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PostSubject: Invasion   2012-08-03, 2:43 am

Xavier had seen many things that he found amusing in his life. Things that others likely would not be amused by, but he hardly cared. His torment of others wouldn't thrill him so much if others were okay with it. No, he liked people's reactions to the things he did. He liked how appalled others were by him and his interests.

He enjoyed when his enemies, in his mind, gave themselves up on a silver platter. He looked at the man across from him, who only gazed back at him with seeming disinterest. The man was tense though, Xavier could see it. It was amusing. "My old friend... come to face me and my army alone?" The army of Abyssal Demons behind him seemed amused by the thought. One man, against all of them? That was a laugh. They were an invasion force specifically put together for this task. After all, the fall of Rischtaroch was important to their cause.

The lone man in front of them, chuckled dryly, his wings flexing slightly. "Xavier, cut the shit. We were never friends and you know it. In fact, if I recall, the one and only time we interacted outside of council meetings was when you attempted to rape one of my guards and I had to beat you like the dog you are."

"Oh, such harsh words from the once great Ahriman Rischtaroch. Oh, wait, it's Ahriman Colt now, isn't it? You changed the name. Shame at being the only one of your family still alive? At being unable to save your precious little brother and sister?" Ahriman's jaw clenched, but he didn't move.

"...I saw no reason in keeping the name of a now nonexistent royal family. What I don't understand, is why you are doing this. I know you don't have the balls to do something like this if you'd get caught, so I know you've set up some sort of large scale barrier around my people's lands to keep anyone from noticing... but why? I figured if you attacked anyone on a large scale, it would be Reifer, due to the bad blood between you. Or are you too terrified of his wife to act?"

"...That bitch will get hers eventually, as will the rest of her family. Right now, dealing with you and yours is more important. I need to get all of you out of the way before you become troublesome later on." Here, Ahriman's single visible eye narrowed.

"...I see. Since my armies specialize in offense but lack in defense, you are trying to take us out in a sudden attack..."

"Precisely. You Hellbourne Demons are a pain in the ass. Once your armies are gathered, you are like a blade cutting through grass... but that won't fly here. I'm going to tear through your lands, Colt. There won't be a soul left alive when I'm through. Then it's one less obstacle for me and mine in the end. I'm curious though... why did you come alone? I know you had at least an hour of time to prepare, as I know you saw my army arrive through the portal." Here, Ahriman sighed.

"It's as you say, Xavier. My people are not defensive fighters. If our armies fought, my people would die... I'm another matter. No reason to endanger my people when I can deal with you myself, eh?" Ahriman flared his cloak as he whipped out two elegant sawed-off shotguns, the barrel's crackling with some form of energy. "I'm prepared, Xavier."

(Cue this song: Invasion)

"..." Xavier stared at Ahriman, his usual grin gone, his face thoughtful. "...I see. You are the bait, aren't you? Your people are evacuating as we speak, aren't they, and you are sacrificing yourself to give them time. Even you cannot stand against an army of ten-thousand Abyssal Demons, Ahriman. Surely you know that."

"Nope, didn't know that. Thank's for the lesson, but I think I'll take my chances anyway."

"...You still remain tough, even in the face of death. Admirable. This will make watching you beg for mercy all the more satisfying."

"You know... there's an old war song my people had, for situations where times were dire, and we were under siege. 'For every man there is a cause which he would proudly die for. Defend the right to have a place for which he can belong to. And every man will fight with his bare hands in desperation. And shed his blood to stem the flood to barricade invasion.' Nice, eh?"

"Yes, yes, I get it. You are trying to intimidate with your resolve, but-"

"Wrong. I'm merely being friendly before I kill you, that's all."

"Indeed." Xavier sighed, shaking his head. "Stubborn, you are. I suppose it's time though... not going to summon your Shades, Ahriman?"

"You'd just turn them against me, so no. I'll be doing this solo. So, going to attack, or keep yapping at me? I'm ready to die, Xavier. Are you?"

Ahriman stared Xavier down, who simply watched him in silence for a long moment. Then, with a wave of his hand, the army surged forward. Ahriman closed his eye briefly, mentally preparing himself, before diving in with a cry, guns blazing. He weaved in among the enemy, blowing them away with his demonic weapons, and lashing out with kicks, his tail, elbows, anything.

