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 Divine Rules

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PostSubject: Divine Rules   2012-08-30, 1:27 am

This Multiverse, also known as Meus Carus is complex, vast and otherwise hard to navigate if one isn't careful. Here, I'll be explaining a bit about Gods and then having a format as in, more of a add on sheet to a already existing character.

To note, a Over Deity is regarded to NPC status only for reasons that should be obvious. They are just there for a foot note.

1- Divine status is basically a template. Add on Sheets to be added to or associated with a character who has attained divine status. This add on will cover their divinity. Not the character them selves only their divine status.

2- Immunities; Deities have immunities based on their divine rank. Because they are divine being of the cosmos they are granted such immunities. The Immunities are as follows.

Immunities: Deities have the following immunities. Individual deities may or may not have more immunities. Unless indicated these immunities do not apply if the attacker is a deity of equal or higher rank.

Transmutation: A Deity is immune to any spell that alter its physical form such as Polymorph, Petrifaction or any other attack that alters its form. Spells and abilities that allow the Deity to alter its own form work normally.

Energy Drain, Ability Drain and Ability Damage: The Deity isn’t subject to and is immune to Energy Drain, ability Drain and Ability Damage.

Mind-Affecting Effects: The Deity is immune to mind affecting effects such as Charms, Compulsion, Phantasms, Patterns and Morale Effects

Deities of Rank 1 or higher are immune to disease, poison, stunning, sleep, paralysis, death effects and disintegration.

Deities of rank 4 or higher are immune to effects that imprison or banish them.

Note: It should be noted these immunties like others, depend on what exactly they're going up against and how powerful. If a powerful enough Eldrith Abomination comes along, then its quite possible the mental damaging effects them.

3- Immortality: Different Deities have different types, life cycles, if you will. On the format, you need to make it clear which is which. Here are the common examples.

Type A: In this form, they do not age or otherwise die of natural causes. However, they can die in combat or some other means. This is the usual standard Physical God. Like this example.

Type B: In this, their physical body can be destroyed but their spirit/soul can reform it later. Usually within a few days at the most. In such cases, its not enough to destroy the physical body. Some cases its possible to do within their home realm. A task made harder since a deity is strongest within their own backyard.

Type C: Some deities merely take physical forms to interact, and the humanoid(or other form) is merely  a guise if you will. Their true form may just be a mass of floating energy, or something else along those lines. This means in effect they can fight even when their 'physical' body has been destroyed.

Type D: Some gods are not immortal in the sense of living forever.(I.E. Odin, the Trinity Goddesses) instead, they simply have extremely long life spans. Far more then normal. They will eventually succumb of old age.

Type E: Something else that may not fit. If so, describe.

4- Senses: Deities of rank 1 or higher have incredibly sensitive perception. Such a deity’s senses (including dark vision and low light vision, if the deity has them) extend out to a radius of 10 miles per divine rank. In effect, a deity of rank 3 can see, hear, touch and smell at a distance of 30 miles just as well as a mortal can perceive things that are close enough to touch. Perception is limited to the senses the deity possesses. For instance, a deity cannot in the dark unless he has dark vision. Nor can it see through solid objects without using its remote sensing ability or some sort of x-ray.

Remote Sensing: A Deity of rank 1 or higher can perceive things within a radius of 1 mile per rank around any of its worshipers, holy sites or other objects or locals sacred to the Deity. This supernatural effect can also be centered on any place where someone speaks the deity’s name or title for up to one hour after the name is spoken, and at any location when an event related to the deity’s profile occurs. The remote sensing power can cross planes and penetrate barriers.

A deity can extend its senses to 2 or more remote locations at once (depending on divine rank) and still sense what’s going on nearby.

Divine Rank Remote Location

2 2

3 5

4 10

5 20

Once a deity chooses a location to sense, it automatically receives information from that location until it chooses a new location to sense, or until it can’t sense the location (for example an hour has lapsed since the person spoke the deity’s name)

Block Sensing: A deity of rank 1 or higher can block the sensing ability of other deities of its rank or lower. This power extends for a radius of one mile per rank of the deity, or within the same distance around a temple or other locale sacred to the deity, or the same distance around a portfolio-related event. The deity can block two or more locations at once, plus the area within one mile of itself. The blockage lasts for 1 hour per divine rank.

