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 Pan Glay

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Sion Reaver

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PostSubject: Pan Glay   2013-03-13, 1:52 pm

Character Name: Pan Glay
Date of Birth: 3/11
Alias: --
Apparent Age: 14
Origin: Alternate Earth
Race: Sayain/Human
Height: 5'1
Weight: 130
Gender: Female
Physical Description:
Known Relatives: Alden Glay(adopted father)
Religion: n/a
Skills: Mixed martial artist. Basic and some domestic skills. Z-Fighter training. Ki sensing.
Abilities: Enhanced senses.
Alignment: Good
Personality: Pan due to her background is quite mature for her age. She's normally pretty mellow and polite. Whatever she does, she tends to give it her all and has a determination streak a mile along. If she sets her mind to something, she has to go full force and can't back down from helping others.
Powers: --

Strength: 1000

Speed: 1000

Soul: 1400

Stamina: 1000

Ki: 1000

Durability: 1000
Special Techniques:

Ki Blast: A simple blast of Ki energy.

Hide Ki: Can keep her energy hidden, though skilled enough users can still pick her up.

Empower Body: Allows her to empower herself physically as well as fly.

Kamehameha Wave: The trademark technique of many Z-Fighters. A powerful blue beam is fired using by cupping the hands.

Grand Finisher:
She forms two energy balls in each hand, then brings them together forming apowerful, bigger ball. This ball fires multiple small energy beams that are very thin and have homing ability. They aren't as powerful by themselves but the sheer number adds up.

Energy Push:
This technique isn't too strong by itself but does have its uses. What
it does is, it sends a invisible wave of energy at the opponent that violently pushes them back released from the palm. This of course does nothing on its own damage wise.

Energy Whip: Creates a whip made of energy to damage opponents. Can be extended for more range.

Masenko: This is a energy attacked performed by having one hand behind the other above the head. When done charging, its released by being brought in front if the chest.

Galatic Door: A teleport move, somewhat like the Instant Transmission. The key difference is, it uses Ki to create a portal(almost similar to Janemba). These can be used to transport people anywhere she's been before or has a visual of. It can also be used to let attacks pass through and them pop through the other side. Naturally, if the opponent is much stronger it would simply pass through like any other normal barrier. One minute cool down
Super Techniques:

Destruco Disk: A energy disc is formed, spinningly rapidly once summoned. It's highly sharp and can cut through most of anything.
Super Forms:

Super Sayain: Pan has the ability, at the time, turn into the first stage of Super Sayain. Her hair turns gold and her eyes green. In this state, her stats increase by two hundred and fifty points. Picture
Class: Z-Fighter
Weapons and Precious Items: Personal belongings, a few capsules
Phobias: A couple of things, but she'd rather not say.
Illnesses: n/a
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Z-Fighter

Pan comes from the same earth as Zangya, though 'this' Pan is different from the one people commonly know. Instead of being born under Son Gohan and Videl Satan, Pan was born between a unknown Sayain and a human. What they were like, or what happened to them Pan never figured out. As far as she can remember she was raised by a elderly man named Alden Glay. He, along with others known as the Z-Fighters more or less became her family and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Out of all of them, Axel and Zangya were among some of the closes, Zangya being the one that trained her more or less. When her original world was destroyed, she came along with Zangya being a survivor and has adjusted since then. She trainers harder then before, hoping to help her and the others the best she can and avoid a similar incident happening to her new world.
Status: Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Pan Glay   2013-03-13, 8:58 pm

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Pan Glay
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