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 Coltan Faran

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PostSubject: Coltan Faran   2013-02-13, 1:37 am

Character Name: Coltan Faran

Apparent Age: Late twenties

Origin: Madu City, Alus

Gender: Male

Race: Ralphim

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 168 lbs

Physical Description:


Known Relatives:

Mother: Hinbel Faran ~ Alive
Father: Lerad Faran ~ Alive
Sister (Younger): Hibari Faran ~ Alive
Sister (Youngest): Kelsa Faran ~ Alive

Skills: Basic domestic skills. Trained in hand-to-hand combat, mastery of scythe combat. Very well versed in Earth Realm and Demon Realm law. Tracking and survival skills. Able to operate most land-based, oceanic and aerial vehicles.

Abilities: Flight (wings), Heightened senses, Light vision.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Coltan is a calm and confident individual. He is a polite and charismatic speaker, even while fighting. So long as it’s just business, Coltan is a perfect gentleman. He rarely loses his cool, and never does so in front of his sisters; whom he is VERY protective of. Though he usually wears a serious demeanor, he’ll do anything to make sure his sisters continue to smile.

Powers: Lightning Manipulation

Restrictions: Coltan is unaffected by electric-based attacks. He can be damaged by them if the attacker is far above his power level, however.

Coltan’s ‘Indignation’ spell has a cool down of 5 minutes, and can be used in any state. While Coltan is in his ‘Trance’ state, ‘Indignation’ has a cool down of 1 minute and ‘Indignation Cataclysm’ has a cool down of 5 minutes. Finally, his ‘Entrance’ state reduces the cool downs of ‘Indignation’ to 10 seconds, ‘Indignation Cataclysm’ to 1 minute, and ‘Indignation Judgment’ to 5 minutes. To make things simpler, refer to the chart below for Super Technique cool downs. Top: States. Left: Spell

--- Normal Trance Entrance
Indignation 5 min 1 min 10 sec
Indignation Cataclysm N/A 5 min 1 min
Indignation Judgment N/A N/A 5 min


Strength: 25
Speed: 45
Soul: 40
Stamina: 30
Durability: 30
Natural Ability: 35

Special Techniques:

Stun Volt: Coltan points two fingers to release a stream of lightning that can stun a foe. Can be charged for a stronger discharge.

Force Bolt: A bolt of lightning that both shocks targets and throws them back. Can be used to deflect projectiles as well.

Spark Trap: Coltan vacates his current position at a blinding speed, leaving ball of lightning in his place. This ball will detonate when touched, releasing an explosive charge of electricity.

Magnetic Charge: Coltan runs a powerful, lingering charge of electricity through his foe. He then charges his weapon with opposing magnetic energy, pulling the target back toward him. This magnetism lasts for a few seconds.

Thunder Blade: Coltan concentrates his own electricity into a solid form, creating a blade of pure lightning. It is solid and is treated as a real sword as far as its physical properties. If it strikes an object far stronger than itself, the sword will dissipate.

Flash: Coltan teleports from one spot to the next in a bolt of lightning. Can be used for short or long distances. Short distances have a cool down of about 1 minute; long distance is much longer (at least 20 minutes).

Phase: Coltan spikes his body’s electromagnetic properties, allowing him to temporarily phase through energy and physical attacks. He cannot use any techniques or attack while this is active, and it can only be held for very short periods of time (max of 1 second).

Super Techniques:

Indignation: A strong spell that surrounds a foe in a massive surge of lightning, then blows it to hell. A seal of light appears around the target, one that detonates at the snap of Coltan’s fingers. When Coltan is in his ‘Trance’ state, this can be upgraded to ‘Indignation Cataclysm’.

Indignation Cataclysm: A powerful spell that calls upon nature’s fury itself, forming thunder clouds in the immediate area. The target is struck by four steady, powerful streams lightning from the sky. These bolts intensify in power before converging into one large bolt that creates a large explosion centered on the target. Coltan can only use this spell when he is in his ‘Trance’ state. This spell can be upgraded to ‘Indignation Judgment’ while he is in his ‘Entrance’ form.

Indignation Judgment: An almighty spell that causes deific ruin. The skies around Coltan become blackened and stormy. An immense seal of light appears under the target, holding them in place as countless bolts of lightning rain on them from above. A sword of raw electricity then crashes down into the circle’s center and explodes. Coltan can only use this spell when he is in his ‘Entrance’ state.

Super Forms:

Trance: A powerful mental state that unlocks Coltan’s inner potential. Electricity will discharge from his body and arc around him occasionally. In this state, all of Coltan’s stats double. After releasing this state, Coltan will become temporarily weakened (base stats are halved) and he will be unable to enter his ‘Trance’ or ‘Entrance’ state until resting for at least 15 minutes.

Entrance: A dangerous mental state that drives Coltan’s body to surpass its normal limits. This form can only be achieved while Coltan is in his ‘Trance’ state. Coltan becomes the embodiment of lightning itself, pushing his power to unfathomable reaches and doubling his stats again (total of x4). After releasing this state, Coltan will become temporarily enfeebled (base stats are quartered) and he will be unable to fight until resting for at least one hour.

Weapons and Precious Items: Coltan carries a scythe when suited up for combat. This weapon is an excellent conductor of electricity, and highly durable. He also wears a small golden locket around his neck, containing two pictures on either side; each one depicting one of his sisters.

Phobias: None.

Illnesses: None.

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: Private Assistances Agent, though he refers to his occupation as ‘Philanthropy’

History: Coltan lived a quiet and happy life with his family before leaving to train his abilities. It was his goal and major drive to contribute to the well-being of society in his own way. He started his own business right out of college and began the rigorous conditioning that has brought him to his current level. Though he is usually a very busy man, Coltan always makes time for his beloved sisters.

Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Coltan Faran   2013-02-13, 1:42 am

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Coltan Faran
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