Xavier calmly watched as Ahriman cut through his army with seeming ease. Xavier knew the truth, however. Ten-thousand... an army that size, Ahriman could not take alone. He was stronger than each individual, but they still got in the odd blow here and there. And Ahriman could not last forever. Ahriman was surrounded, outnumbered, outgunned. He would not last long.

Suddenly, a large explosion occurred, decimating several hundred of Xavier's men in an instant. Xavier... began to worry.

~~~Three Hours Later~~~

Ahriman was panting hard, clutching his stomach as blood poured from the large gash there. The pressure he was applying was the only reason his intestine's were not spilling onto the ground. 'My healing... it's slowed to a crawl... too many injuries to keep up with... I'm done, aren't I?' He felt a small measure of satisfaction however. Not only was he sure his people had escaped by now, but he had single-handedly crippled Xavier's army. A once large army of ten-thousand, had been reduced to only a few dozen. 'Seems I haven't lost my touch...' Still, Xavier was standing there grinning.

"Feeling a little tired, Colt?"

"Nah, just taking a breather. Be with you in a second. Sorry about your army though. Little smaller now, isn't it?" The remaining demons were watching him with obvious fear. Injured or not, he'd decimated their numbers on his own. None were willing to get much closer.

"Ah, a minor inconvenience. These are pawns, my friend. There's always more. Over two-hundred thousand, to be precise. And that's just the infantry, my friend."

That... was unsettling... "...Bullshit." As he said this, he mentally contacted Kallen. 'Kallen, answer me. Is everyone evacuated? Are our lands empty? Did everyone get through the portal?'

'...Yessir, everyone is accounted for. So please, retreat and come to us.'

'...I can't. I... have one last thing to do... so... Kallen?'

'...Y-yes, Ahriman?'

'...Call me Ahri one more time, alright?'

'But... you hate that nickname...'

'Not always... not now.... so, please? Just one last time.'

'I... o-okay... Ahri...'


'Ahri? P-promise you'll come back.'


'Promise me!'

'...You know how I feel about lying, Kallen.'

'...Don't you dare...'

'I have to.'

'Like hell you have to! You don't have to do a damn thing! You come back to us right now! Come back to your people, your friends! Come back to me, dammit!'



'...Take care of them for me.'
He immediately severed communication before she could respond, but he could feel her pain through their link. He knew that she was breaking down, raging at him. He looked up at Xavier, who had just got done saying something. A bunch of hot air, no doubt. "Seriously, bullshit. You have always been full of shit, and always one to try and torment people as much as you can. You have no army, you just are trying to make me think there's no hope for my people after I die."

"Heh... well, perhaps I'll prove it then. Gaze upon the beginning of the end!" Xavier lifted both hands, and portals formed all around. Abyssal Demons seemed to pour out of them, covering the land in all directions. Infantry, flying demons, enormous ones too. All manner of creatures were there, all hungry for blood.

"...Alright, so you weren't bluffing... perfect." Xavier only had a moment to be confused, before that confusion turned to fear and rage as Ahriman's entire body glowed a bright, flashing red and the former King of Rischtaroch let out a defiant roar. A demonic looking wolf formed around him briefly, and then Xavier's world went black.


When Xavier woke, the sun had set, and he could sense the barrier was gone. He also realized he was in the middle of an enormous crater, his body slowly regenerating from ashes. He glanced around, noticing that the crater was absolutely massive, many miles wide at least. '...My entire army... Colt, you magnificent bastard... you've likely caused an investigation as well... it won't be long before it's found out that Abyssal Demons were here in force... they'll know there was an attack...' He was almost impressed at how easily Ahriman has disrupted his plans. He was too angry to really be impressed though.

Standing as his body finished reforming, he looked to the exact center of the crater, where a strange ripple pattern along the crater originated. "...I'd say 'at least you're dead', but I must admit... that's a small consolation. You baited me, and I fell for it, and paid the price... if only I could get my hands around your neck right now..." He clenched his fist, growling. "Years of planning, of building up a fighting force... this will take some thinking... for now though... I suppose I need to create an alibi..." He disappeared in a blink, and the land was still, not even the wind blowing within the massive crater where the lands of the once great kingdom of Rischtaroch once were.

"There is no such thing as 'Coincidence'. Only 'Inevitability'." ~ Yuuko Ichihara

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