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 Len Meso

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PostSubject: Len Meso   2012-10-08, 9:59 pm

Character Name: Len Meso
Alias: GX-B56, Gunnery-Class Unit Beta Model 056, B56, “Len”

Apparent Age: 20

Origin: Alus

Gender: Male

Race: Biodroid (1st Generation)

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 100lbs

Physical Description: Len’s eyes are bright blue and his hair is blonde. Thanks to a freedom bestowed by programming, he can alter his clothes to take on any form at will.


Known Relatives:

Design (Father): Yorek Meso ~ Alive
Creator (Mother): Orianna Tazin ~ Alive
Sister: Angelice Meso ~ Alive

Skills: Excellent domestic skills. High physical combat skill. Master of calculations, hacking and program augmentation. Munitions expert. Expansive knowledge (direct internet link).

Abilities: Analyze, Auto-Repair, Multi-Vision Optics

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Originally, Len was constructed to have free reign over his emotions and functions. Len’s current personality is the product of an adaptive malfunction. An experimentational 'adaptation drive' was added to his core to maximize response time and calculation efficiency in regards to events he has witnessed or downloaded. As such, Len will often make quick and cold decisions on the battlefield. Len often exhibits reclusive behavioral patterns. While his disposition has improved over time Len still avoids excessive physical contact.

Len takes his missions very seriously, and follows instructions to the letter.

Powers: Standard Biodriod & Features, Stasis

Restrictions: Len can fight indefinitely without overheating or slowing his processes. He can still run out of power if he does not occasionally power down (sleep) or rest. His Auto-Repair ability replenishes his power reserve (slow) and repairs physical damage (slow). His rate of recovery increases if he powers down.

Len’s Analyze ability allows him to surmise a target’s race, physical condition and identity (if logged in a criminal or public database). He can also link to computer devices and quickly assess its systems. If need be, he can load his consciousness into computers for faster processing. Len can wirelessly connect to the internet and radio frequencies.

Len’s systems are very resistant to hacks and viruses, but not impervious. He cannot be overloaded by electric currents, and can withstand the pressures of the ocean and space (with some difficulty).

The 'Digitize' and 'Ammo Change' abilities can be used multiple times, but quickly deplete Len's energy if used in succession or excess. This limits his seemingly 'infinite' ammunition.


Strength: 5
Speed: 30
Soul: 20
Stamina: ---
Durability: 40
Natural Ability: 20

Special Techniques:

Stasis: Len creates a powerful field of equilibrium around him that halts movement. Can be used to prevent fall damage, oncoming collisions or resist forced movement. Any object or person within Len’s Stasis (including himself) will be unable to move until the field is dropped.

Target Tag: Len identifies a target and ‘paints’ them with an optic marker. Until he uses this on another target or drops this ability, Len can detect/track the target’s position within a 20 mile radius.

Multi-Vision Optics: Len can switch his view at will. He has four settings: Normal Vision, Infrared Vision, EMF Vision and Night Vision.

Infrared Vision: Thermal optics that detect heat signatures. Normal visibility is impaired.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Vision: Optics that detect electronic interference. Devices/entities must be powered by electricity to be seen. Normal visibility is greatly impaired.

Night Vision: Optics that are adapted for nightly operations. Normal visibility is enhanced, but sensitive to light.

Digitize: Len gathers internal energy, breaks it down, and reconstructs it to form a solid mass. As per his model structure, this ability can only be used to summon ranged artillery weapons. This includes all handguns, machine guns, rifles, shotguns, auto cannons, beam cannons, artillery guns, launchers, and even novelty guns (air soft, water gun, etc). Weapons remain intact for 1 hour, or until the ammo is completely depleted (1 minute wait for reload).

Ammo Change: A feature granted through 'Digitize' that expressly creates ammunition. Can be used to create bullets, magazines and ammunition for a large selection of firearms.

Ammo Type: Len can change his ammo type while reloading.

Concussive Shell: A special ammo type that explodes on impact and unleashes a powerful force at its point of impact. Non-lethal, high impact power.

Live Round: Normal ammo type that travels much faster than 'Concussive Rounds'. These rounds have high piercing power, and can shred through shields and armor. Lethal, high piercing power.

Magnet Round: A special ammo type infused with electricity. When fired, these bullets arc strongly toward a marked target (Target Tag), but cannot completely turn around to give chase. These bullets also bypass energy barriers. Non-lethal, high stun power.

Photon Round: Ammo type used for beam/energy weapons. This type takes the longest to charge, as the ammo is stored in power cells. It is also the most powerful of Len’s ammo types. Beams or blasts of energy can arc toward a marked target (Target Tag). Lethal, very high pierce/corrosive power.

Super Techniques:

All Emergency Processes are currently –OFFLINE–

Weapons and Precious Items: Len has two pistols built into his upper legs for quick access (a contingency to low power). He can also transform his arms into energy cannons at the wrist.

Len usually wears a headset over his ears. A microphone protrudes from the right speaker, allowing him communication with any radio frequency.

Phobias: Physical contact with other people

Illnesses: None

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: Alusarian Army Soldier, First Lieutenant, TR-Unit

History: GX-B56, or "Len", was created by a scientist named Orianna Tazin. He was constructed as an artillery unit, whose primary function was to apprehend ‘malfunctioning’ androids, protect the lab and follow military orders. Len's physical appearance was designed by the head scientist, Dr. Meso, in memory of his late son. His elder sister, "Angelice", was created for a similar reason.

After Len's adaptation drive was installed, his personality began to alter. Though his speed, reflexes and processing power increased by leaps and bounds, his personality and reasoning became far more 'mechanical' than desired. Though the drive can be removed, Len prefers to keep it. Bits and pieces of his old personality shine through his monotonous exterior from time to time.

Of his own volition, Len applied for a transfer to become a soldier available for deploy. He, along with his elder sister, became a part of the Technical Reconnaissance Unit (TR-Unit or TRU).

Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Len Meso   2012-10-08, 10:05 pm

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Len Meso
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