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 A Worgen Life

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PostSubject: A Worgen Life   2012-11-04, 11:11 pm

The city was in flames, and the constant sound of howling and screams filled the air no one could get away from it as people ran from the city. The guards and others did their best to protect the civilians from oncoming feral worgens that had taken over the city and not on killed many but turned them as well. One of the many civilians was hiding in a small alley shacking as tears ran down their face, it was a young woman black hair clinging to her face as her dress was torn and also coated with blood. A dented sword hung in her hands as she shook, looking away “I have to get out of here…” she whispered, tears blurring her vision. The worgen’s had breached the city and had killed so many including the young women’s father who had been among the first to die.

Shaking her head, she cleared away her tears and thoughts as she started to slowly move from the alley way looking around noticing figures roaming around as she then started running. If she could make it out of the city then she could maybe get to one of the villages…so long as the feral worgen’s didn’t already take those over. She knew this city far to well, having spent her whole life in side of it and only leaving to deliver goods with her
father when villagers asked for new tools when they came to sell their goods.

Finding the tunnel that lead beneath the bridges and into the ocean that backed the city she quickly moved. The icy waters hitting at her small frame as she moved quickly, trying to make as little to no noise but the sword she carried was slowing her down and she soon tossed it aside just as she neared the bars. Looking around she kicked one of them, smiling as it came lose “thank you light…” she whispered and pulled it aside before slipping through and started to swim towards the nearest shore.

The swim to shore had weakened her greatly; as she pulled herself up shivering from the cold but she kept moving she had to…if she stayed sitting the worgen’s could easily catch her. Pushing up she started to move slowly coughing a bit, and shook her head “gotta keep moving…” she breathed out heavily, stumbling through the thick woods that made up a good part of the forest that surrounded Gilneas. As she moved she didn’t notice the figures
moving through the woods either coming closer and closer till she heard something snap and she turned just in time to see red eyes.

Her eyes would widen as she screamed loudly and started running just as a pack of feral worgens charged at her. She only kept racing trying to find some sort of shelter, something that could save her from this fate. Tears filled her eyes, she didn't want to die just picturing those creatures ripping apart others she had once called friend or family made her run faster. Her heart pounded in her head, as she stumbled only to feel something grab her leg she turned her head and screamed loudly as the worgen's had finally caught up to her.

*** Several Months Later ***

It had been several months and those that had finally fought back and taken the city or at least tried had caught several worgens. Each caged, each chained one sat in a cell brown fur hanging in their face while gold fur shimmered in the moon light. Blood coated their claws till a man came up to the cage "this the female?" "Ya they caught her just last week, almost killed a kid." "why they keeping her?" "same as they are keeping the others, the King things they can be saved." the worgens ears twitched and listened watching them leave as she looked around bright blue eyes looking out at the other worgens chained up.

She moved slowly to the cell door gripping the bars as flashes of her past hit her and she winced curling up " I....." came a rough but still female voice as the worgen female curled up into a ball.
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A Worgen Life
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