the demon of the void. They had both been brought back, something that should have been impossible. Even Sesshomaru's sword of healing didn't have that kind of power, yet here they were. Apparently not only brought back but to completely different time. If not for seeing these 'cars' and screaming 'engines' they had. do they stomach the stench?

The air was not as clean as it once was. To Kagura, it was hard not noticing it. She didn't understand how the other demons and races with sensitive noses could stand it, either.

The person who escorted them to this time was a woman named Aryll Legarde. Her energy wasn't like anything Kagura had ran into, and seeing what she could do, she was inclinced to believe she was a actual demi god. Unlike those pompous "War Gods" who were just powerful demons with a god complex.

They were waiting for someone in front of what seemed to be a..flower shop? What was it really?

This time made no sense!

Kagura glanced at Kanna, the white-haired girl didn't display much emotion.

Mentally, the Wind Demon sighed. She's not Actually emotionless, but it wouldn't kill the girl to show it..

Right now, only thing they could do was wait for this Clara person. She wondered what kind of human she was.
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Welcome Home
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