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 Anna Maria Everhart

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PostSubject: Anna Maria Everhart   2012-11-04, 10:53 pm

Character Name: Anna Maria Everhart
Alias: Maria, Ann
Apparent Age: 20
Date Of Birth: 06/14
Origin: City of Gilneis
Race: Worgen
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 125lbs
Gender: Female
Physical Description:


Standing at a height of 5’5” Anna Maria has long brown hair
almost black, with a hint of blond running through it she has a slim figure.
Though one would not notice the muscle as she is almost always covered in a
full length dress with sleeves, or in her armor or under armor. She has gentle
blue eyes that can turn icy in an instant, but only due to the wolf that
lingers inside of her that seeks control and ‘blood’. (in picture change eye color to blue)


When Anna changes into her worgen self, her fur is completely
different than most it is a golden blood color but her ‘main’ or hair is the
same dark color that she has in her other form. Her claws a sharp and pointed,
almost like small individual knives at the tips. Her ears are just slightly
tuffed with furr, and has earrings hanging on it that shimmer in the light. The
same blue eyes shimmer with true kindness till one lets the beast out then ‘may
the light help them.’
Known Relatives: They all are dead; having died during the breakout
Religion: The Light
Skills: Tailoring, cooking
Abilities: In worgen form her senses are top notch, each one heightened much
like the wild wolf that roams the land. When in human form, her senses are just
a bit dulled by not by much.
Alignment: Alliance (Neutral)
Personality: Kind hearted, a bit over protective
Powers: None (besides changing into a worgen)
Restrictions: After every change she must rest a bit, unless in a battle though
she is a bit weaker when doing this she is still stronger than in human form.
Weapons and Precious Items: Characters precious items.
Phobias: Feral Worgens
Illnesses: --
Sexual Preferences: Male
Occupation: Tailor
History: Anna Maria Evarhart, is the
daughter of a knight who fought with King Greymain till he retired and became a
simple blacksmith. Her mother though was a simple woman who enjoyed being a
simple house wife, caring for her family and Anna till she passed away due to a
sickness that her family could not afford to help cure. Anna’s father did all
he could to raise his daughter, though they spent much time at his work so Anna
learned how to work with weapons though she was never good with fighting with
them; usually injuring herself or wrecking something in the process. Though
time went on and her and her father lived a happily life, till the worgen break
out and that is when everything changed for Anna.

(to be continued)
Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Anna Maria Everhart   2012-11-04, 11:31 pm

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Anna Maria Everhart
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