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 Bubbles Utonium

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PostSubject: Bubbles Utonium   2012-09-10, 1:35 am

Character Name: Bubbles Utonium

Apparent Age: 17

Origin: Professor Utonium’s Lab, The City of Townsville

Gender: Female

Race: Powerpuff Girl

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 123 lbs

Physical Description: Bubbles has large, baby blue eyes and blonde hair which she usually wears in two spiral pigtails. She typically wears a light blue dress with a black trim, a matching blue mini-vest and durable shoes. She wears black combat gloves with white wrist guards.


Known Relatives:

Father: Antonio Utonium ~ Alive
Sister: Blossom Utonium ~ Alive
Sister: Buttercup Utonium ~ Alive

Skills: Basic domestic skills. High cooking skill. Mixed martial artist. Able to ride a bike.

Abilities: Flight, X-ray vision, Understand/Converse with animals, Heightened sense of smell, Can withstand space pressure & breathe naturally

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Bubbles is a very cheerful and bubbly teenager. She’s polite and has a love for all living things (inanimate objects not excluded). Despite being periodically burned by others, she maintains a trusting attitude toward strangers and friends alike. She strongly dislikes hurting people, thus refusing to use weapons. While Bubbles believes most bullies can be saved with a hug, she understands that her power should be used to protect those who cannot defend themselves and will not hesitate to physically challenge villains.

Bubbles has a hidden temper that makes itself known when she is pushed to the edge. Anyone who threatens her sisters, Jenny or Professor Utonium is in for a horrifyingly painful experience…

Powers: Superhuman strength, speed and durability.

Restrictions: Bubbles is highly resistant to pierce and cutting damage (to the point where bullets are ineffective). She also resists elemental damage


Strength: 50
Speed: 75
Soul: 50
Stamina: 60
Durability: 60
Natural Ability: 80

Special Techniques:

Sonic Scream: Bubbles screams and unleashes a powerful high-frequency sound wave. This attack can crumble cement and stun (or deafen) foes.

Fire Breath: Bubbles exhales a massive wave of fire. Size and heat concentration depend upon the amount of air intake.

Thunderclap: Bubbles claps her hands and creates a powerful shockwave. This force can blow away foes.

Laser Sight: Bubbles shoots light blue lasers from her eyes. Causes high heat damage and can sear through most materials.

Super Techniques:

Bubbles’ Rage Mode: When pushed to the point of pure rage, Bubbles unleashes her full potential and smashes any enemy that gets in her way. Her Strength, Speed and Soul stats double. Her soft and cute nature is replaced by a vicious brutality. On a few occasions, she has come close to mortally wounding an opponent. Bubbles dislikes hurting people and does her best to keep her emotions in check.

Weapons and Precious Items: Bubbles has a small stuffed purple octopus named Octi. It was a present from Professor Utonium and her favorite item of sentiment.

Phobias: The dark (because of Him), Failing to save lives

Illnesses: None

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: Superhero

History: Bubbles was created along with her two sisters, Blossom and Buttercup, in a slightly botched scientific experiment. Their creator, Professor Antonio Utonium came to love these girls as his daughters. Fueled by Chemical X and the element of ‘sugar’, Bubbles fought hard alongside Blossom and Buttercup. The trio became known as the Powerpuff Girls, and were well known within the town they resided.

Despite Townsville’s incessant danger prone atmosphere, the girls managed to tackle any foe that threatened peace. As time wore on, the city’s need for saving died down with criminals beginning to avoid the location. Bubbles’ father found a greater call elsewhere, so the girls packed their bags and moved to a town called Tremorton.

It was here that the Professor met Dr. Nora Wakeman. Being a fellow genius in pursuit of higher forms of technology and science, he was elated to have the chance to work with her. Each of his daughters in turn met Jenny, Dr. Wakeman’s daughter and prized invention. Bubbles became fast friends with Jenny and now thinks of her as her best friend.

One day, a scientific miscalculation resulted in a time-rending vortex that transported the girls and the scientists to an alternate universe. The group found themselves on a foreign planet named Eldar. While they wished to return home, this planet was in need of assistance as well.

Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Bubbles Utonium   2012-09-10, 1:42 am


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Bubbles Utonium
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