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 Feng Jan ~ Goddess of Battle

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PostSubject: Feng Jan ~ Goddess of Battle   2012-09-22, 2:00 am

Character Name: Feng Jan
Alias: “The Phoenix of Battle”, Jiao Choi

Apparent Age: 25
Actual Age: 3089

Origin: China (Western Zhou period)

Gender: Female

Race: Greater Deity; Rank 4

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 145 lbs

Physical Description:

Deity - Feng has slightly tanned skin, red eyes and deep jade hair. She wears golden armguards, a golden tiara, and a decorated warrior’s breastplate. Regardless of her form, Feng wears a bejeweled collar that acts as a limiter.

Human - Feng’s appearance is altered slightly. Her eyes and skin lighten, and she puts her excess hair up into buns and twin-tails. She usually wears a purple china dress and white arm gloves.


Known Relatives:

Father: Bang Choi ~ Deceased
Mother: Meixiu Choi ~ Deceased
Sister: Jingfei Choi ~ Deceased

Skills: Advanced domestic skills. Able to play any Chinese musical instrument. Able to speak and understand all widely-known languages. Master of spear-based combat & hand to hand combat.

Abilities: Flight (energy), Godly senses & stats

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Feng Jan is a woman who has come to love battle, but not necessarily conflict. In her position she is often prayed to, asked to watch over wars fought for petty reasons. She does heed these prayers, however, and has watched every war and battle for nearly three centuries. There is almost always a grey area in any conflict, one of many factors that caused her to despise politics. She loves battle for the flow and sake of battle. She lives for rivalries and competition. Perhaps most of all, she loves fighting powerful opponents.

At times, Feng can come off as a little aggressive. She is not impatient, but prefers those around her to speak their minds rather than hiding behind bashful emotions and the like. As a personal rule, she never backs down from a fight. To friends she acts as a chummy older sister.

Powers: Chi Manipulation, Energy sense (planetary), Regenerative Rest, Immortality (Type B)

Restrictions: Feng’s human form is a transformation that self-limits her powers. Her Durability, Soul and Chi stats remain unchanged, but she consciously lessens Strength and Speed slightly.

Immortality is a technical term used for Feng’s status. Her physical form has no bearing on her life; it can be destroyed and she will live on in spirit form. She can be killed whilst in her ‘Dormant Deity’ form (see Super Forms). In addition, her lifespan is long yet limited. She can die of old age.

Feng Jan is able to continue fighting under heavy physical duress. Broken or damaged limbs do not hinder her fighting ability, though she will be slowed or weakened respectively. That is to say, she does not become physically exhausted. Essentially, she can continue to fight as long as she wishes.

Feng’s energy sense naturally spans over forty miles naturally. She can perceive different locations during meditation, and is able to detect every Chi user on the planet she currently resides (also during meditation). She is able to hide her own Chi at will.

The time needed to recharge her Goddess powers during ‘Dormant Deity’ will always equate to six hours. It will not increase or decrease under any influence. While in this form, she can only communicate with a person wearing her collar.

A pocket of space separate from Earth Realm exists, known as “Spectral Ground”, and is available to Feng Jan for travel. Her weapon Delun sits at an altar within this realm until it is called by her. Feng Jan is able to take other beings to this realm via physical contact. The existence of this plane is dependent upon the Goddess’ life. If she dies, or the current God/Goddess of the title dies, this location will disappear.


Strength: 2300
Speed: 2300
Soul: 2400
Stamina: ---
Durability: 2300
Chi: 2400

Special Techniques:

Retribution: Feng uses Delun’s pikes to absorb energy based attacks, regardless of size, then returns the energy twofold in the form of a massive Chi blast. No effect on allies.

Kikou Ken: A move taken from one of Feng’s favored acquaintances. Feng fires a fast-moving ball of Chi, from her fist or palm, that homes on enemies. Size and power can be altered with concentration. No effect on allies.

Piercing Gale: Feng swings, spins or thrusts Delun to create a powerful gust carrying the strength of a hurricane with her Chi. This ability can also be used to a lesser extent by blowing, or by attacking with punches or kicks. No effect on allies.

Pulse: Feng fires a beam of high pressure Chi from her hand. This attack has high piercing power if the beam size is compacted. If expanded, the energy fired envelopes foes causing high energy damage.

Kaio-ken: An ability learned from a friend. Feng's Chi envelopes her in a red aura, temporarily increasing her strength and speed. This technique can be used multiple times to increase the effect (Kaio-ken x2, x3, etc.) The maximum level is x20.

Solar Flare: A tactic learned from a friend. Feng releases a blinding flash that temporarily blinds foes who see the technique.

Aggression: Feng expands here battle aura in an intimidating fashion. Heavily increases gravity within the vicinity (she is unaffected) and suppresses weak foes. No effect on allies.

Impulsion: Feng passes her Chi through her allies, replenishing energy and igniting their will. Temporarily raises Soul stat, and replenishes depleted Natural Energy.

