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 Norpheus Escovar

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PostSubject: Norpheus Escovar   2012-07-09, 3:26 pm

Character Name: Norpheus Escovar
Alias: Lord Norpheus
Apparent Age: 27
Race: Angel(Kiezan)
Height: 6'1

Weight: 207
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
Known Relatives:

Tersea Escovar-Wife(deceased)

Lina Esovar-Daughter
Religion: n/a
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Leadership skills. Advanced hand to hand and swordmen skills. Air to air and air to ground fighting. Knowledge of the magical and supernatural world.
Abilities: Highly resistant to cold and ice. Has the ability to grow stronger. Enhanced senses(weak the opposing effects)

Teleporation: They have to see or know where they're going. Teleportation appears in a soft glowing light. Each teleport has a five minute cooldown. Eyes glow silver when angry. Energy sensing(close to mid range only, mostly to tell what race someone is and only a rough idea of how strong they are)
Alignment: Good
Personality: Norpheus is generally a kind and calm man, generally having a piece of advice to offer here and there. He Does have a temper though, when pushed enough.
Powers: Angelic enhanced stats. Ice manipulation he can channel angelic energy through. Healing. Can survive normally fatal blows(to an extent)
Restrictions: Ice manipulation is limited to line of sight and its as strong as Normal ice. He can, however, enhance the strength of it with his angelic energy. or make it explode with angelic energy. Base its about a small hands explosive, but he can charge it to do more damage. Things he can do with ice range from making melee weapons/objects, to freezing the surface of the ground/water.

He can heal minor or serious wounds and illness(provided its within his power to heal.) Both healing and the ice manipulation drains on him with overuse. Norpheus can't survive things like getting hit through the heart and things of That nature, but he can however, survive things such as getting impaled through the stomach.
Special Moves:

Ice Sword: Creates a sword of ice for melee damage, basically the standard sword used for cutting.

Ice Shield: There's two ways Norpheus goes about it. The first is making a small shield which is more for up close personal fighting(I.E. the same type used by knights and the like) or he can erect barriers of various shapes. Ranging from a wall, to a dome.

Frost Needles: Creates miniature 'ice needles' that can tear into the opponent like normal needles or set to explode via using his angelic energy.

Frigid Hands: Creates large 'hands' he can use for combat as a projectile mainly. He could also make them appear from above the ground(if the area is frozen) in an attempt to grab the opponent. Norpheus can only make one of these every couple of minutes so he can't constantly use it.

Zero Blast: A concentrated 'beam' of ice mix with angelic energy. Has a very small chance of freezing the target(Only like ten to five percent at most so its more of luck)
Super Moves:

Zero Dragon: A large dragon made of ice is created and launched at the opponent. It does heavy explosive kintetic damage and naturally, ice damage. Since this move is taxing, he can't use it too many times without becoming tired.

Frozen Maiden: What looks like small frozen meteors rain down on his opponents, doing freeze and explosive based damage.
Super Forms: In his enhanced stat, he's covered in a bright, silver aura that almost seems like a cloak. Every once in a while, electricity will spark around his form. His stats double.

Strength: 28

Speed: 30

Agility: 20

Durability: 25

Stamina: 10

Natural Ability: 30
Class: Supernal
Weapons and Precious Items: n/a for now
Phobias: Being alone, something happening to his daughter
Illnesses: Norpheus has lost a lot of his former power
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Former Lord of Algaida. One of the few 'Lords' of Eden

Norpheus, like some of the other angels that live on earth originally come from somewhere else. The history of the place he used to be belong too and the reasons for him and others leaving is completely unknown save for those close in his circle. What is known, is the fact he has adjusted to life on earth and has since then, along with Espen been trying to help in his own way.

Later on, he stumbled upon Eden and becoming intrigued by its people and peace soon ended up becoming a part of it. It helped the Lady of the county, Vivian was persuasive, not that he needed much coaxing to agree.

Thus begins the second part of his story..
Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Norpheus Escovar   2012-07-10, 6:21 pm


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Norpheus Escovar
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