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 Lucas Alstead

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PostSubject: Lucas Alstead   2012-11-01, 11:14 pm

Character Name: Lucas Alstead

Apparent Age: 16

Origin: Tazmily Village

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 145 lbs

Physical Description:


Known Relatives:

Father: Flint Alstead ~ Alive
Mother: Hinawa Alstead ~ Deceased
Brother: Claus Alstead ~ Deceased

Skills: Basic domestic skills, moderate survival skills, quick reflexes. High intelligence. Able to ride bicycles.

Abilities: Empathy (short range), Telekinesis (short range)

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Lucas is a gentle, soft-spoken boy. At least, this is the impression he gives when speaking to most people/strangers. When tasked with a matter of importance, he becomes determined and shows his underlying strong will. No matter the situation, Lucas holds an undying courage underneath his sensitive exterior.

Note: Though he possesses great ability for fighting, Lucas prefers to avoid confrontation unless it is absolutely unavoidable.

Powers: Augmentation of PK

Restrictions: PK abilities, or Psychokinesis, require mental energy to materialize and shape. The user’s mental fatigue builds over time through prolonged or heavy usage. This energy can be recovered through sleeping or even eating.

Lucas’ Telekinesis skill allows him short reach with his psychic ability. He can throw nearby enemies away, or smash them to the ground with powerful neutral PK (shown as diamond-like sparks). Lucas can also prevent himself from falling injuries.

The ability ‘PK SuperHealing’ does just as it describes; it completely heals one target. After its use, Lucas will be completely depleted of psychic energy and will become thoroughly exhausted. He MUST sleep or rest for at least a few hours before he will be able to use any PK after this technique’s use.


Strength: 30
Speed: 40
Soul: 50
Stamina: 40
Durability: 40
Natural Ability: 50

Special Techniques:

PK Hypnosis: Lucas releases a hypnotic brainwave that lulls foes to sleep. Weaker foes will fall asleep. Stronger foes will become drowsy/slowed for a short duration.

PK Defense Up: A proximity shockwave that boosts allies’ internal and external defenses (raises ally Soul and Durability stats).

PK Healing: Rids one target of negative status effects (curses, poison, paralysis, diseases, etc.)

PK Refresh: A healing pulse that lingers within Lucas and his allies. This power gives affected targets a temporary state of regen that slowly replenishes energy (regardless of type). Lucas can target the benefactors of this technique.

PK Block: A sturdy energy barrier that protects against physical attacks and deflects energy attacks. The upkeep of this barrier requires high concentration. Thus, Lucas cannot move or use other PK for the duration of this technique.

PK Quick Up: Lucas increases his own speed with PK for a short period. Good for dodging attacks or attacking suddenly.

Super Techniques:

PK Flash: Lucas emits a small green ball of light. He can suspend the ball in midair as a trap or direct it toward foes. When released from his control, the ball erupts in a blinding flash, blasting energy through all targets and objects in the area. This attack does not cause physical damage, but attacks the enemy indirectly with powerful energy (targets Soul stat for defense). Very high damage, large blast radius. The longer Lucas holds this attack in suspension, the greater the strain it causes to control it.

PK Love: Lucas fills the area around him with PK energy, then compresses it. This results in an implosive force of incredible magnitude, crushing the opponent. High damage, moderate attack radius.

PK SuperHealing: A healing technique of immense potential. This healing pulse completely restores the target’s condition so long as they are alive (replenishes energy, cures status ailments, heals injuries & fatigue), but this comes at the price of the user’s energy. Lucas will become temporarily weakened after the use of this ability and will be unable to use any PK until resting for a few hours. His stats will drastically decrease as well, leaving him relatively defenseless.

Weapons and Precious Items:

Franklin Badge: A wondrous pin that deflects all Lighting attacks. Has no effect on Thunder attacks (sound) or any other element.

Real Bat: A silver bat made of raw, powerful psychic energy. High affinity for deflecting energy attacks. Can be summoned/dispersed at-will.

Rope Snake: A stretchy pink snake possessing a strong bite and grip. He can be used to grab objects and persons alike. Rope Snake is actually sentient and able to speak multiple humanoid/animal languages. He can be rather critical and even cynical at times, but is also helpful.

Phobias: None

Illnesses: None

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: None

History: Lucas was born alongside his twin brother, Claus, on Nowhere Islands. They happily grew up with their parents, Flint and Hinawa, and the family dog, Boney. Their lives were largely peaceful in Tazmily Village, until the boys turned nine. Hinawa had taken her two sons to their uncle’s house in the mountains for a visit. It was on that night strange visitors appeared in those mountains, leaving behind curious devices and a bomb. The ensuing explosion set the forested mountains ablaze. The animals inhabiting the land began to act strangely, and lethally aggressive. Flint braved the flames and charged the mountain in search of his family. What he found was his two sons, shaken to a petrified silence at what they had witnessed. Flint had been lucky that night to avoid encountering any Drago; large, ravenous beasts resembling small Tyrannosaurus-Rex’. His family, unfortunately, had not. To ensure her sons escaped safely, Hinawa sacrificed her life to distract the creature.

The next day, a funeral service was held for Hinawa. All of the townspeople attended save for one person: Claus. In that time he had taken his father’s hunting knife intending to avenge his mother’s death. Flint stormed after Claus as quickly as he could. After reaching the mountain’s peak, Flint squared off against the Drago that had taken his wife and emerged from the fight victorious. Claus was nowhere to be found, so he continued his search.

Hours passed. Then days. Weeks. Months. Flint traveled to the mountains to search for Claus everyday for three years. He had become despondent and obsessed, leaving Lucas on his own during the day. Three years passed before even stranger events pressed Lucas into a grand adventure that would affect the entire world on more levels than he could fathom. These travels helped shape the boy’s personality and maturity. He met and lost good people along his journey, and its culmination was nearly too much for him to bear…

Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Lucas Alstead   2012-11-01, 11:25 pm

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Lucas Alstead
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