Resilience: Soul and Chi stats temporarily increase as damage is taken. Increase is accumulative and remains active until Feng takes a one hour rest, at which point both stats returns to normal.

Super Techniques:

Cataclysm: Feng surges her own Chi through Dulen, resulting in a catastrophic physical attack (Strength + Chi). This attack creates a massive shockwave that blows away everything in the surrounding area. Dulen can be thrown during this attack.

Kikou Shou: A familiar move Feng copied from a friend. Feng unleashes a swirling ball of Chi energy that envelops herself and opponents within range. The attack pelts the foe with myriad clashing waves of Chi, then sends them flying. Causes high damage to foes, and blocks energy attacks. No effect on allies.

Divine Pulse: Feng summons a mighty portion of her own Chi into a devastating ‘Pulse’ attack. Causes immense damage and creates a gigantic energy beam.

Spirit Bomb: A special technique learned from a friend. Feng gathers a tremendous amount of Chi from either all living organisms on the current planet, or her self, and hurls it in the form of a destructive mass. WARNING! - Although Feng Jan does not physically tire, she can deplete her Chi if she composes the attack solely of her own energy, weakening her attacks and hindering her ability to fly.

Super Forms:

Phoenix of Battle: This form automatically activates when Feng’s body is destroyed or sustains too much damage. Feng’s limiter, her necklace, shines brightly and unleashes an explosion of energy. What’s left of Feng’s body deteriorates and is replaced by a golden flowing Chi. Her trident glows golden as well, and her eyes lose all color (becoming a blank white). In this form, Feng’s stats double and she becomes the embodiment of battle. This form can only be held for one day before Feng reverts to her “Dormant Deity” state. She can drop this state at anytime, but will immediately revert to "Dormant Deity".

Dormant Deity: Feng and Delun, with all of their powers and abilities, become sealed within the limiter she wears around her neck to recharge her lost Chi. While in this state, Feng cannot speak or recognize her surroundings. If the necklace is worn, however, she can see and hear everything the bearer can. She can also communicate telepathically with the wearer. If the necklace is destroyed while Feng resides within, she immediately dies. Required recharge time is 6 hours.

Weapons and Precious Items:

Trident of Virtue and Order – Delun: Feng Jan’s divine weapon. The trident’s handle is colored silver while the pikes are golden. This weapon’s material status and energy are tied directly to the owner. It cannot be destroyed or broken unless Feng dies. This weapon, along with all of Feng’s powers and abilities, can be passed down to a willing successor through Feng’s will alone. In this case, the weapon will not be destroyed until the successor dies. It cannot be wielded by any being the weapon itself deems unworthy; these people will be unable to touch, lift or use Delun’s abilities. Delun resides within Feng Jan’s domain, “Spectral Ground”, until summoned to her.

Collar of Rebirth – Chong Sheng: This necklace acts as a limiter to Feng’s true form and the incredibly destructive powers that come with it. The item is indestructible while it is empty (the red and green gems will bear their normal luster). When Feng’s “Dormant Deity” form is active the jewels glow slightly and the necklace loses its invincible property, but is still resistant to blunt damage and energy attacks.

Phobias: None

Illnesses: Seasickness

Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Occupation: Chinese Deity of Battle and War

History: Jiao Choi was born in 1050 B.C. in the Shang Dynasty of ancient China. The king was overthrown and the era entered its Western Zhou period. It was during this war that Jiao lost her family, and her own life. Their home was raided during a siege on her village. Her father had been out in the fields sowing seeds at the time. The farmers were defenseless against armored soldiers. Jiao was out with her mother and sister when the attack began. An unguarded village known for its produce was targeted for merely being on the fringe of Shang territory.

The Feng Jan of that time had long grown weary of the corrupt king’s lust for power. The ambitious mortal had his troops pray to the deity for protection during their quest for pure domination. Fed up with the king’s unruly command, the Goddess of Battle descended to Earth Realm. Over the time of her deity status, the old Goddess had begun to lose strength and had become old. As she made her descent, Feng took form within the body of the village’s last remaining civilians; a small child barely clinging to life. A terrible horror befell the small armada that had stormed the village. A small girl, no older than three years, bore the visage of a god bathed in a golden aura.

Jiao awoke in front of a misty temple. A perceptibly old woman sat at the temple’s steps, smiling down at her. Jiao stood up easily enough to let her know she was not alive. She approached the temple to learn of her fate…

Millennia after millennia passed. Jiao had become Feng Jan, learned the way of her predecessor Goddesses. Friends had come and gone. Wars had been waged and won. Advances in science and magic skyrocketed. The realms had been opened to one another. All the while, Feng Jan lived on, watching over her followers and observing time’s effect on the world.

Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Feng Jan ~ Goddess of Battle   2012-09-22, 2:44 am

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Feng Jan ~ Goddess of Battle
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