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PostSubject: Ness   2012-08-25, 11:22 pm

Character Name: Ness

Apparent Age: 16

Origin: Onett

Race: Human

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 135lbs

Physical Description: Ness has straight black hair that comes down to his eyes, but does not obscure his view. He has deep blue eyes that almost appear purple. He can almost always be seen wearing a blue and yellow striped T-shirt along with his trademark red baseball cap. He also carries a brown backpack that holds a few useful items, including his trusty baseball bat.


Known Relatives:

Father: Nelson ~ Alive
Mother: Teresa ~ Alive
Sister: Tracy ~ Alive

Skills: Basic domestic skills, excellent baseball player, quick reflexes. High intelligence. Able to operate bicycles and cars.

Abilities: Telekinesis (long range)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Ness is usually soft spoken and contemplative. He goes out of his way to assist those in need, much to the delight of his traveling companion, Paula; whom he is highly protective of. The hat he now wears is a gift from Paula, he treasures it over anything. Rather than explain, Ness will often let his actions speak for him. If he does speak, his sentences are terse and to the point. Don’t be surprised if Paula cuts in to speak for him, that’s just how the boy is.

Note: Ness has a courageous personality to his core. He will not and CANNOT run from a fight or task at hand.

Powers: Augmentation of PK

Restrictions: PK, or Psychokinesis, abilities take mental energy to materialize and shape. The user’s mental fatigue builds over time through prolonged or heavy usage. This energy can be recovered through sleeping or even eating.

Ness can channel different elemental energies through his bat and yo-yo for different attacks. He can only channel one element at a time. His bat has the ability to repel energy attacks (spherical or shots) when swung.

Using Telekinesis, Ness can move objects with his mind. He can throw nearby opponents or attack adjacent enemies with neutral PK (shown as small sparkles).


Strength: 40
Speed: 50
Soul: 30
Stamina: 30
Durability: 30
Psychic: 60

Special Techniques:

PK Brainshock: Ness releases a neural shockwave that shocks one foe’s brain. Causes temporary blindness and illusions.

PK Defense Down: A proximity shockwave that destroys psychic, electric and magic barriers.

PK Healing: A healing pulse that rids one target of negative status effects (curses, poison, paralysis, disease, etc.)

PK Paralyze: Ness unleashes a paralyzing pulse that immobilizes foes and causes robotic enemies to go haywire.

PK Counter: Creates a temporary shield that blocks physical attacks. The force applied to the shield is then redirected toward the attacker. Can be applied to nearby allies, or enlarged to cover wider areas.

PK Teleport: Ness runs forward, picks up immense speed, and tears a hole in space to teleport to an area he’s visited before. The portal remains open for a few moments, allowing allies to use it for travel. Rarely, his destination portal will misfire, resulting in an unpredicted jump.


Super Techniques:

PK Flash: Ness emits a small green ball of light. He can suspend the ball in midair as a trap or direct it toward foes. When released from his control, the ball erupts with massive force, blowing away all targets and objects in the area. Very high damage, large blast radius. The longer Ness holds this attack in suspension, the greater strain it causes to control it.

PK Rockin’: Ness fills the area around him with PK energy, then detonates it. This results in a massive pressure that sends all foes skyward. Does not affect allies. High damage, moderate attack radius.

PK Starstorm: Ness summons incredible masses of energy above the battlefield which fall to the earth at high speeds. Each ‘falling star’ crashes through barriers and causes immense damage to foes and the landscape. Extremely high damage and long range. Ness cannot use any PK for a short time after using this attack.


Weapons and Precious Items:

Mr. Baseball Cap: Sentimental item.

Magicant Bat: Bat made of unidentified material (resembles wood). High affinity for channeling PK and deflecting energy attacks.

Combat Yo-Yo: Red yo-yo with highly durable string and materials.

Phobias: N/A

Illnesses: N/A

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: High School Junior

History: Ness was born and raised in the city of Onett. At the age of 10, Ness was thrust into the vast world on his own… to save it. Through battling snakes, gangsters, monsters, robots and aliens, he honed his psychic powers to an epic level. His travels had taken him to distant lands, back in time to the age of the dinosaurs, and even into the desolate future. He, along with three close comrades, succeeded in thwarting the grudge and plans of an alien called Giygas. After his world was saved, Ness returned home and to the life of a normal elementary schooler. He grew into his teenage years with his old friend, Paula, by his side.

Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Ness   2012-08-25, 11:27 pm

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