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 Yuji Hamamoto

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PostSubject: Yuji Hamamoto   2012-09-08, 8:50 pm

Character Name: Yuji Hamamoto

Apparent Age: 18

Origin: Japan

Race: Human

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 170 lbs

Physical Description: Yuji has white hair and light skin. His right eye is colored naturally (brown) while his left eye is silver. The left side of his face is scarred; a birth injury that resulted from two cursed swords attempting to take his body. The scar cannot be healed. A red insignia on his right hand marks the bond between him and his cursed blades.


Known Relatives:

Father: Kenji Hamamoto ~ Alive
Mother: Natsuko Hamamoto ~ Deceased
Twin Brother: Yusuke Hamamoto ~ Alive

Skills: Basic domestic skills. Expert boxing skills. High intelligence, extensive medical knowledge. Able to operate common motor vehicles.

Abilities: Minor regeneration (Ki)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Yuji has the disposition of an average high school delinquent, despite his affluent upbringing. Rather than saving face and upholding a dignified aura, he’d rather fight any challenger in his way and make honest friends. His upbeat and jester-like nature are real, but often mask the pain and fear driven into him by the demons constantly trying to chip away at his mind. He helps others with their daily problems, but shuts friends out from his own issues. Yuji has developed a high morality and remarkable willpower.

Powers: Ki Manipulation

Restrictions: Yuji is able to fight for a few hours (full force) without tiring. His ‘Ki Focus’ abilities can only be used in combination with boxing techniques, and his ‘Jutsu’ abilities can only be used with his swords. He can hold and sustain his ‘Dampen’ ability as long as he sees fit, but longer usage leads to quick exhaustion.

Yuji’s Ki provides him minor regeneration. Cuts and bruises heal quickly, severe injuries heal faster than the average human.

The super technique ‘Heavenly Crash’ weakens the arm Yuji made the attack with. He is able to safely use the attack once per day, per arm. If used more than once with one particular arm, the bones within the arm in question will break. His arms will recover after a few hours of rest if fatigued. If broken, his arms must heal naturally or by healing.

Yuji’s super form ‘Awaken’ is an ability usable only with his swords in hand. This state places immense pressure on Yuji’s eyes and body. After the technique is dropped, he will be blinded and physically exhausted (all stats decreased by 75%) until sleeping. If the technique is held for too long, Yuji’s eyes will begin to bleed and he will experience severe pain.


Strength: 15
Speed: 30
Soul: 15
Stamina: 20
Durability: 20
Ki: 40

Special Techniques:

Haste: Temporarily doubles Speed stat for a few seconds. Good for dodging attacks or sudden counters. Repeated usage will drain Stamina.

Dampen: Temporarily doubles Soul and Durability stats. Yuji’s Ki envelops his body, forming a protective layer of energy. Yuji can defend against, or even catch, energy attacks with this technique. Cannot be used while attacking.

Ki Focus ~ Force: Yuji uses his Ki to boost physical damage (+50% Strength).

Ki Focus ~ Spirit: Yuji passes his Ki through his foes for direct internal damage. Yuji’s fists glow a light blue color. This focus causes low external physical damage, but high internal physical damage.

Kenjutsu ~ Tiger Fang: Yuji releases a burst of speed and cuts a foe from various directions, seemingly simultaneously, to create openings. This is exclusively a sword technique.

Super Techniques:

Heavenly Crash: Yuji summons all of his strength and power (x4 Strength) into one devastating, earth rattling punch. Can be used once per arm, per day. Using this move taxes his strength and Ki, weakening his attacks afterward. If this attack is used too often, Yuji risks shattering the bones in his arm. Can be used in combination of either Ki Focus.

Iaijutsu ~ Zantatsuken: Yuji’s blades must be sheathed to initiate this technique. He then unsheathes his blades, extends their reach with his Ki and strikes in an instant. During this split second in time, Yuji’s speed is pushed to unfathomable limits (x5). This attack can only be used in Yuji’s ‘Awakened’ state, and immediately ends the technique upon usage.

Super Forms:

Kinjutsu ~ Awaken: Ultimate technique bestowed to Yuji by his swords. Yuji’s Ki flows through the blades and back to his body, unleashing hidden potential. Yuji’s right eye turns silver (to match the left), he is covered in a blue haze of Ki (visible), and his Speed and Soul stats double. While in this state Yuji can physically see energy, whether it is visible to the naked eye or not. His blades become sharp enough to cut almost any material. See ‘Restrictions’ for drawbacks.

Weapons and Precious Items:

Shouki & Kyoujin: Two Tantō kept on Yuji’s person at almost all times. They are tied around his waist and concealed by his clothing. Each blade is aptly named by the demon that possesses it respectively. Their names roughly translate to Sanity and Madness. These demons feed off of the owner’s energy and, in turn, gives their chosen holder untold power. Each male of the Hamamoto family own one cursed blade. Each blade harbors its own individual presence and can speak to its wielder mentally.

Phobias: The power of Kyoujin, Needles

Illnesses: None

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: High School Student (Senior)/Hamamoto Medical Successor

History: Every generational male of the Hamamoto family bears a certain curse: they are born into the world in tandem to another demon spirit. From birth until death, the two are forever linked. The demon spirit, however, is not forced to coincide with its mortal counterpart peacefully. The spirit can easily overtake the person’s mind if left unchecked. This is why, through generations of trials and tribulation, the Hamamoto bloodline has developed a way to seal the dark spirits at birth and (possibly) harness their power. At birth, an exorcism is performed on the male children to extract the evil spirit. They are then sealed within a weapon, usually a sword of some kind.

Yuji was born alongside his twin brother, Yusuke. Originally they were to be born in a triplet set but sadly, the second child was a stillborn. This led to further complications, as the unborn infant’s demon spirit attached itself to the next available child: Yuji. The exorcism lasted hours as both spirits attempted to tear away at Yuji’s body and soul. His face was disfigured during the procedure, but ultimately it was a success. Physically depleted from the ordeal, the mother passed away whilst holding her beloved children.

Yuji and Yusuke grew up as total opposites. Yusuke trained diligently and always excelled in his studies. Ever obedient and quiet in nature, the older twin rarely showed emotion. He became an exemplary pupil under his father’s tutelage; Kenji favored Yusuke for his diligence and spent his time only training him. As such, Yuji’s nature had become rambunctious and rebellious. He would shirk his combat training and his studies frequently. He much preferred solitary exercise to working with others. His martial and educational teachers gave up on him early on, so he was free to learn the style he wanted at his own pace.

As years passed by, a burning hatred formed between the two brothers. Yuji was jealous of his brother’s parental favoritism and cool demeanor. Yusuke despised his brother’s apparent laziness and grew to blame Yuji for their mother’s death. The two rarely speak, and never do so on friendly terms.

Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Yuji Hamamoto   2012-09-08, 10:14 pm

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Yuji Hamamoto
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