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 Lady Bai

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PostSubject: Lady Bai   2012-10-08, 10:35 pm

Character Name: Hutong Bai
Alias: Lady Bai, Dragon of Purity

Apparent Age: 30
Actual Age: 500

Origin: China

Gender: Female

Race: Water Dragon

Height: 5’5” (Dragon – 70’ long)

Weight: 150 (Dragon – 5 tons)

Physical Description: Lady Bai has been known to take on several different appearances. Her natural state is in her dragon form. She becomes a large, blue-scaled dragon. Her voice still sounds like that of a human in this state, but is communicated telepathically.

Lady Bai’s most common humanoid shape resembles that of a noble warrior. She assumes this form while traversing the land or when fighting. She wears highly ornate nobility armor/clothing and carries a sword on her waist.


Known Relatives: N/A

Skills: Below average domestic skills. Excellent swordplay & spell mastery. Knowledgeable when it comes to spiritual and supernatural matters. Able to play the harp.

Abilities: Self-Healing, Flight, Water Breathing

Alignment: Good

Personality: Lady Bai has a noble air about her. She speaks and moves with grace and elegance. She is generally kind natured and warm to others. To those that are closer to her, she’ll exhibit a playful behavior. She’ll tease her friends and remain physically open to them. Only close friends are subject to her affectionate side. Her friends also know not to refer to her by her first name, as she dislikes it immensely.

She has a very observant nature. She’ll often watch and stare at others without realizing, or without their knowledge. She has a curious nature, but dislikes lectures and long-winded speeches. Bai prefers to get to the point and move on.

Powers: Water manipulation, Healing, Telepathy

Restrictions: Lady Bai can move about and breathe freely in water. Her speed increases while fighting in water, as well. Any small body of water (lake or smaller) that she enters or touches immediately purges itself of all contamination. Lady Bai can also traverse the earth quickly by transporting from body of water to body of water.

Lady Bai weakens to the point of exhaustion if she remains in areas that are without water for too long.

She is immune to all poisons, drugs, mind control and hypnotic suggestion. She can still be affected by psychic attacks and psychic-based effects.

While in water, Bai can hide her presence and become invisible. She may also communicate with beings telepathically if they are near her, or any body of water.

Bai’s Dragon form possesses the ability of flight, while her human form does not.


Strength: 80
Speed: 70
Soul: 100
Stamina: 70
Durability: 60
Chi/Water: 150

Special Techniques:

Healing Breeze: Lady Bai unleashes a pulse over a wide area, curing targets of her choice. This pulse heals minor wounds, afflictions and illnesses.

Healing Grace: Lady Bai can cure targets of poison, drugs and negative effects through physical contact. This technique can also be used to calm minds and expel evil spirits.

Life Spring: Creates an aura of cool energy that envelops herself and allies individually. This aura continuously replenishes the bearer’s health and energy at a slow pace.

Rising Torrent: Creates a towering spiral of water around Bai. Protects her against energy attacks and sweeps away nearby foes high above her. Can be used as an offensive sword technique.

Aquatic Slice: Lady Bai releases a shockwave of water at the swing of her sword. The shockwave pours water to the sides as it travels, resulting in cutting damage on a hit, force damage on a miss.

Sweeping Current: Lady Bai creates water, or controls it from a nearby source, and slams it into her opponents from different directions.

Clone: A watery clone created in Bai's image. These clones can use the offensive abilities listed above.

Bubble Prism: A bubble of rushing water forms around either Lady Bai or an ally. Protects against physical and energy attacks.

Bubble Prison: Similar to Bubble Prism, but is used against enemies. Restricts their movement and deflects energy attacks inward.

Super Techniques:

Submerge: Lady Bai creates a bubble surrounding herself and her foes, then fills it with water. She can control the water’s flow and pressure, but this requires concentration to keep up.

Colossal Wave: Lady Bai summons a massive wave of water to sweep away her opponents. After contact, this water targets her enemies’ locations, bashing and compressing them for high pressure damage.

Tidal Spire: Bai launches the target into the air with a geyser of water, then traps them in an aquatic prison. She then drives a countless number of pressure spikes through the bubble, before finishing with a watery explosion.

Super Forms:

True Form: In her Dragon state, Bai’s stats double and a downpour begins. She is still able to use all abilities that do not require her sword. She can hold this form indefinitely, but fighting in this form can be tiring as she uses more energy for attacks.

Weapons and Precious Items: Bai’s sword is a personal belonging that can be called to her position at-will. It cannot be broken.

Phobias: None

Illnesses: None

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: Worldly Observer/Symbol of Purity

History: Lady Bai was born as successor to her mother’s title. For over half a millennia, she has quietly watched the world and its events from the oceans, lakes and streams. She would lend aid random travelers lost at sea, injured soldiers and wilderness denizens. Though not considered a deity, her abilities are sometimes sought by Nobus and, sometimes, hospitals. Her healing abilities are nonetheless considered divine.

Currently, she seems content with peacefully watching the world from close up. She’ll randomly travel to areas and individuals that pique her interest.

Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Lady Bai   2012-10-08, 10:40 pm

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Lady Bai
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