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PostSubject: Selene   2012-12-12, 12:51 pm

Character Name: Selene
Apparent Age: 24
Date Of Birth: June, 30
Origin: Unknown
Race: Human/Shapeshifter
Height: 5’6
Weight: 130 lbs
Gender: Female
Physical Description:
Known Relatives: None
Religion: Polytheist

  • Staff wielding
  • Bow and Arrow
  • Dagger-throwing

  • Able to speak with animals.
  • Water manipulation. This is her main power and can be used by all forms to some degree. Controls the way water moves, including temperature. i.e. make a pot of water boil,
  • All power/abilities triple under a full moon. Normalize as the moon wanes, strengthens as it waxes.

Dolphin: 8" long weighing 170 lbs
Swift Swimmer
Jet Stream
Peregrine Falcon: 40" long, total wingspan 141"
Aerial Cutter
Doe: 87" long, 47" to shoulder
Magic Enhancer
Timber Wolf: 46" tall, 7 ft. nose to tail.

Alignment: Good
Personality: Gentle and quiet, understanding and doesn't judge others. When the time comes for her to act she will, like the tide on the beach, not cresting until the right moment.

  • Weather Control: Self explanatory.
  • Illusion(All Forms): Causes hallucinations, induces sleep, dizziness, and/or fatigue.
  • Magic Enhancer: When other mages are near, their magical power is doubled when she is in this form.
  • Fleet
    Footed(All Creatures): Faster than their average counterparts respectively,
    also gives the ability to evade obstacles easier when moving so fast
    such as trees, rocks, ect.
  • Snowstorm:
    Able to call the water in the clouds to form heavily and chill until it
    freezes. This can either summon a small flurry or a raging storm that
    can bury her foes in minutes.
  • Swift Swimmer: Faster than the average dolphin. Able to hold her breath for up to an hour.
  • Jet
    Stream: Concentrates a force of water that can be pinpointed
    at an enemy or against a current. The force can be as weak as a push or
    feel like getting hit by a bus.
  • Aerial
    Cutter: Able to fly easily against wind currents, able
    to manipulate the wind and use it as a force to protect herself. The
    power can be felt as little as a breeze or can cut like a knife.
She can take any form wherever she wants, but each creature is stronger
in their own natural habitat. i.e. doe in the woods, wolf on the plain,
falcon on the cliffs, dolphin in the water, and the dragon is strongest around cities.

Illusion only goes so far as to making people see what she wants them to see. Sleeping as long as they would if they got a full night's rest. And dizzy enough to be unable to stand, focus, or black out.
Weather control can cause clouds to form but she can only make it rain, sleet, hail or snow(as these have to do with water). She can't control lightning or where it'll strike. But she can part clouds and reveal a sunny day.
Aerial cutter attacks start off as big as the creature's wingspan and gradually become larger as the attack is forced outward then fade after about 300 ft in falcon form, 1000 ft in dragon form.

Weapons and Precious Items: None.
Phobias: Few fears outside of the norm i.e. living on her own, protecting herself, ect.
Illnesses: N/A
Sexual Preferences: Opposite.
Occupation: Moon Priestess.

Born in the poor country and adopted into the Temple of the Moon, raised until she was twenty to obey the edicts of Luna, the moon goddess. These were basic rules to follow to live a good life. Now that she is old enough it is her duty to spread love and kindness. Not necessarily converting people but encouraging others to live righteously.

The animal forms she received were a gift from the goddess. One for every type of terrain in order to better protect the innocent. The gentle Doe of the woods, the guardian Wolf of the plain, a wise Falcon of the cliff, and the regal Dragon to warden over the cities and castles.
Status: Alive.
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PostSubject: Re: Selene   2012-12-12, 10:57 pm

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