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 Emus Vokel

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Emus Vokel   2012-12-15, 3:46 am

Character Name: Emus Vokel
Date of Birth: 5/11
Alias: Emus The Dog
Apparent Age: 18
Origin: Hihat
Race: Alusarian
Height: 6'2
Weight: 187
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
Known Relatives: Nysia Vokel: Little sister
Religion: n/a
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Swordmenship, hand to hand(brawling). Myriad Crusaders training.
Abilities: Standard race abilities. Astral Core Link.(allows him access to his 'magic knight abilities and the like) Flight; transformed state only.
Alignment: Good
Personality: Emus is a laid back person, but he's a hard worker who firmly believes that if you want anything out of life, you have to fall five times and get up ten. Sometimes of a jokster and has a love of harmless light hearted pranks. Sometimes lost in thought, he's overall a deep thinker even if he doesn't show it all the time. Has a big heart..but also a bit of a battle freak and hot blooded at times.
Powers: Standard race powers
Restrictions: See above.
Stats: Ten points are added in the transformed state

Strength: 1

Speed: 10


Stamina: 5

Durability: 3

ability: (0 when transformed) 10
Special Techniques:

Sword Aura: With this technique, the sword will glow faintly with energy, therefore increasing all melee damage with his attacks.

Aura Arc: Creates a energy slash with the sword. Can go with cutting damage, or explosive.

Aura Explosion: Creates a explosive wave of energy released from his person. The range depends on how much energy he puts into it.

Teleport: Teleports within short distances(fifty feet in any direction) every minute.
Super Techniques:

Aura Sword: This is a upgraded form of Sword Aura. The energy becomes more intense and denser, increasing melee damage even more. It can only be maintained for a limited time before needing a few minutes cool down.
Super Forms:

Knight form: In this state, all his stats increase from his base.

Vulcanic Knight(Locked)
Class: Magic Knight.
Weapons and Precious Items: Standard Myriad Crusaders items.

Emus' Sword
Phobias: Something happening to those he cares about. He doesn't like deep space on ships but has gotten over it for the most part.
Illnesses: n/a
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Myriad Crusaders, C class. Neptune Unit

Emus had to grow up relatively fast as his biological parents died in a ship accident leaving him alone to raise his little sister. This wasn't easy for the young man before they were adopted. This resulted in Emus struggling to get ends to meet. School was also a hard affair, as while there was public ones, he was unable to afford things others took for granted like newer clothes everyday.

This along with other factors of his status left him the target of ridcule and the like. Emus mostly ignored this, and the few who did take the extra step found he wasn't an easy target and was best left alone. However, he was still part alone. That was until he met Kirito, Asuna, Rachael and others that didn't much care for his status or anything.

Over time, he developed something of a friendly rivalry with Kirito through out the years, and eventually Emus along with others decided one of their goals would be to join the Myriad Crusaders. This happened later on in life and they were taken in the Neptune Unit by the leader Signum.

Since then, Emus has become a solid member. Though despite his rough upbringing he remains a easy going, joking and loyal friend.
Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Emus Vokel   2012-12-15, 3:48 am


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Emus Vokel
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