5- Portfolio: Every deity of divine rank 1 or higher has at least limited knowledge and control over some aspect of mortal existence. A Deity’s connection to its portfolio give it a number of powers.

Portfolio Sense: Demideity’s have a limited ability to sense events involving their portfolios. They automatically sense any event that involves one thousand or more people. The ability is limited to the present.

Lesser Deities automatically sense any event that involves their portfolio and affects five hundred or more people.

Intermediate Deities automatically sense any event that involves their portfolios, regardless of the number of people involved. In addition, their senses extend one week into the past.

Greater deities automatically sense any event that involves their portfolios, regardless of the number of people involved. In addition, their senses extend one week into the past and one week into the future.

When the deity senses any event, it merely knows that the event is occurring and where it is. The Deity receives no sensory information about the event. For example a demideity of the sea senses all tidal waves that threaten multiple villages, or a small or large towns. The deity knows where the waves are but not what they look like or what direction they are traveling.

Once a deity notices an event, it can use its remote sensing power to perceive the event.

6- Create Magical Item: A deity of rank 1 or higher can create magic items related to its portfolio without any requisite materials, provided that the deity possesses the prerequisite for the item.

8- Divine Realm: Each deity of rank 1 or higher has a location that serves as a work place, personal residence, audience chamber and sometimes a retreat or fortress. A deity is at its most powerful within its divine realm.

A deity has at lease moderate control over the environment within its realm, controlling the temperature, and minor elements of the environment such as smells and background sounds. The radius of control is a function of the deity’s rank and whether the realm is located on an outer plane (including the material plane)

Radius of Control

Divine Rank Divine Realm Material Plane

1 100ft./ Rank 100ft./ Rank

2 1 Mile 500ft./ Rank

3 10 Miles 1,000ft./ Rank

4 100 Miles 1 Mile/Rank

5 Total Control 100 Miles/Rank

Within this area, the deity can set any temperature that is normal for the plane where the realm is located (For the Material Plane, any temperature from 20`F to 120`F), and fill the area with scents and sounds as the deity sees fit. Sounds can be no louder than one hundred humans could make; the deity could create the sounds of an invisible choir, a battle, a jungle full of various wild life, or similar sounds but not intelligible speech or harmful sound. The deity’s ability to create scents is similar. Deities of 3 or higher can create sounds of intelligible speech.

A demideity or lesser deity can erect buildings and alter the landscape, but must do so though its own labor, through magic or through its divine powers.

A deity of rank 3 or higher not only has control over the environment , but also controls links to the astral plane (assuming the cosmology where the deity resides has an astral plane.). Manipulating a realm’s astral link renders teleportation and similar effects useless within the realm. The deity can designate certain locales within the realm where astral links remain intact. Likewise, the deity can block off the realm from planar portals or designate locations where portals are possible.

A deity of rank 4 or higher can also apply enhanced magic or impeded magic trait to their realm. The enhanced magic trait enables the magic user to to use a spell to its maximum capacity within the boundaries of the realm. The impeded magic trait doesn’t effect the deity’s spells it simply impedes others from using magic or magic like abilities in the divine realm.

In addition, a deity of rank 4 or higher can erect buildings as desired and alter the terrain within 10 miles to become any terrain type found on the material plane. These buildings and alterations are manifestations of the deity’s control over the realm.

An Over deity (Rank 5 ) also can perform any one of the following acts.

   Change or apply a gravity trait within the realm.

   Change or apply an elemental or energy trait within the realm.

   Change or apply a time trait within the realm

   Apply the limited magic trait within the realm, preventing such magic and magic like abilities from functioning. The Overdeity’s own magic and magic like abilities are not limited by this restriction.

Once a deity sets the conditions in its realm they are permanent, though the deity can change them. As an act of will, the deity can specify a new environmental condition. The change gradually takes effect over the next 10 minutes.

Changing astral links, planar traits or terrain requires more effort, and the deity must labor for a year and a day to change them. During this time the deity must spend 8 hours a day on the project. During the remaining 16 hours of each day the deity can perform any action it desires, so long as it remains within the realm. The astral links, planar traits and terrain remain unchanged until the labor is complete.

Divine Ranks: Just a general idea of the power pecking order, and some examples.

