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 Stories Of An Ice Maiden

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PostSubject: Stories Of An Ice Maiden   2010-11-11, 3:36 pm

There was a saying once: 'Cynics are born, they're made.'

I am more on the cynical side of things.

I have have to first clear up one thing, though I consider myself more on the cynical side in terms of view at times I wouldn't call myself a pessimist. In the sense I don't think every situation is going to go horribly wrong or there's no real point to do anything, therefore no reason to try.

People who use the later as an excuse might as well stop trying to live.

That said, I have a reason for my views. I didn't always grow up in a accepting temple with peaceful people, before then I was a orphan. One of the countless children without a home, my parents either didn't want me, or died, I long since stopped caring. Whether it was my own mixture of skill or good fortune I managed to survive on my own until I was eight. How I did this I'm still not sure to this day.

How is unimportant, but I was lucky enough to stumble into the temple that would become my home. I was a dirty street rat, hungry with barely meat on my bones. I expected to be cast out after being discovered but instead the people welcomed me, fed me and gave me a place to live.

It was nice. I never was treated this way before, so I hung around until eventually I ended up staying here.

One of the girls around my age at the time offered to play with me not too long after.

The girl name is Hina Legarde, and she became my best friend and closes thing to a sister I ever had.

*  *

I can't recall the exact history of the temple. It's known by countless names, many I can't even recall. The basic history of it I've been told is that it was created a group of monks and other scholars who wanted to escape the pressures of their land. Instead of an organized religion, it was more of a outlook, an point of view. People of different stripes were welcomed as long as they were peaceful. Eventually, it became what it is today, though its very little known to the outside world.

For the most part.

There was also something about a Goddess being involved. Me, being a skeptic at least to accepting everything you hear took this with a grain of salt. It could be. On the other hand it could be nothing more then gossip, and as a rule, I hate gossip.

Whether this was true or not, the next years were the most interesting and challenging in their own way. I was charged nothing to stay here and was treated as if I always had been there but I wanted to help, I needed to do something. Even at eight I felt older then all my peers, but then so did Hina. I thought her older then even I was(and sometimes even today). She was never much of a talker but she has this..aura about her.

That aura was likely why the other children followed her and she managed to get me to open up quickly since I wasn't too trusting--an survival instinct ingrained in me before I came here. I was happy to have Hina as a friend, but I wanted to something, I was anxious.

Eventually, I found something that caught my eye. Some monks were training and I couldn't help but watch fascinated. I never saw anyone move that fast, never seen anyone command such a powerful presence about them. I knew at that moment I had to figure out some way to get them to teach me.

I followed the Monk and asked, but they didn't want to teach me. But I was stubborn and didn't give up. Every morning I'd wake up at the same time and watch them and try(and badly fail) to mimic their movements anyway. They never stopped me from just coming and I never stopped. I think my clumsy and awkward attempts finally won them over, or it was part of a test of character.

Logically, I'm inclined to believe the later.

*  *

Training with them was both exciting and frustrating. Exciting in the sense I thoroughly enjoyed the material and the mechanics behind it, and frustrating in the fact it was so difficult at times.  I was a good study and dedicated so I made some good progress over the course of the years.

I was taught mostly hand to hand and how to use a sword as far as the combat portion goes. I liked the sword out of the other weapons. An axe didn't suit me, a club had the same problem. Daggers were too small and I disliked the feel of them. Bows and arrows I didn't like on principal, I didn't want to put all my skill in learning how to fight entirely at long range with a weapon that had finite ammo. When it came to close quarters after I ran out, I would be in trouble.

Sword, however, fit me perfectly. It was a good weapon, versatile and came in different shapes and sizes that fit different users temperaments and fighting styles.I was very caluclating with my strikes, feinting and being deceptive before going for the kill, but I can also be more straight forward, but I preferred the speed of skilled strikes rather then relying on one strong overwhelming blow.

For all my sword skills, I'm not as great in hand to hand. It's not to say I'm not good, but the monks are just better. I have never once beat them in a spar. Despite being humans, most of them are incredibly strong mostly due to Ki energy or other means. Why I wasn't taught Ki, I wasn't sure but my natural powers being an Angel of some kind seemed to have served me well so far.

 I finally figured out why it was I wanted to learn these skills. I didn't want what was close to me to be taken away, that is another part of it. That and I felt weak and helpless when I was younger, I never wanted to feel that way again, and I didn't want someone else to feel that. I suppose that's why they taught me, the monks knew it before I did.

I was happy here, but Hina wanted to see the outside world. I was content with just staying here, reading and protecting this place but my friend wanted to spread her wings. And try as I might, I felt myself tugged in her direction.

I wanted to tell her there was nothing out there in that ugly world, that we had everything we needed here.

I wanted to say that the outside world had nothing we couldn't find here.

But I know pleading would be useless, not to mention out of character for me. Hina had always been the type to like try new things, see new places and meet new people. I was content with what I was familiar and comfortable with. I wasn't much of a people person, but Hina was. I was never rude to strangers unless they provoked me or I had reason too, but I was usually a bit..distant. This habit eventually lead to my nickname the 'Ice Maiden' or the 'Ice Angel', my natural powers didn't help.

Ice is a fitting element for me. It's one of the most versatile when used correctly and can be very hard but shatter just right with just the proper tap. No matter how strong the ice is, there was always flaws and chinks in the armor, I was no different no matter how much I told myself otherwise.

I can't let Hina go alone. She's too nice. Too trusting. She may be stronger then me, but I've beaten her before. That world will break her or turn her into something else, and I don't want that to happen. If I have to take up the sword to protect my friend then so be it.
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Stories Of An Ice Maiden
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