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 Rachael Wells

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PostSubject: Rachael Wells   2012-12-02, 3:18 am

Character Name: Rachael Wells

Apparent Age: 17

Origin: Hihat

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Height: 5’0”

Weight: 128 lbs

Physical Description:

(Normal Form)



Known Relatives:

Father: Jared Wells ~ Alive
Mother: Rebecca Wells ~ Alive

Skills: Unorthadox cooking skill, basic domestic skills. Skilled in staff-weapon combat. Ambidextrous and flexible. High videogame skill, excellent hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. Learned in magical arts and world.

Abilities: Excellent balance, Glide

Alignment: Good

Personality: Rachael is a bit of a nerd. She enjoys reading comic books, watching anime and playing videogames. She has a cute and happy temperament, but has been known to space out and think… differently than others. When it comes to work, she concentrates on the task at hand without completely losing her personality in the mix. Rachael handles her job and powers with the gravity they deserve.

Powers: Magical Girl Abilities, Wind Manipulation, Light Energy Manipulation

Restrictions: Rachael draws her light energy from within, and manipulates wind already present. She can create wind with the aid of her staff, as well. She is able to cast spells from her spell book with or without her staff. All of Rachael’s techniques and powers can only be activated/used while she is in her transformed state.

The ‘Glide’ ability allows Rachael to jump multiple times in midair and glide through the air with concentration. She hasn’t completely mastered it, so she cannot fly freely just yet.


Strength: 10
Speed: 15
Soul: 15
Stamina: 10
Durability: 10
Magic: 20

Special Techniques:

Gust: Rachael blows a gust of air from her hand or staff. Can be used with physical attacks as well. Deals low damage and knocks foes off balance.

Shine: Rachael fires a ball of light from her hand or staff. Can be used with physical attacks as well. Deals moderate damage.

Light Spell ~ Custodia: A dull light surrounds herself or an ally, slightly increasing their Soul and Durability for a period of time. Can be applied to multiple allies, but requires concentration to upkeep the spell.

Wind Spell ~ Festinus: Floating black feathers surround herself or an ally, slightly increasing their Speed for a period of time. Can be applied to multiple allies, but requires concentration to upkeep the spell.

Super Techniques:

Light Spell ~ Lux Imbrium: A giant seal of light forms behind Rachael. Countless beams of light are then fired from the wide sigil; each beam homes in on foes and bursts in a small burst of light on impact. This attack does not harm or affect allies.

Wind Spell ~ Ventus Scindo: Rachael calls forth a blackened tornado of incredible force. Enemies caught in the attack are assaulted by terribly powerful winds. Rachael can control the direction this attack travels, but doing so requires great concentration.

Class: Magical Girl

Weapons and Precious Items:

Angelus Crux: A mystical staff that grants Rachael her powers. With this staff, she is able to use her ‘Glide’ ability and manipulate wind/light energies. The Angelus Crux gives Rachael her ‘Glide’ ability. While in her normal form, this weapon reverts into a necklace bearing the staff’s symbol.

Angelus Libri: A mystical book holding numerous spells. This tome holds various words of ancient script, illegible to the unworthy. Rachael can currently read only a few pages. More spells become known to her with experience and spiritual growth. This book can be summoned and dispersed at will.

PMD: Rachael’s personal magic device. A magitech bracelet that is standard regulation among Myriad Crusaders.

Phobias: None

Illnesses: None

Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Occupation: Myriad Crusader, Multifarious Class Battle Mage (C Class), Neptune unit

History: Rachael was born with B-cell Lymphoma. A weak immune system coupled with frequent fevers kept her restricted to a hospital room from birth onward. She had very little to no chance of meeting new people beyond her doctors and nurses, so she developed introverted hobbies that required little physical activity. She read books, played games and watched television on her own. As she grew older, her condition worsened as the cancer became more and more aggressive. Her wanderlust increased in an effort to experience all she could.

Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Rachael Wells   2012-12-02, 3:41 am


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Rachael Wells
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