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 Zander Dysen

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PostSubject: Zander Dysen   2013-03-12, 1:51 am

Character Name: Zander Dysen
Date of Birth: September 2nd
Alias: n/a
Apparent Age: 26.(actually two thousand year old mark)
Origin: Ateth
Race: Astral Dragon
Height: 6'1(fifty meters tall and hundred meters in length dragon form)
Weight: 187(human form.) 160 tons in dragon form
Gender: Male
Physical Description:

Human Form

Dragon Form
Known Relatives:

Idath Dysen (Father, deceased)
Aurelia Dysen (Mother)
Nilona Dysen (Sister)
Xelena Dysen (Sister)
Aisis Dysen (Sister)
Aisha Dysen (Sister)
Eve Dysen (Sister)
Xelena Dysen(sister)
Letum Dysen(Brother)
Wenesia Dysen(Sister)
Religion: n/a
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Draconic fighting style(in dragon form of course) hand to hand.
Enhanced senses(weak to opposing effects) Can see beings and energy that is not normally possible for normal eyes(I.E. invisible beings) Energy sensing.
Alignment: Good
Personality: Despite his looks, Zander is a very calm, even gentle man. He doesn't much care for fighting though will not hesitate to do what he has to. In battle he is practical and to the point
Powers: Astral energy manipulation. Regeneration and healing.
All of his manipulation gradually drains on his energy. It can effectively 'erase' things but only if Zander is strong enough to do so. In other words, besides that effect it works much like other forms of energy. In human form, his stats are cut in half.

He can heal and regenerate at a rapid rate, however the later drains on him more. If he runs out of energy he won't be able to heal or regenerate. In addition, if he's more or less turned mush he couldn't regenerate back.

Strength: 2600

Speed: 2300


Stamina: 2600

Durability: 2600

ability: 2600
Special Techniques:

Resize: He can make his dragon form smaller then normal, this is to better fit in with smaller areas where he may be forced to fight.

Draconic Rage:(Dragon form only) a temporary boost state. His stats will increase by two hundred for a short boost. His form will seem to glow as will his eyes.

Drawout: Similar to the Alphalim's ability. He can 'draw out' opponents. Enemies that exist within multiple planes of reality or beings who don't have a 'concept of death'. This can also be used to set back warped effects from those who warp or alter reality.

Absolute Breaker: In short, this effects "absolute" abilities. I.E a energy shield that cannot be broken, is broken. A attack that kills instantly is tanked and so on. This has no effect on normal things however.

Portal: Can create a portal to travel through, including other realms. Hence part of their name.

(Others powers are steadily coming back at the time)
Super Techniques:

Dragon Soul: A area effect burst attack over a very wide area with his Astral Energy. Its from a 360 degree angle in all directions.
Super Forms: n/a
Class: Supernal
Weapons and Precious Items: n/a
Illnesses: n/a
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Guardian

Zander along with his brother Letum were the creation of Lo and the genius Dr. Idath along side the Alphlaim to deal with the Old One's in the war two thousand years ago. The conflict went as well as expected; though with the Alphalim and the two Astral Dragons they were actually winning the conflict. However, one of their own went insane and betrayed them.

The Astral Dragon ended up in some sort of stasis when his guard was down, only to find himself weaker then before when he awoke and missing some of his powers. Not, two thousand years later he wanders, searching for what happened to his family and the universe at large since his slumber.
Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Zander Dysen   2013-03-12, 2:08 am


Letum: "It is good to see you are well, my brother..."
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Zander Dysen
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