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 Chiyo Kawano

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PostSubject: Chiyo Kawano   2012-09-08, 9:05 pm

Character Name: Chiyo Kawano

Apparent Age: 15

Origin: Osaka, Japan

Race: Hybrid (Devil/Succubus)

Height: 5’0”

Weight: 110 lbs

Physical Description: Chiyo is petit for her age. Her hair and eyes are a vivacious pink. Her tomboyish personality leads her to dislike her maid uniform. She has small red horns and a thin, long tail but prefers to keep it hidden while on the job.


Known Relatives:

Father: Yojiro Kawano ~ Alive
Mother: Natsune Kawano ~ Alive

Skills: Terrible domestic skills. Highly talented at sports. Advanced hand-to-hand combat (Chiyo-Style). High School level education. Able to ride bicycles, rollerblades and skateboards.

Abilities: Regeneration (Demon Force)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Chiyo is, to say the least, a handful. Her personality is simply bursting at the seams with enthusiasm. Without hesitation, she charges headlong into any task given to her. Whether she is proficient at said task or not, the results are sure to be explosive. She excels at sports and physical activities, developing into a tomboy at an early age. Although she considers herself an adult (do NOT call her a child!) she is prone to emotional fits, tantrums, and loves sweets. Those with enough energy and patience to befriend her gain an extremely loyal comrade.

Powers: Demon Force manipulation

Restrictions: Chiyo has a very high resistance to fire attacks. She is able to fight for hours and can use her techniques in quick succession without fatiguing herself.

Her Shadowmancy technique requires little energy and each avatar can travel a few miles while remaining within her range. These avatars cannot be physically attacked, nor can they physically attack. They can be destroyed by energy attacks. An avatar gives off a negligible amount of energy; it is very difficult to detect.

Chiyo’s “Right of Blood” form possesses almost ZERO cognitive thought. Her only concern is to kill everything in her path. She will attack anything that moves, giving priority to beings that attack her. Depending on how long she was in this mode, after reverting to her normal self she will sleep for a minimum of 24 hours. She will have no memory of events that transpired after activating this form. Activation only occurs when she is low in health and desperately wishes to continue fighting.


Strength: 30
Speed: 20
Soul: 20
Stamina: 30
Durability: 20
Demon Force: 20

Special Techniques:

Pyromancy: Chiyo draws a demonic seal in midair that spews fire. Can either shoot a continuous flame or fireballs.

Shadowmancy: This demonic seal controls and animates shadows in the form of small avatars. These avatars can hide within shadow itself and move about freely through walls. Chiyo can hear and see whatever these avatars experience. Animated shadows cannot attack and are vulnerable to energy attacks. Good for tracking foes, intelligence gathering and spying.

Bumper Bomb: Chiyo quickly draws a seal that contains her own Demonic Force on a surface or target. She can hold this seal as long as she pleases and draw multiple seals, but each seal requires concentration to maintain. At her discretion, Chiyo can detonate these seals for a mini-explosion. She must touch the surface on which she desires to leave the seal.

“Chiyo Special!” (Super Techniques):

Shooting Star: Chiyo either launches her target skyward or gains elevation herself after stunning or hindering her foe. She then draws a massive Pyromancy seal and hurls a meteor at her target. Meteor creates a large, destructive explosion on impact.

Boom-Boom Punch: Chiyo concentrates her Demon Force and lays numerous Bumper Bomb seals on a foe in quick succession. Finally, she punches the target with great strength and detonates each seal.

Super Forms:

Right of Blood: Chiyo’s Demonic Force overwhelms her body due to poor physical health and desperation. A red aura of Demon Force surrounds her and her eyes run completely black. Her nails extend into claws and she bears fangs. Each of her stats double, but her mind descends into chaos. She will attack and destroy anything so long as it is breathing. She will revert if defeated, killed or her Demonic Force is sealed. After reversion, Chiyo will need to rest for at least a full day.

Weapons and Precious Items: Chiyo carries a pair of durable combat gloves that cover her arms up to the elbow. These gloves are highly resistant to fire and cutting damage.

Phobias: Being useless

Illnesses: None

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: Hamamoto Estate Maid; Home Defense, Surveillance, Combat Trainer

History: Chiyo was born in the city of Osaka and raised by her father alone. Before she could form any lasting memories of her mother, Natsune left Yojiro. Desperate to fill the void she left and support his daughter, Yojiro threw himself into his work. Chiyo often found herself alone in her own home.

Chiyo quickly learned she was not like other children her age. Her physical strength was many times greater than any of her classmates and she had an exceedingly tough time interacting with others. A social outcast among her peers, Chiyo took to reclosing herself and sometimes skipping school altogether. Her father was always away from home; too busy to notice or punish her. In an attempt to make herself useful, Chiyo started taking on as many household chores as she could. Unfortunately, her clumsy nature and uncontained power led to myriad mishaps and property damage. Her father never yelled or admonished her. It simply caused a greater strain on the man, having more bills and repairs to pay. She was either rejected or just plain in the way.The young Devil sank deeper into her depression daily.

The day finally came in which she couldn’t stand her own life. She hated where she lived and the people around her. Most of all, she hated herself. So Chiyo left. She ran away from home as far as she could. One day passed. Then two, then three. Yojiro had been driven to the edge of his health worrying over his daughter, vanishing without a trace.

A few cities away, Chiyo sat on a swing in a desolate park. It was a cold night and her hunger certainly wasn’t helping her condition. Just when she had become content with disappearing for good, someone sat on the swing next to her. A human boy, maybe a few years her senior.

“I’ve seen that look before. You runnin’ away from something?”

Chiyo gave him a lifeless glance before nodding weakly.

“You know, in cases like this there’s usually someone waiting at home who’s gone crazy with worry. You should get back soon.” Chiyo hung her head with no response. She was convinced the boy was wrong. She was doing her father a favor. No one was waiting.

“Nice tail.” Chiyo’s head shot up as the boy spoke from behind her. She didn’t notice him move. He suddenly started pushing her on the swing. “You should eat before going back.” Another push. Chiyo’s hair swayed as she flew back and forth. “You look super hungry.” Push. She began to kick her legs to gain momentum. “I’ll let you come over for a bit if you tell me your name.” One last push. At the height of her swing, Chiyo finally spoke.

“Kawano Chiyo.”

After a few minutes on the swing, Chiyo told the boy more about her situation. She learned his name, Yuji Hamamoto, and he offered to take her home for a meal. On their way back, Yuji made a quick phone call in secret; he’d known the name ‘Kawano’ and needed to check something. Chiyo was amazed to find the boy lived in a mansion; more so at the feast prepared for them. She received one last surprise just as their meal ended. She turned to see her father, breathless and disheveled, standing in the doorway. Tears streamed down his face as he raced forward and embraced his daughter with all his might. Chiyo was dumbstruck, but this didn’t stop her own flow of tears. Yuji finished his plate and quietly left the room.

Two weeks passed before Yuji received a visitor. A much more vibrant Chiyo stood at the mansion’s entrance, a suitcase in hand. “Oniichan! Chiyochan finally permission to come be a maid! Yay!!” She flew into him for a hug, nearly toppling him over. Yuji held out his arms and looked down in alarmed confusion.

“What?! Y-you can’t just come to the door! Security was--” He looked up and saw the entire Home Defense Squad laid out, unconscious. Some were doubled over in crippling pain, others laid out in craters. There wasn’t a scratch on the girl!

“Oh god…” At the very least, they were alive. Eight years have passed since Chiyo smashed her way into Yuji’s home.

Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Chiyo Kawano   2012-09-08, 10:08 pm

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Chiyo Kawano
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