5. Overdeity(I.E. Anya in her prime) In this case, a being that fits on a Multiversal scale
4. Greater Deity(Thunder, Rein) Such beings would be able to affect things(destruction wise or other non combat related) at least a galactic level or higher.
3.Intermediate Deity(Nao, Mori) This is the intermediate class. Deities of this calibur can effect things globally at the bare minimum to higher.
2.Lesser Deity(Cupid, Poitreene) Lesser Deities are much weaker then the third rank, their power ranging between between the two extremes. They can effect things from a city, to a country at the higher end.
1.Demideity(Hina Legarde, Kamini) The weakest, though it should be noted 'Demideity' is something theoretically possible for a non divine being to achieve. In that case, they would have god-like power but no 'aspects' they fully control. Such examples of would be Dave, and Matrix.

Portfolio’s expanded

Every deity has a certain aspect of existence over which it has domination, power and control. Collectively, these aspects represent the deity’s portfolio. Deities are intimately concerned about and involved in their portfolios, and they are often strongest in power when acting within the bounds of their portfolios.

Portfolios of deities within a pantheon rarely change, but this can happen. If a deity dies, returns from the dead, gains or loses divine power, or radically changes personalities, portfolios can change.

Basically, for example. Lord Thunder is able to manipulate the weather. That's their bread and butter and what they can do best. Other gods/goddesses may be able to manipulate the weather but unless its their focus, they won't have the fine control. Similarly, another god may be focused on another concept. Such as space.Gods are at the most powerful when channeling their main focus, which ever that may be and no one can do it quite as well as they can, regardless of power differences. That is what seperates them.

Or another example, Poitreene is a minor(lesser) goddess of protection, so her portfolio(think of it like a job) would be connected to things of that nature. Such as for example a large group of people being attacked by something within her sensing range.

Portfolios represent important topics and concepts in the lives of worshipers. The more important an idea is to a group of worshipers, the more important it is for a major deity to control that portfolio. For instance, if you’re building a pantheon for a culture that depends on the sea for food and trade, then the portfolio element sea should belong to a greater deity. Similarly, people often threatened by earthquakes or volcanoes likely associate the portfolio element earth with a greater deity.

Any race and any profession can be worthy of inclusion as a portfolio element. The Golden Goddesses have Hylans as a portfolio element, for example Pan is the Olympian deity with shepherds as a portfolio element.

In addition most pantheons have at lease one leader figure. This deity is often the father or mother of all the other deities in the pantheon. This Deity effectively  has the supreme portfolio element, which concerns all the offspring deities.

Format Add On Sheet:

Rank: The deities rank.
Symbol: If they have a symbol, sign or the like that acts like a trademark. It might appear on things for their followers. Assuming, of course, a deity actively particpates in such things.
Immortality/Life Cycle: The type. Refer to above
Domain and Portfolio:
Religion: Does this deity have its own religion? If so what is it called? This also can be expanded to explain how a deity treats or reacts to their followers. That is, if they do so at all.
Pantheon: Do they belong to the earth one, somewhere else? Independent?
Extra:(Other odds and ends you may want to add that might not fit elsewhere. If needed)

The Bottom Line...

The bottom line is this. Deities are powerful. They're made to be as such, especially rank 4 and up. That said, as with most very powerful beings, its up to the players to use them responsibility. 'With great power comes great responsibility' very much applies as.

Not everyone will agree with everything, such as thinking things should be a certain way. I will leave off with this.

This site is about choice. We as writers and individuals have different opinions, views and ideas of things and how to represent them. Sometimes, there will be disagreements, and that's natural. However, I believe going with the middle ground, of having a guideline but being able to accommodate different ideas. Overall, its better to have a difference in ideas then to be forced to have to do things a certain way. As long as people get to play the characters as They want to rather then someone elses view point, I believe that would go a long way.

On another site, there was no choice. It had to be a certain way, even if it wasn't about a balance issue. Things arrogantly told as if they were the one truth(there is very few absolutes) Many characters that I put effort and time in would not be able to exist. At least not the way I had them in mind. Mikata, due to being a Devil would not work, and even if I was allowed they would have to be 'evil' and be a certain way. Regardless of whatever else I wanted to portray them as instead.

I refuse to do that. I will not do that. I've experienced it enough myself and won't continue with that sort of thing. Rules, guidelines like always are subject to debate and change. It's the members that make the site after all.

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Divine Rules
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