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 Ezra Yormu

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PostSubject: Ezra Yormu   2012-10-19, 1:21 am

Character Name: Ezra Yormu
Alias: The Hunter Sovereign

Apparent Age: 65

Origin: New York City, Earth

Gender: Male

Race: Elohim

Height: 7’0”

Weight: 280 lbs

Physical Description:

Ezra’s usual clothing and appearance (sword in normal form to the right)

Known Relatives:

Mother: Elizabeth Yormu ~ Deceased
Father: Kaiden Yormu ~ Deceased
Son: Saeb Yormu ~ Alive
Daughter-in-law: Mizuki Yormu ~ Alive
Granddaughter: Amara Yormu ~ Alive
Granddaughter: Fiona Yormu ~ Alive

Skills: Basic domestic skills. Masterful swordsmanship and arcane mastery. Master of physical martial art (kickboxing). Advanced knowledge of spiritual and magical world. High survival skills and wilderness knowledge. High tracking skill and notable streetwise. Can operate motorcycles and cars.

Abilities: Grows stronger with age & fighting, Heightened senses, Flight (wings), Energy Sight

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Ezra is a stern man. He takes his job seriously and regards every task with proper attention and gives his all. Even whilst training his granddaughter, his strict demeanor does not change. He knows that even the slightest slip up or sign of weakness could result in death or worse. This is his personality on the battlefield and at work. In times of leisure, Ezra snaps into a more lax state of mind. He takes it easy and makes as much time for his family as he can. He enjoys his time of leisure. You do not want to be the one who messes with his free-time. God help you if you bring harm to his family. God save your wretched soul.

Powers: Angelic Energy Manipulation, High Healing Rate, Superhuman Stats, Angelic Form

Restrictions: Ezra’s ‘Energy Sight’ allows him to physically see energy signatures. He can sense them as well, but is able to see living energy (detect persons) within his line of sight.

Ezra can use any and all of his abilities while in his Angelic State. Certain moves cannot be used in combination with others or his sword (see Special Techniques).


Strength: 170
Speed: 100
Soul: 120
Stamina: 60
Durability: 90
Natural Ability: 120

Special Techniques:

Shining Blade: Ezra passes angelic energy through his blade, making it glow with a purple aura. Its piercing power increases drastically and can repel/cut through energy attacks.

Righteous Brand: Ezra courses angelic energy through his body and begins to glow slightly. His speed and strength increase. This can be applied to another ally through physical contact.

Heaven’s Shield: Ezra erects a barrier of light that blocks all types of damage. Incredibly durable, and resizable.

Photon Pummel: An extension of physical attacks. Ezra’s energy flows through his punches and kicks, extending his physical reach and impact damage. Light erupts from his punches and kicks, slamming into foes.

Photon Ray: Ezra fires a beam of searing light from his palm. The size and power can be increased at will. Can be used for rapid-fire attacks or a large beam.

Purgatory: A sealing spell that completely immobilizes an opponent/opponents. Can cover a wide area. Ezra can hold this technique while fighting, but can’t use other techniques during this spell.

Inner Shine: A glowing light erupts from Ezra’s body, blinding nearby onlookers. This skill also purges Ezra’s body of poison and negative magical effects.


Super Techniques:

Shining Blade – Expulsion: An upgrade from ‘Shining Blade’. For the duration of this technique, Ezra’s sword transforms into its second state (Angelic Form). In this state, each swing of the blade unleashes a shockwave slice of sharp angelic energy. Very high piercing power, and can mow down energy attacks.

Photon Ray – Absolute: Ezra draws a large sigil in the air and fires a large beam of raw angelic energy. Tears through barriers and has high piercing power.

Righteous Pummel: A fusion of ‘Righteous Brand’ and ‘Pummel’. Ezra greatly boosts his Strength, Speed and Energy with this technique. He emits a purple aura and his fighting capacity skyrockets. He cannot use his sword while using this technique, nor can he use any other spells/abilities.

Super Forms:

Angelic Form: Ezra’s stats double and his appearance changes, along with his sword. He can hold this form for 2 hours before tiring.


Weapons and Precious Items: Ezra’s sword is made of a powerful and durable material, capable of withstanding magical weapon attacks. Its base is fused with Ezra’s energy. Thus, it transforms along with Ezra in his Angelic Form.

Phobias: N/A

Illnesses: N/A

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: Retired Hunter

History: Ezra was born and raised in New York. His father was known to be one of the greater Hunters of his time. As he grew up, Ezra fell into the business. He learned everything from his father, from fighting to survivalist methods. Kaiden’s serious demeanor also rubbed off onto his son, resulting in a hardened and professional hunter. Though his career was filled with ups and downs, he is largely regarded as an expert.

These days, Ezra is living the semi-retired life. He only takes on specific jobs of notoriety and importance. He also trains his granddaughter in picking up the trade. Ezra spends most of his time kicking back with his family at home. He enjoys spending time with this son and daughter-in-law, whom he treats as a daughter. Cherishing family over everything else in life, he’s perfectly content.

Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Ezra Yormu   2012-10-19, 1:27 am

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Ezra Yormu
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