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 Agent Derrick Johnson

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PostSubject: Agent Derrick Johnson   2013-01-10, 1:58 pm

Character Name: Derrick Johnson
Date Of Birth: March 30th.
Alias: Warden.
Apparent Age: 227, looks to be in his late 20's.
Origin: Milinocket, Maine, USA
Race: Human, Wizard.
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 210lbs.
Gender: Male.
Physical Description: Derrick is a heavily built man, the sort of build of a man long accustomed to hard work and an outdoorsy lifestyle. His dark brown hair is kept short and neatly trimmed, and he is usually clean shaven. Derrick's sense of style is a bit out of date; while the clothing is all modern stuff, the ensemble itself is usually more reminiscent of the '30s and '40s.
Known Relatives: Parents and siblings are long deceased, although he might have some distant relatives still running around.
Religion: None.
Skills: Sewing and leatherworking, woodworking and carpentry, simple blacksmithing, farming and animal husbandry. A decent cook and baker,
Abilities: High resistance to disease and natural poisons. Improved natural healing (still can take weeks and months and years for some injuries, but all injuries will eventually heal (ie: 3rd Degree Burns will heal after a few years)).
Alignment: Good.
Personality: Derrick is a particularly old fashioned person. He believes in holding doors and pulling chairs for women, that cursing is crass, that a man should remove his hat when he enters a building, etc. It is somewhat tempered by the modern age, but it is still a strong underlying element of his personality. He is slow to anger and has been noticed not to have particularly strong emotional reactions to things (a result of a long life, mostly), but is generally considered pleasant company.
Powers: Derrick has access to a wide array of arcane abilities, ranging from potion and item crafting abilities, to more combat applicable spells and wards. He has always favoured the 'flashier' combat spells, and has been known to end problems with bolts of spiritual power and waves of flame.

Example combat spells:
Telekinetic shield, able to deflect or soften physical and elemental attacks.
Arcane arrows, a barrage of telekinetic 'arrows' or razor sharp blades, invisible to most.
Stoppage, a simple telekinetic trick to force firearms to jam or fail.
Spirit Bolt, an arcane bolt intended to damage incorporeal entities.
Spirit Shackles, a warding effect to catch and hold incorporeal entities.
Fireball, a classic of many a battle mage.
Door Stop, a telekinetic trick often used to jam a door and strengthen it from being breached.
Ash and Cinder, a fire spell meant to render wooden objects to ash quickly and without open flames.
Flash Burn, a terrible spell meant to cause second degree burns rather then to simply kill.

Derrick is also adept at a variety of magical wardings, used mostly in and around his home or in places he expects to stay for a time. As they are permanent affects, they require an investment of often expensive or obscure ingredients or complex magical circles. They can have a variety of effects, ranging from bindings or traps, to barriers against intrusion or spying.
Most of his spells require at least a few seconds to cast, as well as often requiring complex movements of the hands or spoken words of various dead languages. They are also limited by his endurance, requiring a bit of his own energy to work and cast.

Sometimes a blessing, more often a curse, Derrick's arcane abilities (and sometimes just his presence alone) can wreak havoc on modern technology. This makes it incredibly difficult for him to enjoy many modern conveniences, like having a cellphone or computer, or driving modern vehicles. The range of the ability is limited, only a few dozen meters from himself at most, depending on whether he is actively working magical spells or if he is in a particularly strong emotional state.
Special Techniques: None.
Super Techniques: None.
Super Forms: None.
Class: Wizard, Nobus Field Agent.
Weapons and Precious Items: Warden's Sword, a rare and powerful arcane relic of ancient times. It is capable of warding against a limited number of spells, or of incredible feats of destruction, although at most times it is simply an unusually sharp and resistant weapon.

Thompson submachine gun, the iconic SMG of WW2. He took to carrying one early in the War and still favours the archaic weapon over modern designs.
Phobias: An understandable un-fondness of volcanoes.
Illnesses: None.
Sexual Preferences: Female.
Occupation: Nobus Field Agent.
History: Derrick was born to a simple family in 1812, and grew up working on a farm. His arcane abilities began to manifest in his 17th year, and he narrowly avoided being burned as a warlock when a decrepit old Wizard happened by and scooped the boy up as an apprentice. Derrick learned well and quickly, soaking in everything the Wizard had to teach him, and there were many adventures to be had in those years.

He travelled around the world, learning and experiencing much of the supernatural world. Battling ancient mummies and monsters in Egypt and Africa, dark-hearted sorcerers and evil spirits in the mystic orient, demons and corrupt wizards in Europe. He proved himself more then capable in those years, and was soon appointed the title of Warden by the Council, the 'ruling body' of Wizards (later decimated during WW2 and the remnants were eventually rolled into Nobus).

Wardens were tasked with keeping Wizards and supernatural forces in check, set to scouring the world for those who worked magic for dark reasons or for those things that went bump in the night. War has always drawn out the worst in people, and it was no different for wizards. Worse, perhaps. The 1800s saw both an increase in the horrors of warfare, and the refinement of rifles made things difficult for the Council's Wardens, who were slow to adapt. With their numbers thinned, Derrick found himself with the title of Warden despite his young age (only 45).

April 7th, 1944, at Mount Vesuvius, Italy, the Warden led a platoon of American airborne infantry to counter a massive arcane ritual undertaken by members of the Thule Society. The sorcerers of the Thule Society sought to awaken an ancient and long dead dragon entombed in the volcano, expecting to use the creature to bring Germany's victory in the War. The Warden and his mortal allies were victorious at stopping the ritual and managed to slay all the Thulian sorcerers, but at great cost. Most of the fifty soldiers and three Wizards, the Warden included, were thought killed in the battle and ensuing eruption that destroyed three villages.

Seventy years later, Derrick reappeared on Mt Vesuvius, much to the surprise of a tour group that was exploring the dormant volcano's caldera. Derrick was met by members of Nobus, and after a long debriefing, the Warden was broughten up to speed on the modern world and has served as a Nobus Agent ever since, confronting many of the horrors that walked the Earth during the Earth/Abyss War.
Status: Alive.

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PostSubject: Re: Agent Derrick Johnson   2013-01-11, 1:40 am

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Agent Derrick Johnson
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