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 Zeno Rey

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PostSubject: Zeno Rey   2012-11-24, 2:51 pm

Character Name: Zeno Rey

Apparent Age: 17

Origin: Salvador, Bahia (Brazil)

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 150 lbs

Physical Description:

(Normal State)



Known Relatives:

Father: Demetrius Rey ~ Alive
Mother: Nikia Rey ~ Deceased

Skills: Average domestic skills. Dancing skill, surfing skill, able to operate cars and motorcycles. Skilled in great-weapon combat and expert Muay Thai martial artist. Able to speak English, Portuguese and Spanish. Proficient in home and appliance repair, mechanical expertise and auto-repair. (skilled in working with his hands).

Abilities: Above average endurance

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Zeno likes to do as he pleases. He learned to fight because it seemed fun, he fixes things because he likes to, and he helps those around him when he feels so inclined. He’ll gladly break a law if he deems it useless or just plain stupid. Zeno prefers to act on impulse and follow his instincts, which often causes him to be reckless. Zeno was content with where his life was before gaining his power. He’s none too happy with the changes it brought, but will help others if doing so is within his power.

Zeno, coming from a poor background, has a very minimalist perspective when it comes to purchasing new things for himself. He’d much rather repair or patch something up instead of buying a new version of it (unless it’s for someone else).

Powers: Geomancy, Tremor Sense

Tremor Sense: While transformed, Zeno can feel vibrations sent through the ground. Thus, he is able to sense underground passages, large or small structures, and the movement of grounded objects, persons and vehicles. So long as a foe is touching the ground (does not have to be heavy) Zeno can sense their position and movements.

Restrictions: Zeno draws his power from the earth beneath his feet. As a result, his energy attacks can only be used while he is on solid ground. Also, all of Zeno’s techniques and powers can only be activated/used while he is in his transformed state.

Stats: (Transformed Only)

Strength: 30
Speed: 5
Soul: 5
Stamina: 15
Durability: 15
Magic: 10

Special Techniques:

Terra Fang: A sword technique that releases a shockwave of yellow energy that rolls across the ground, smashing all obstacles in its path. This shockwave explodes upon making contact with an enemy. Zeno must be grounded to use this technique.

Terra Wave: A surface-to-air version of ‘Terra Fang’. The shockwave emitted from Zeno’s sword unleashes a burst of energy after making physical contact. Zeno must be grounded to use this technique.

Geomancy: Using the energy of the world itself, Zeno can reshape the land to aid himself and others during combat. Noncombat uses have been discovered as well. Geomancy is a skill provided to Zeno by simply transforming. He does NOT need to be grounded to use Geomancy in any form.

Restore: A form of Geomancy. Zeno can move earth, rock and stone to reform into its original position. This can also be used to fix landscapes and revitalize soil.

Mold: A form of Geomancy. Ability to reshape the land in a small or large scale. Can be used to create walls or spires of rock to either stand upon, or assault foes from below.

Gravitate: A form of Geomoancy. The ability to levitate rock and stone, and move it about freely. Can be used to launch projectiles at foes, or catch allies/himself in midair. This is often Zeno’s mode of transportation.

Super Techniques:

Stonewall: Zeno fills himself with earth energy to immensely bolster his Durability for a few seconds. His weight increases dramatically, effectively bolting him to his current position. Cutting and blunt damage are nullified, all other damage types are lessened. This technique can be held, but quickly depletes Zeno’s physical strength. Zeno must be grounded and remain stationary during this technique’s usage.

Class: Magical Knight

Weapons and Precious Items:

Terrarum: The large cleaver sword Zeno holds in his transformed form. This sword carries the weight of the world (it’s extremely heavy) unless wielded by its owner or a designated ally. The blade can be called to Zeno from afar if he is disarmed. While in his normal form, Terrarum reverts into a necklace bearing a garnet stone. Unbeknownst to Zeno, for now, Terrarum possesses consciousness.

Phobias: None

Illnesses: Seasickness, Airsickness

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: High School Student, Magical Knight, Package Delivery (part-time)

History: Zeno’s life experiences shaped him into an independent person. As a child, his mother was often busy at work as a police officer. His father worked construction and could repair just about anything so long as he had the tools for the job. Zeno was well-mannered and goal driven. His parents’ teachings always steered him in the right direction. Though the parents were underpaid in their professions, they always managed to get by. In his eyes, life couldn't be better.

One day, a strange and foul creature appeared in his hometown. It stalked throughout the streets like an ethereal nightmare, attacking anyone who approached it. It seemed to be searching for something. It darted through the streets until finding a lone mother and child on their way home. The creature took them by surprise, immediately felling the mother. Zeno could do nothing in his terror but see his mother’s dying eyes, pleading for him to run. Before he too could be killed, a small team of Nobus officers arrived to heed a distress call. They were able to vanquish the strange monster after a difficult fight.

The loss of Nikia shook Zeno’s father greatly. It was unfathomable as to why his wife was targeted by a seemingly random assault. He stopped working, began drinking and became violent. All of Demetrius’ anger was redirected toward his son; the only person with his mother at the time of her death. The abuse Zeno suffered did not go unnoticed by his teachers, and Demetrius was soon arrested in his grief.

Given to a foster family, Zeno continued his studies. His disposition had changed. His outlook on life had a pessimistic spin to it and he became less social. Zeno’s life had made a complete 180 for no reason. The biggest shock of his life came at random one night. A dark creature resembling the one that had taken his mother appeared before him in the night. All of his fear and confusion quickly turned to blind fury. All he wanted to do was destroy the damn thing. A blinding light enveloped him, originating from a memento left to him by his mother. A mass of power surged through him and a large sword materialized in his hand…

This was a short time ago. Zeno has since moved to America, studying abroad and attempting to master his new-found power.

Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Zeno Rey   2012-11-24, 5:13 pm

Looks good to me. Approved.
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Zeno Rey
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