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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Reizo   2012-08-25, 2:21 am

Character Name: Reizo Kannon

Origin: Japan

Apparent Age: 18

Alias: N/A

Height: 5'10

Weight: 142

Gender: Male

Physical Description:

Known Relatives: Suki Kannon(Older sister)

Ryo Kannon(Adopted grandfather)

Race: Alusarian

Religion: Unknown

Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills, high-school education. Can play piano really well. The fighting style known as Rayzoku. Ki sense and control.

Abilities: Above average IQ. The abilities of Rayzoku. Standard racial ones.

Alignment: Good

Personality: Reizo has some self-confidence issues and doesn't think that highly of himself. He's shy and quite so its hard for him to make many friends but when he does he holds them close.

Powers: Standard racial powers

Restrictions: Ditto.


Strength: 5

Speed: 20

Durability: 10

Stamina: 8

Soul: 10

Ki: 14

Weapons and Precious Items: Basic items

Super Levels: Elightened Form(Locked for now)

Special Techniques:

Fighting Style: Rayzoku. It's the belief that Dark and Light powers in their natural state are not inherently evil. Rayzoku is a result of tapping into one's natural 'Dark Ki'. Which most of the special moves are based off on.

Surge Ball: This move is more or less like the commonly-used fireball technique, except it's energy-based instead of actual fire. It does much more damage then one would think.

Black Out: By concentrating the dark energy within himself, he creates an expanding bubble-like sphere. It not only cancels out some special moves and attacks, but knocks them back a good ten feet. Itimes.

Dark Impact: This technique propells himself forward at an quick speed, an fiery black aura sorrounds him during this. His fist will be covered with dark energy upon impact, hence the name. This is the weaker version of the final version of this technique. Only older, more expereinced users know the other one.

Teleport: Allows him to teleport, short to medium range only(16 feet). Can be used three times in a row, then about a five minute cool down.

Super Techiques: N/A for now

Class: Supernal

Phobias: Losing those he cares about.

Illnesses: N/A

Sexual Preferences: Straight

Occupation: Student

History: A long time ago when the Tuffles were nearly wiped out by the Sayains, a small group of them at a last ditch effort to save themselves and their race fled on a prototype space ship. They didn't know where they were going or how but it was the only way at the time. They ended up a planet called earth, where they had to adapt and blind in with the human world already etablished to further survive. Since then, many things have happened and the Tuffle race has further vanished thanks to having children with other races on earth. Reizo's parents were among some of the last ones but were killed early in a car accident where he was raised in a normal human family. Reizo has been ignorant of what he was or his roots until recently.

However, that aside he's lived a relatively 'normal' life but  that changed a bit later..

Status: Alive

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Re: Reizo   2012-08-25, 3:24 am

I'm going to approve it this time around since its basically pretty standard stuff. If people have issues they can speak.
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