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 Celias Weston

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PostSubject: Celias Weston   2013-03-12, 1:27 am

Character Name: Celias Weston

Apparent Age: ???

Origin: Earth (x12 Timeline)

Gender: Female

Race: Majin

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 100 lbs

Physical Description:


Known Relatives:

Adoptive Father: Conan Weston
Adoptive Mother: Natalia Weston
Adoptive Sister (Younger): Zitai Weston
Adoptive Sister (Youngest): Danleen Weston

Skills: Z-Fighter skills, hand-to-hand combat mastery, advanced domestic skills. Able to operate motorcycles and aerial ships/spaceships.

Abilities: Enhanced senses, Ki sense, Body Manipulation, Regeneration (High), Flight (Ki)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: A happy girl with just a pinch of spice, Celias a very outgoing and fearless girl. She often gives the impression she is bored, which is often the case. While she is playful, she’ll brand a person “boring” and quickly lose interest in them as she sees fit. This is frequently done to her foes, much to their dismay. The quickest way to regain her attention, and friendship, is with candy.

Powers: Ki Manipulation, Telekinesis

Restrictions: Celias’ ‘Body Manipulation’ ability allows her to affect her body’s physical aspects at will. She can make herself elastic, change her physical features, and even regenerate body parts (linked with her ‘Regeneration’ ability). Each of these tasks requires substantial amounts of energy, however, and cannot be used excessively. If she loses too much energy or overexerts herself, she can die from sustained injury.

Celias is immensely resistant to blunt attacks. Pierce and energy attacks affect her as normal.


Strength: 1500

Speed: 1600

Durability: 1100

Soul: 1200

Stamina: 1800

Ki: 1500

Special Techniques:

Ki Blast: A simple blast of Ki from the user’s body.

Heal: Celias revives a person to perfect health. Drastic injuries require a bit more time and energy, but most things she can take care of. She cannot resurrect the dead, nor can she cause the regeneration of limbs.

Kamehameha: A powerful wave of Ki energy fired from both hands to create a blue beam projectile. Can be fired continuously, and enhanced for greater outputs.

Vanishing Beam: A powerful and condensed wave of Ki energy fired from either one or both hands to create a pink, cylindrical beam. Can be fired continuously.

Vanishing Scream: An oral version of Vanishing Beam. Though weaker and smaller in size, it’s good for surprise attacks.

Fission: Celias splits her body in two, creating a copy of herself. This copy possesses a power level identical to the original at the time of the split, and can fight alongside her. Since the clone is made up of her own body, if it is destroyed she will sustain major damage as well.

Total Defense: Celias forms a barrier of Ki around her, and adjacent allies, with astounding durability. Very few attacks can penetrate this barrier. As a result, this technique drains a lot of energy for its use, and Celias must remain completely still for its duration.

Minefield: A skill that surrounds targets with countless bombs of Ki from a distance. Each bomb packs only a light punch but can potentially knock the foe into another, resulting in a chain reaction. Celias often uses this technique as a diversionary tactic as she prepares another attack.

Super Techniques:

Vaporize!: Celias outstretches her arms and fires a massive green beam that engulfs her foe, blasting them into orbit (assuming they survive).

Pummel Bomb: Celias’ signature technique. She engulfs her foe with a portion of her body, trapping them in a pink sphere. The sphere rapidly charges Ki whilst pummeling the foe inside from every direction before exploding.

Lollipop Beam: Celias fires a pink beam from her antennae that turns targets into candy, usually suckers or pops. She can then eat these pops to absorb the target’s energy, permanently raising her own stats slightly. This attack will only work if the target has been weakened heavily (nearly or completely unable to fight). If the target is in good health, or has a strong enough will, the beam can be resisted.

Super Forms:

Super Heat!: Celias’ body ripples from her feet up to her head as she activates this form. She courses Ki through her body, raising her body temperature significantly. Her body loses its elasticity, but her base stats increase by 5% each.

Double Heat!!: Similar process and effect as its predecessor. Celia’s skin color changes to a deep red as her temperature rises. Her attacks are delivered with a scalding hot punch and each of her base stats increase by 10%.

Triple Heat!!!: Similar process and effects as its predecessors. Her base stats are boosted by 20% each, and Celias’ skin turns green. The air around Celias becomes a powerful pressure draft due to the intense temperature clash.

MAXIMUM HEAT!!!!: Celias’ skin tone turns light blue as her temperature escalates to reaches comparable to some of the hottest entities in the universe. Her base stats increase by 40% each, completely pushed to their feasible limits. Foes that withstand her physical attacks face the potential of burning alive.

Class: Z-Fighter

Weapons and Precious Items: None

Phobias: None

Illnesses: None

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: Z-Fighter

History: Celias was born in an alternate universe on Earth. Her birthparents abandoned her at a very early age, leaving her to be adopted by a pleasant and loving family by chance. She knew of her potential and trained to put it to good use, eventually lending her aid to the protectors of her Earth. One of the planet’s enemies altered reality there in attempts to decrease the world’s population and defenses; a gambit that somewhat succeeded. Celias and her family were hurled into a different dimension entirely.

So far, she has spent two years in Earth Realm, enjoying every random sight and event she could chance upon during down time. Determined to make the best of her situation, Celias has devoted her time to either training or her family.

Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Celias Weston   2013-03-12, 1:32 am


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Celias Weston
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