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 Suzume Nanaya

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PostSubject: Suzume Nanaya   2013-03-16, 10:22 pm

Character Name: Suzume Nanaya

Apparent Age: 25

Origin: Osaka, Japan

Gender: Female

Race: Hybrid (Human/Cygnitian)

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 140 lbs

Physical Description: Suzume has bright blue hair that darkens along with its length. Her natural eye color is yellow and her skin is a light white. Suzume almost always dresses as if the weather is cold.


Known Relatives:

Father: Benjirou Nanaya ~ Deceased
Mother: Sakuya Nanaya ~ Deceased
Brother: Takuya Nanaya ~ Alive

Skills: Above average domestic skills, advanced sword skill, advanced thrown weapon skill. Advanced ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu mastery. Able to operate most motor vehicles.

Abilities: Enhanced senses, Energy Sense

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Suzume is a well-rounded person with a realistic view on life. While she often smiles and wears a pleasant expression, her sharp words have been known to catch others off guard. Suzume isn’t usually harsh with others, only the ones she is particularly comfortable with (her brother, for instance). She hides an incredibly volatile temper. Under NO circumstances should you EVER piss her off.

Powers: Chakra Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Rinnegan

Restrictions: Suzume has moderate resistance to blunt and energy attacks. Each of her Super Forms tire her out after extended use.

Suzume’s Rinnegan allows her to impose illusions on her foes in short bursts. She can also activate the Six Paths technique with proper concentration.


Strength: 15

Speed: 25

Soul: 50

Stamina: 20

Durability: 25

Natural Ability: 45

Special Techniques:

Katon: Hōsenka ~ Fire Release: Phoenix Flower
Suzume spits numerous fireballs kneaded with chakra. Each fireball conceals a shuriken; Suzume can control each shuriken’s flight path individually.

Katon: Gōenkyū ~ Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball
The user exhales a massive ball of fire that pushes objects and foes for a short distance before detonating in a massive explosion.

Kaki Bunshin/Kawarimi ~ Fire Clone/Substitution
Suzume creates a clone, or replaces herself with a clone, made of fire. Clones appear identical and can use a Special Technique, or house one of the Six Paths. The clones will create a fiery explosion if enough damage is sustained.

Ice Manipulation: Suzume creates ice in different forms within a certain proximity of herself. This ability can be used to make weapons, ice structures, or even freeze her water techniques. Strength and durability of these creations are set to Suzume’s Natural Ability stat.

Suiton: Suirō ~ Water Release: Water Prison
A technique that encases one foe in a circular prison of water. The victim is suspended at the technique’s center, unable to move in any direction. They are able to breathe within the trap.

Suiton: Daibafuku ~ Water Release: Waterfall Vortex
Suzume creates a spiraling torrent of water and launches it at her foe. This technique heavily disorients and damages foes with its chaotic pressure.

Mizu Bunshin/Kawarimi ~ Water Clone/Substitution
Suzume creates a clone, or replaces herself with a clone, made of water. Clones appear identical and can use a Special Technique, or house one of the Six Paths. The clones will revert to water if enough damage is sustained.

Elemental Manipulation (Weapon): Suzume sends chakra typed to one of three elements through her sword. Fire sets foes ablaze. Ice chills the opponent, freezing them with multiple strikes. Water extends the blade’s reach and sharpness.

Super Techniques:

Katon: Gōryūka ~ Fire Release: Great Dragon Flame
Suzume compresses her chakra then unleashed a large stream of fire, molding it into a massive dragon of immense heat. She can control the dragon’s movement, and is able to fire multiple dragons. Enemies hit head on will be incinerated, near misses will result in severe burns.

Suiton: Bakusui Shōha ~ Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave
The user creates a massive tidal wave and crashes it into their enemies, sweeping them up into the current. Suzume can ride this wave and move about it quickly to attack on her own. Afterward, the area around Suzume will become flooded. Useful for leading into further water/ice techniques.

Super Forms:

Yuki-Onna: Suzume’s demon form. Her eyes begin to glow and her skin turns a snowy white. The weather within Suzume’s vicinity (one mile) becomes a stormy blizzard. While in this form, Suzume’s Speed, Stamina and Natural Ability stats double. Suzume is unable to use any other Super Forms while in this state. She is also unable to use Fire-type ninjutsu. After this technique is dropped, Suzume will become tired (stats drop by 25%) and cannot reactivate this form for at least thirty minutes.

Six Paths Technique: A powerful series of techniques bestowed upon Suzume by her doujutsu. Though her Rinnegan are constantly active, this is a special state that she can activate. Each Path must activate consciously and separately while she is using this technique. Suzume can summon clones that embody one of the paths, each. While using her ‘Six Paths Technique’, Suzume cannot use any other Super Forms or Super Techniques.
  • Animal Path: Allows the summoning of multiple animals without hand signs. Each animal bears the Rinnegan, giving Suzume a greater visual scope.
  • Naraka Path: Allows the summoning of the King of Hell, who subdues foes and slowly saps their strength.
  • Preta Path: Allows the absorption of energy attacks. Replenishes Suzume’s own energy.
  • Asura Path: Allows the summoning of numerous weapons and armor at will. Each item has a durability equal to Suzume’s Soul stat, and remains tangible until she drops her ‘Six Paths Technique’. Weapons and armor remain even while she is using a different path.
  • Human Path: Allows the user to read and delve into another person’s mind. Physical contact is required for this Path.
  • Deva Path: Allows the control of gravity around the user. Usage of Shinra Tensei (stop/push all oncoming attacks, foes, etc.) and Banshō Ten'in (pull a foe to the user) are possible within this path.


Weapons and Precious Items: One short sword and numerous kunai/shuriken.

Phobias: Being hated by her brother

Illnesses: None

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: Assassin, Mercenary, Hunter

History: Suzume has been looking over and raising her younger brother for a little over a decade. This, combined with the rigorous self training she imposes on herself, has molded her into the responsible young woman she is today. She aspired to become stronger not only because of her own potential, but so her brother wouldn’t have to fight as well (an endeavor undermined by his enthusiasm to join Nobus, but that isn’t as bad). When she isn’t at home, Suzume’s out taking missions for contacts from various Shinobi villages as an independent mercenary of sorts.

Status: Alive
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PostSubject: Re: Suzume Nanaya   2013-03-16, 11:08 pm

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Suzume Nanaya
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