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 Fragile Nightmare

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PostSubject: Fragile Nightmare   2012-11-15, 8:18 pm

".......y ............................. ey................... Hey... Wake up, would you?" A voice hissed at the fringes of The Man's mind. His name wasn't important. He couldn't remember it himself, anyway. Why is that? Panic started to surge through The Man's mind before feeling returned to his body. An incredible pain wracked his entire being. Everything ached. He felt hot and wet. Some warm liquid was dripping from his head. It was a miracle that he was breathing and he knew it. Despite all this, he managed to place his hands under his torso and painfully push himself away from the dirt below.

"You're alive. You know that, right?" That voice again. He didn't recognize it, but simply hearing an second of the person nearly sent him into a rage. Why was he angry? He couldn't recall that either. Something was very wrong, but his mind wouldn't work for him. It was as if every thought he could muster was being stolen away before he could realize them. His mouth worked faster than his mind.

"What... Who are you...?" His voice was rugged. It felt like there was a hole in his lung. He completely lacked the strength to raise his head. He simply sat there on his hands and knees, struggling to breathe.

"You can breathe, too? Damn, you humans sure are resilient. It's a mystery as to why you people sell yourselves short." The voice ahead of him was mocking him. Something in his words was painfully familiar.

"Y-... I sai--" The air was ripped from his lungs as a foot swiftly connected with his stomach. The Man lurched back to the ground, gagging for air.

"I heard what you said, human. So close to death, but still so damn insolent." The voice rang out from above him now. A foot ground onto his spine. "But I suppose it isn't all your fault. You don't remember the beating. How could I expect you to know your place?"

The Man managed to turn his head to the side. Where were they? They seemed to be in the middle of an empty street. The buildings nearby were vacant. There was no sound to be heard besides his own rugged breathing. It was dusk, yet this town had absolutely no activity to speak of. It was as if the townsfolk had simply... vanished.

"That's right." The voice said from above. "Everyone in this village is gone, now. I took them." The voice's owner leaned down closer to The Man and whispered. "And you helped me."

A furious bout of strength flew through The Man. He swung a fist at the speaker. It was slowed by his injuries and hindered by his position. Missing, he toppled back to the ground on his back. He could see the one speaking to him now. It was a boy. No, that couldn't be right. It felt wrong. Being near it was both terrifying and infuriating.

"Hahaha, still got some fight left? Or were you simply moved by anger again?" More mockery. "Don't worry about it too much. It's not like you knew you were helping me. All I did was give your mind direction. After a clean memory wipe, of course." It was just spouting nonsense and mocking The Man. That last bit concerned him to no end, however.

"Looks like you're finally getting it. A little late now, don't you think? As of today, I have no use for you. Even if I did, you're too damn stubborn to use. You're in such shitty shape anyway." The boy stamped his foot on The Man's ribs and slowly applied pressure. The man had no strength to yell out as a sickening crack escaped his chest. "I'd better get going and lay low. It's almost time for my 'nap'." The 'boy' said to himself as he lifted his foot. He walked past The Man, lying broken in the street.

"Do yourself a favor and just wait there to die." The Man couldn't turn his head. The voice got farther away. "Ironic, isn't it? Eh... not like you'd remember that either." The presence was gone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"D...amn... it...." The Man cursed. The sun had set before he could muster the energy to stand. He supported himself on a sturdy branch as he traveled down the path from the empty village.

Step. Another step. Every inch he put between himself and that town sapped a little more of his waning strength. His vision was blurred by both blood and unfathomable fatigue. He couldn't stop moving. His mind was starting to recover. Starting to remember some of the things the 'boy' didn't want him to know. That... Darkrai...

He lost his footing and fell to the dirt. It had taken so long to stand the first time. His consciousness was fading. This wasn't how things would end. He REFUSED to die. Not just yet! There were still things I can do, damn it!! I WON'T DIE!!!

The Man's burning resolve remained adamant as reality slipped from his vision. His breathing continued steadily, his body taking stubbornness to heart.
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PostSubject: Re: Fragile Nightmare   2012-12-12, 11:44 pm

Suki had what seemed to be a picnic out for everyone, setting plates and getting a few things out here and there to share while the rest of her partners and friends did their own thing. Meg was busy off to the side, seemingly sharpening her drill arms against some large rocks. A large dragon, Mindy her Salamence was lazily laying down and have curled up under the sunny day. It had become something of a habit for them to get like that when in warm weather, it was just a quirk of theirs.

Off to the side of the group was a Rapidash drinking from the water of the nearby river while being careful. Up in front of the tree's was Kojiro, her Scyther who when being seen moving was little nothing then a green blur; they were currently just exploring and scouting instead of sitting still. A massive Steelix named Brandon seemed to be of the same mind as Suki's Salamence with lounging about and being lazy. As for Shaya, she was of course already out with the others.

Mindy's tail lazily flickered a bit back and forth before she trudged over to what Meg was doing, speaking in a way only other Pokemon or beings able to understand such things. "What exactly are you doing?"

Was all Meg said at first, still seemingly intent on their task.

"Hm. You've been studying ever since you lost to that arrogant Garchomp and his insufferable trainer but it fits them. What is that human term? Birds of a feather flock together. If you like, we could train together again since its been a long time. It would help against fighting other dragons, and so you'll be able to counter them the next time. It would be interesting to make them eat those words of his, a bug cannot beat a dragon. So they claim." Mindy said.

Meg paused at what her friend said, Mindy did have a ego of her own(but she had gotten a lot better, getting beaten was a humbling experience) but was a good friend. It would help a bit, any edge was better then none. "Later then. Right now I'm just praciting."

The dragon shrugged her massive shoulders. "Suit yourself, I'm in no rush." She went back to lay down and relax. A cynical part of her said the peace was going to be interrupted soon.
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Fragile Nightmare
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