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 Nysia Vokel

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Nysia Vokel   2012-12-01, 2:57 am

Character Name: Characters Nysia Vokel
Date of Birth: 3/1
Alias: 'Nessie'  
Apparent Age: 14
Origin: Hihat
Race: Eldarian
Height: 4'1
Weight: 112
Gender: Female
Physical Description:
Known Relatives: Emus Vokel-Older brother
                             Ceit Vokel-Mother
Religion: n/a
Skills: Basic skills, some domestic skills. Air to air and air to ground. Some survival skills. Knowledge of magic and supernatural events. Can use a spear.
Abilities: Energy sensing, enhanced sight.

Astral Core Sync Link. Basically, allowing her to 'sync' with her Astral Gem so she can transform.

Has the ability to grow stronger through fighting(transformed state only) Besides that, standard racial traits
Alignment: Good
Personality: Generally very polite and sweet tempered, but she can be extremely focused when 'on the job' almost as if flipping a switch. She actually very much enjoys her job and fighting.
Powers:  Disrupt: This isn't so much as a attack as passsive a empowerment. Energy typically cannot be created or destroyed(ignoring characters that routinely rape physics aside)  but what Nysia does is still incredibly useful. Essentially, she 'disrupts' the original form. This is useful for fighting beings that are not entirely physical and can reform. Even if they're still alive, their form is so scattered it won't reform. This does not negate regeneration or the alike; merely energy-beings and similar. (Transformed state only)
Restrictions:  It does not negate regeneration and similar abilties.  Can only be used in her transformed state. It also requires for her be able to 'damage' the original form in the first place. Simply put, if she doesn't have enough power it won't be done.
Stats: Unless transformed, her stats are about zero

Strength: 0

Speed: 28

Soul: 13

Stamina: 7.

Magic: 30

Special Techniques:

Her attacks are considered SU(Supernatural) in nature. They are magical but not subject to spell resistance and the like. Offensively, she's not subtle. Her power offensively is more or less making increassingly better explosions and the like. Which fufills her role as Artillery Class mage within the Myriad Crusaders.

Portal: Creates a portal which to travel through to different places, or even dimensions. She needs to have been there or picture it within her mind. Attacks can also pass through(such as energy) and then be proceed to come out of another portal. She can make the portal appear ten feet from her person, and then have the proceeding portal anywhere within two hundred meters. Requires a minute after doing so.

Barrier: By creating strange symbols in the air, she can create a barrier(of various sizes) around a person, target or area. The strength is equailvent of her full standard strength but she cannot attack while one is active.

Volly Shot: Glyphs will appear in the air once more, before launching multiple small energy beams that slightly hone in on targets. They don't do as much damage in one hit. However, with the speed and number of them that can be fired it could be effective. Similar to the effect of the ocean gradually weakening a rock through time and pressure. Both Volley shot and barrier share similar images.

Volley Blades: Etheral energy blades are sprung forth(above five) that can be launched for attack. They have decently high piercing power.
Super Techniques:

Chaos Breaker: A extremely powerful(and draining) beam attack that devastates things over a large area. She can control the blast radius by how much power she puts into it. It's generally best to make sure allies are nowhere nearby as explosions tend not to play well with friends.
Super Forms:

Transformed State: In this state they look much like the above picture. They can't use the majority of their powers when not in this form.
Class: Supernal
Weapons and Precious Items:

Her wand Stardust which is imbued with a Astral Gem, which allows her to transform. It comes back to her when called. In combat mode, it transform to a staff/spear which she can fly on. Another feature of it, is 'storing' the left over energy to be used for a attack in a beam. Once the attack has been discharged, it'll have to start over again.

Stadust is considered sapient with a mind and will of their own. The last option it can revert to a 'non lethal' mode for her attacks mostly for stunning or disabling. Other Myriad Crusaders standard items are:

Special metal wrist brand, called a P.M.D(AKA personal magic device) its a magitech creation. The features include, a translator, a scanner for picking up different energies. A information log for receiving, storing or exchanging data(mostly for reports) special cuff's that grow with its captive.
Phobias: Being alone
Illnesses: n/a
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Myriad Crusaders, Artillery and Support Class Mage(C Class) Neptune unit.
History:  Nysia's family can trace their lines back to the humble beginnings of the Myriad Crusaders during its conception hundreds of years ago.  Nysia had some potential so she was taken in when she was younger to get some training done, and with enough training she passed the required test and got her own rank(after a evaluation).

She was assigned with her brother in her own unit and the rest, as they say is history.

For more in depth of the Myriad Crusaders. Click here
Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Nysia Vokel   2012-12-01, 3:31 am


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Nysia Vokel
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