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 Amara Yormu

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PostSubject: Amara Yormu   2012-10-12, 10:47 pm

Character Name: Amara Yormu
Date of Birth: 8/11
Alias: The Dark Angel
Apparent Age: 28
Origin: Japan
Race: Nosferatu/Elohim
Height: 5'11/6'5(other form)
Weight: 156/266(other form
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Amara has dark, black hair with a slight shade of gray. Her eyes are yellow and slitted slightly if one looks closely enough showing her vampiric side. She would be considered attractive to most people.

Known Relatives:

Mizuki Yormu-Mother

Fiona Yormu-Little sister

Saeb Yormu-Father
Religion: n/a
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Melee weapon combat. Mixed martial arts. Expert with swords. Fire armed trained. Survival skills, air to air and air to ground fighting. Knowledge of the supernatural and magical elements. Energy manipulation skill. Can ride a motorcyle as well as fix one(to an extent) Erxcoist skills(banishing, sealing evil spirits)
Abilities: Grow stronger with age and fighting. Enhanced senses(weak to the opposing effects) Flight on black wings. Can see ghost-like beings and hurt intangible beings(this is due to the excorcist skills, fighting spectres and other such creatures that aren't entirely physical)
Alignment: Good
Personality: Amara is a quite young woman, unless around people she's close to then she opens up more. She's a firm believer in honesty and does her best to stay true to it. She dislikes wishy washy people, the intolerant and close minded.
Powers: Supernatural physical stats. Energy manipulation. Super form. Telepathy
Restrictions: For stats, see stats. Super form has the same drawbacks as the Elohim bio. She can do many of the things Nosferatu can, including travel through shadows. Slightly weaker in the day, silver acts like posion. Water, while not painful will weaken her physically if exposed to it for too long.

Telepathy is limited to mental conversations only. It can be blocked out by a unwilling partcipant.

Strength: 22

Speed: 30

Soul: 28

Stamina: 17

Psychic: 4

Durability: 20

Energy: 22
Special Techniques:

Shadow Tendril: Creates a shadow tendrils to grab the opponent. They can be used to slam into targets or sharpen to cut enemies. This is about as strong as herself. She has excellent control over these

Melee Weapon: Creates a melee weapon of her choice out of energy. They can be swords to a hammer or even nun-chucks if she so wanted.

Shadow Walk: Can walk through shadows to travel to another location.

Shadow Trap: Creating a clone of herself merely for distraction, on physical contact the opponent will be trapped in a ball of energy. The can get out of this depending on their own strength. She can not keep them trapped indefinitely.
Super Techniques:

Crunch: With this technique, she creates a giant snake made of shadow energy that lunges towards the opponent; attempting to crush to them death with its maw. This technique was taught by Levante Brunel.
Super Forms:

Dark Angel(AKA super form) In this state, she becomes a rather intimidating figure, her body becoming a bit more 'gender' netural. It's almost as if the shadows are alive.

Class: Supernal
Weapons and Precious Items: A well made sword, nothing special about it. Two pictures of herself when a baby. Her hair was blond at the time before it gradually became darker.

Picture One

Picture Two
Phobias: Something happening to those she cares about.
Illnesses: n/a
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Hunter

Amara was born between the union of a Nosferatu father and a Elohim mother, though that aside she's had a relatively good life. But she always felt there was something more out there, a calling of some sort. Her grandfather was a hunter, and a good one. She always liked hearing stories about their travels and the people they had met. So when she was old enough, she talked her grandfather into training her--just like her father.

The young hybrid took the lessons like a fish to water, and progressed quickly. Since then after that she's been traveling around as a independent hunter, making something of a name for herself but otherwise fine with keeping to herself. She occasionally still works with her grandfather, even if he's semi retired.
Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Amara Yormu   2012-10-12, 10:50 pm


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Amara Yormu
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