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 All In A Day's Job

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PostSubject: All In A Day's Job   2012-09-07, 12:18 am

He should be here by now. Ion is usually on time..

Junia was standing in one of the many buildings in Asgard, arms crossed as she looked at nothing in particular. Asgard was the home of Elves, Dwarf's and a few other races including a good percent of the Valkyrie. The place was beautifully built even during all this time and yet not that much had been changed during its conception. Asgard had also become like a neutral meeting place between the various gods and other 'bigger' powers. Herself as a Supreme Kai included. It was a tradition started around two thousand years ago, when the Old One's had almost brought hew new home to the brink. Those monsters had ravaged her old multiverse, herself, and Ion and a few others were some of the few who stood up to the stronger ones.

Pantheons within just one planet. And none of it mattered, everything was in danger.

In concept, it was a good idea. To have a common goal and enemy to fight. The problem was when it came to after the fact. Differences in views, differences in how to view things and when to do them. The inane arguments that were to be had and how Junia wanted to wring the neck of some of them for being so bull-headed. Anya was capable of reigning them all in of course, because if nothing else being the mother goddess of all the others and her given personality.

In short, celestial politics, like mundane ones had their large share of headaches.

It wasn't to say all the other divine were too difficult to get along with or bad people, just some had a genuine difference in opinion. In war time, when large threats came to engulf everyone things could function. However, when it was down time there was never a one hundred percent agreement with how to conduct things, which is why it made sense there was different pantheons instead of one singular one.

As the Supreme Kai and one of the few survivors from Alagracia, she was personally invested in making sure this Multiverse continued to exist. She, Ion and Marcus had failed their original home, but this one they wouldn't. She was just dismayed about the state of the Kai's here. The Supreme Kai's were all but dead save for one, who was a joke both in character and power-wise.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

Junia opened her eyes to see Marcus take a seat on a chair, the old man sighed, putting his staff to the side. There was also Ion in tow who was reading a book, seeming completely engrossed in it. A strange symbol rested on their forehead, but it looked more like a birthmark.

"You could say that."
Junia looked at them. "How have things been going on your end?"

Marcus rubbed his temples. "..Tiring and slow. I'm currently having many avatars running around at once. One of them is talking to the Z-Fighters, another is helping getting the main group after the Zodiac Gems in order."

"Much the same."
Ion finally closed the book, he wiped his nose for some reason with a bit of blood. "At this front, things seem relatively calm. Too calm. I am more worried about what type of beings these Zodiac Gems will attract. Power attracts more power and the kind of crossfire..I'm worried about that. I will do what I can to minimize the damage just like before back at home."

Junia nodded a bit. "Just as well. Are all the Alphalim gathered?"

"Most of them.." Marcus frowned. "..I know for sure there's one other I'm missing but unable to find. A Calicem Vita Dysen. I know they're alive and I believe in the Earth Realm but not sure where. That troubles me."

"Too much at once." The Supreme Kai went over and gently placed a hand on the god's shoulder. "God or not, you have your limits. You need to let me help you so you don't get burned out."

"Indeed. It was us three back at home that did a lot of work and that stays the same here. Only one thing was constant, and that was teamwork. Don't take everything on your own, Marcus." Ion said to his friend. "What about yourself Junia?"

The Kai shrugged slightly. "Better some days, worse then others. I'd rather not talk about the current Supreme Kai though. I get a headache." She pinched the bridge of her nose briefly. "In more important news, maybe you should contact Lost I think the name was."

"Lost?" Marcus asked, confused.

Ion nodded. "There's a legend of a realm of the Lost. Everything that is, or will be lost everywhere resides there. It was one of the things I studied, about the cosmo's and when I was learning my Ancient magic. Oh, those were splendid times, my teacher gave me my special gift I would like upon my completiton. The tome of Ecchi."

"..The what?"

"It's essentially a magical book showing beauty in various forms."

"If its what I think it is, then its basically almost like a cosmic magical porn book but better except no sex."

"We'll, I wouldn't call it so crude but yes in a way."




"..Moving on." Junia said bringing the conversation back to focus. "It would be a good idea to try to find lord of that realm and ask about that name. It wouldn't hurt our cause."

Marcus nodded and stood up, Junia going by him. "And if we're going, we'll do it together. You too Ion."

Ion went over. "I believe I have just the trick. Everyone just..relax."

There was a strange swirl of blue energy, and in the next moment they were all gone as if they were never there.
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All In A Day's Job
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